Privacy Policy

Maine News online as an entity respects your rights to privacy and as such is committed to safeguarding your data. This notice is to let help you understand how we collect, maintain, use, process and share your data in addition to your choices regarding the access, use and correction of your data.

The personal data we collect may depend on your interaction with this website. We, therefore, encourage you to go through this notice along with any other fair processing notice we may make available on certain occasions when we may be getting specific information about you so that you are not in the dark regard the manner and reason of our collecting your personal information.

This privacy statement is designed to supplements any other notice and is not designed to override them. This privacy statement is designed in a well-structured format so that you will be able to go through the specific areas as outlined.

Children’s online privacy protection

Our services are not created for children below the ages of 13. In conformity with the children’s online privacy protection act, we do not intentionally store or collect any personal data for individuals below the ages of 13. Hence, if you are below the age of 13, please do not provide us with your personal information.

Third-party applications and links

This website may include links from other third party websites, plug-ins, platforms, and applications.  Selecting these links or connections may permit third parties to share or collect data about an individual.  We have no control over those third-party websites, applications, and platforms and as such we cannot be held liable for their privacy statements. We, therefore, encourage you to study the privacy statement of each website or application you visit or use.

What are the types of personal information we gather about you

Maine News Online may choose to retrieve, process, use, and store and transfer all kinds of personal data relating to you. Here is some of the information we could gather about you:

  • Identify data

This includes data such as your names(first, middle and last names), identifiers such as username, year of birth, gender, title, marital status, and other basic demographic information.

  • Contact information: this includes information that details your location, billing address, email address, and phone numbers
  • Transaction information: this covers details relating to payments from and to you.
  • Technical information: this includes information such as your IP address, internet service protocol, your login information, type of browser, operating system, time zone, geolocation, type of device, browser plug-ins, OS of your device.
  • Mobile device Location Data
  • Profile data
  • Marketing and communication data

You should also be mindful of the fact that we also make use of aggregated data such as demographic and statistical data for different purposes. This aggregated data may be gotten from your personal information but may not be considered as personal information in the eyes of the law as it does not directly expose your identity.

It should be noted that personal information does not include data via which individuals cannot be easily identified or the identity of a person removed or instances where a person’s information is made anonymous.