Beyond The Crash: Understanding Long-Term Consequences Of Personal Injuries In Florida

Understanding Long-Term Consequences Of Personal Injuries In Florida

Whether it is a car crash, an injury at work, a slip and fall, or a mistake during surgery, accidents happen every day, and sometimes they have long-term effects. A worker’s comp attorney or personal injury lawyer can tell you that there are several injuries that can be considered long-term for insurance purposes. 

Limited Movement And Paralysis

Spinal cord injuries after an accident can cause either full or partial paralysis. When nerves are working properly, they send signals to muscles that tell the muscles when and how to move. When your nerves are damaged, they cannot send those messages to your muscles. 

In some cases, paralysis may be temporary or permanent. Paralysis after an accident normally happens when the upper part of the spine has been damaged. It often happens after rear-end accidents, injuries at work, and slip-and-fall accidents. If you suffer from paralysis, you may not be able to live independently. 

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Organ Malfunction And Failur

Sometimes an organ will get punctured or otherwise damaged when a person gets injured in an accident. The heart, kidneys, lungs, and liver are all vital organs. If those organs are damaged in an accident, the effects can be very severe.

Punctured lungs are common after an accident, but you may not realize they are right after an accident. Long-term effects can include scar tissue around the lung that makes it painful to breathe in and out.

Punctured kidneys can result in blood clots, shock, or death. If a kidney is severely damaged, it may have to be removed. You may need a transplant if that happens.


When you suffer cuts and scrapes after an accident, your injuries could become infected, and you could get sepsis. Sepsis occurs when an existing infection spreads throughout the body. A patient may become infected if an orderly in a hospital does not clean surgical equipment properly. If you work in a factory, you may cut yourself on a piece of equipment that has not been properly cleaned and get an infection that can lead to sepsis.

Sepsis is extremely serious. If you have this condition, you may have trouble breathing, feel dizzy, and pass out. Sepsis has many long-term effects. People who have experienced the condition have reported chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. The condition is often fatal.

Scaring Or Disfigurement

An accident can result in permanent disfigurement. If you have a facial disfigurement, you might have trouble getting jobs and having relationships. You may not be able to enjoy social activities the way you once did and may become anxious and depressed. 

If you have injuries due to the fault of another person or a business, a personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and more. Compensation can help you move on with your life and get the help you need.