Is Chegg Worth It?

Is Chegg Worth It

Chegg is a popular American education tech platform, built for students and educators. In addition to online tutoring, Chegg offers other in-demand academic services such as physical and digital textbook rentals, homework help, and others. Individuals in secondary and tertiary institutions can also use the platform.

Now let’s focus on the topic of discussion; is Chegg worth it? 

The fact that Chegg is still in operation after so many years says a lot of positive things about the company. Obviously, they are doing something right to have remained in business since 2005. A considerable number of American students have made use of Chegg at one point or another, for digital and physical textbook rentals and purchases. So, yes, Chegg is worth every penny. The company also offers other top-notch academic services that are noteworthy.

The State Of Things Before Chegg

Chegg’s establishment made buying digital and physical textbooks, including accessing other academic services, a breeze for students. Also, students no longer had to pay ridiculously high amounts for learning resources.

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You can purchase a host of textbooks from Chegg without staying in long queues or wasting precious time. These are some of the benefits of using the platform. Chegg also has an extensive collection of textbooks across all fields. Thus, you can find your book of interest without breaking a sweat.

A Look At Chegg’s Background

Chegg Inc., also known as Chegg, was founded in 2005. It is an American educational technology organization, based in Santa Clara in California. Presently, the platform claims it has over 300 million subscribers.

Chegg offers rentals of physical as well as digital textbook materials, tutoring, and other academic-related services to their teeming subscribers. Did you check out the free tutor-student platforms related to sharing learning resources on SEMRush and came back with nothing? Try Chegg!

Getting Started On Chegg

Chegg makes difficult homework easy for students by offering professional help. Students can also get homework help from the platform at any time of the day.

Additionally, textbooks sold on Chegg are way budget-friendly. So, you will be saving up some money when you buy or rent your educational materials from Chegg.

How can one get started on Chegg? Firstly, you need to create your account. This is a quick and straightforward process that you can get done within a few minutes. All you need to do is click on the “Signup” link displayed on the platform and follow the procedures. Account creation on Chegg is also free.

Using The Chegg App

Another option you may consider is to download the Chegg App, which is free as well. It works on iPhones and Android phones. Using the app gives you access to some of the best content you will ever encounter in a textbook.

Using the free Chegg app, you can access a 30-minute session of one-on-one tutorials on any subject or topic without being charged a dime. You can also rent thousands of different textbooks in diverse fields.

On the app, answer textbooks are made available. Another exciting thing about the app is that you can access free virtual textbook resources on the go. All you have to do is use Chegg’s free membership app.

Remember, Chegg is an educational resource that not only offers textbook rentals. There’s room for students to learn and improve their knowledge base on diverse subjects and fields on this platform. Thus, there are live tutors on the platform that students can contact for help. These tutors are also from various locations across the globe. However, keep in mind that this service attractive a monthly fee.

Free Trials And Coupons On Chegg

There are other ways to access Chegg’s free services besides downloading the app. It involves accessing the premium membership plan. Chegg offers a 4-week free trial, which is long enough to enable you to decide if investing in the platform is a wise choice or not for you.

Students who are first-time users can access the free trial upon signing up. At the expiration of the 4-week trial period, you need to subscribe to continue using the platform.

Also, if you’re in a rush to access specific textbooks, Chegg can sign up for a free account where you get a free login. This option allows you to view certain academic materials for seven days at no cost to you.

With Chegg’s online tutoring option, you can get help from qualified experts in different academic fields. They provide detailed answers to questions asked on the platform. However, this service is also accessible in the free trial period. It lets you see how the tutoring option is being conducted.

Chegg’s scholarship also sets the platform apart. It offers scholarships to students and has awarded over a billion dollars worth of scholarships since inception.

Tutoring On Chegg

To become a Chegg tutor, you need to submit an online application and answer a couple of questions. Share your experience in the field and expertise in any given area. If you have any SAT or ACT scores, you need to provide them.

