Starting A Nursing Career In 2022

Starting A Nursing Career In 2022

Venturing into a new career such as nursing is an important decision. The job includes crucial responsibilities and is becoming more in demand in the world at present.

You might be unsure of what to expect if you have no prior experience or qualification in the field. Luckily, this article will shed some light on the journey to becoming a nurse. Here, you’ll find some of the best routes to take in the nursing profession and even some precursor steps before you begin the journey.

Before Starting Your Nursing Career

Getting the right information is crucial, and sometimes, the institution you go to can impact your career after you graduate. You should start by researching top nursing schools that are accessible and suitable for you. Examine their curriculums and determine how much in-person experience students get from them.

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Also, focus on the job placement opportunities available after graduating from such institutions. Beyond this research, you may also want to gather relevant information from friends or family members that are nurses.

More importantly, find out which section or specialty of the career you are most in tune with. Having such information will make getting an online nursing degree for non nurses easier.

The Journey To Becoming A Professional Nurse

Earn a degree

This is a necessary step to enjoying a successful nursing career. Formal education is required to qualify for a position as a registered nurse (RN). The more advanced degrees and certifications you have, the quicker you can rise up the ranks in your profession. Gaining a graduate degree, such as UTA’s grad degree for nurse educators, is an essential step in building a successful nursing career, as it opens up opportunities for advancement and specialization within the field.

Here are some of the degrees in the nursing profession:

  • Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Accelerated Nursing Program
  • Master of Science in Nursing

Obtain your license

Licenses and degrees do not just set nurses up for promotions, they also equip them with more information to better perform their duties. In the US, the licensing requirements vary depending on the state, nursing specialty and other factors.

Also, nurses must pass an exam before getting these licenses. Some popular examinations include the Certified Nursing Assistant and the National Council Licensure Examination.

Get a nursing job

After getting your degree and acquiring a license, the next step is to begin working. Fortunately, this profession is one with numerous job opportunities. Also, the employment opportunities for nurses are not limited to just hospitals. Other facilities, such as correctional centers and educational institutions, also recruit nurses.

Pick a specialty

After finishing the required programs, nurses must choose a specialty, which is a specific section of the profession to focus on. There are several of them, and nurses must find which one they are best at and more comfortable with.

Some of the popular ones are:

Nurse Midwife – This specialty focuses on pregnancy through delivery. In this role, nurses help patients as they progress through the different stages of pregnancy and delivery.

Clinical Nursing – This specialty covers nurses with the role of supervising the work of other nurses. They usually have advanced degrees and top certifications.


Venturing into this profession is a life-changing decision involving very important responsibilities. Ensuring that you get all the right information and education will easily set you on the right path.