Society: Ageing Better With Granny Annexes

Ageing Better With Granny Annexes

Many seniors are still independent enough to look after themselves. They  want to enjoy living in their own homes, even though they may need help or care. If you have a garden, building a senior garden studio, also known as a granny annexe, can be the ideal solution. This way, you can be as close as possible to the elderly members of your family. This tailor-made accommodation guarantees them a certain degree of independence, while being in the immediate vicinity in case of problems. This senior housing includes all the amenities – including a kitchenette and bathroom – adapted to their needs. It promotes good ageing for independent seniors! This type of senior housing has many advantages, whether financial, family or practical.

An Economical Housing Solution In The Long Term

A granny annexe represents a certain real estate investment, the price is very variable depending on the model and the surface area you choose. In this company website You can find a wide range of granny annexes, for all the projects and budgets. However, constructing such a home is cheaper than paying for a retirement home or senior residence in the long term. This type of

construction is also interesting because it is an asset that increases the value of your property.

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Family Benefits 

The most obvious advantage is the immediate proximity. You stay close to your family, which allows you to build strong intergenerational ties, but also to intervene quickly in case of a problem (fall, illness…). The granny annexe allows the family and the elderly to maintain their privacy while sharing strong moments on a daily basis: meals, games, etc. 

Practical Advantages

You won’t need planning permission for this property, which means that construction times can be reduced and the garden studio can be used more quickly! Before you buy a granny annexe, check with your local authority. These wooden buildings are delivered in kit form with all the necessary screws and bolts and can be assembled very quickly. As you will see below, you can arrange the interior as you wish to meet the specific needs of the elderly. With a granny annexe, you don’t have to wait months for a room in a nursing home!

A Design That Meets The Specific Needs Of Seniors 

This fully equipped studio solution is ideal for seniors who are still independent. These homes are very functional because they are on one level and can be adapted for people with reduced mobility. These accessibility features include:

– access ramps

– sockets, handles, switches and other facilities at the proper height

– easily accessible baths and shower cubicles (with the possibility of installing a walk-in shower)

-openings wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair if necessary

– wall-mounted grab rails

In addition to these facilities, a domestic help or a life assistant can be called in to compensate for a partial loss of autonomy. The elderly person is not dependent on a nursing home and lives in a more personal environment that respects his/her well-being.