As an aspiring Chegg tutor, you will be required to give a subject test to qualify as a tutor. So, choose a field or subject you are good at. Also, having more than three areas of expertise in one’s given list of subjects can be helpful.

To pass the application interview process, you need to demonstrate how passionate you are about becoming a Chegg tutor. You will also be requested to give a detailed explanation of why you became an expert in your chosen field.

Once appointed a Chegg tutor, you will start tutoring students across different categories, in your chosen field. Chegg usually sends open opportunities to queries from students. Tutors pick the ones they can work with and get connected to the selected students.

As a tutor, you can conduct live lessons or written lessons. It’s your choice. The live lesson could include using Whiteboard, audio, video, files, text, code edition, and others.

For written lessons, tutors provide answers to problems given by students. However, the answer must come through before a given deadline.

Earning As A Chegg Tutor

Tutors earn on an hourly rate. There is a specified amount which they receive per hour. Tutors who retain their students earn regularly. Also, due to the high competition among Chegg tutors, every tutor needs to offer quality lessons consistently. It will not only impress but encourage students to repeat patronage.

Furthermore, Chegg has an honor code for tutors, and flouting any of them may lead to removal from the website.

Getting Help On Chegg

Chegg offers more than just answers to students. It provides a step-by-step procedure on how to solve difficult problems. Also, included to help subscribers, is learning via guided video walkthroughs. Subscribers can also practice various problems in their subjects of interest.

Chegg has provided millions of answers to various homework and questions posted by students. The solutions provided also remains on the platform permanently. So, there’s a chance you may find the same answer to your homework or questions by conducting a simple search on Chegg. You may also get an answer to your question within 30 minutes of posting.

Canceling A Chegg Study Subscription

Students have the option to cancel their subscription at any time. A subscriber may also decide to ‘lock in his or her subscription price.’ With this, you won’t have to pay for that particular time.

To cancel the subscription, simply sign in, and under ‘subscription,’ go-to ‘Chegg Study’ and click on ‘Cancel Subscription.’ Select the appropriate option for the reason you are canceling, and that’s it.

Chegg Subscription And Suspension

Chegg may decide to suspend any subscriber’s account once it notices unusual activities. Unusual activities can arise from accessing an account from multiple devices or multiple locations. Sharing your account with others could also trigger a suspension.

What happens if my account is suspended? Once an account gets suspended, Chegg will review the account and reason behind the suspension. After two days, you will receive a report on whether the suspended account will be released or remain permanently suspended.

Chegg Partners

As millions of students in over 7,000 campuses nationwide rely on Chegg all year round for textbook purchases, rentals, and help with assignments, Chegg has devised several methods of working with content providers to meet up with the increasing demand for their services.

The company is in partnership with some book publishers that can grant students access to electronic books, books in print, and other study materials to realize their objectives. They offer publishers the opportunity needed to market their products using their student network.

Some publishers, in partnership with Chegg, include Wiley, Pearson, Elsevier, McGraw-Hill, and Cengage.

Is Using Chegg Considered Cheating?

Chegg is totally against cheating and made it clear in its policy. Still, students misuse it to cheat.

Chegg matches students with tutors in their field, who are readily available to provide solutions to problems. However, most students request help that may violate the platform’s code of honor from assigned tutors while interacting with them.

Nevertheless, Chegg expects tutors to, at all times, ensure that students do the right thing and respect the code of honor. Failure to do so may result in outright dismissal or ban from the platform.


Chegg has established itself as a useful educational tool. Since its inception in 2005, the platform has been beneficial to students and tutors. Students get answers to challenging problems on the platform. The solutions provided can also help to broaden their knowledge of diverse subjects. Digital and physical textbooks sold on the platform are also pocket-friendly. Furthermore, Chegg offers a massive opportunity for tutors to earn a living doing what they love to do. So, yes, the platform is worth using.

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