Full Dorm List: 89 Items Every Fresher Needs To Have

Full Dorm List

So, your first year at college is coming closer? We bet it is extremely exciting and, probably, at least a bit terrifying.

There are many things that are vital for surviving your first year. In terms of academic load, you will need to stock up on patience and find a reliable helper. Having someone to whom you can come and say “please, write my research paper for me” in any unpredicted situation is a blessing. However, surviving your freshman year isn’t only about studying. There are many other challenges ahead of you.

One of the biggest challenges out there is the necessity to start living independently and relying on yourself rather than anyone else. And to make this life comfortable you have to get ready for it, which begins with picking the right stuff for a dorm.

College Dorm Checklist: Top 89 Essentials Every Fresher Needs

The main issue associated with packing for college is that one has to take just enough essentials to ensure a comfortable living and, at the same time, not overdo it.

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College dorm room may not be as spacious as you may wish. Besides, you will have to share it with your fellow students. Thus, most likely there will be no space to accommodate everything you want to take.

Given that, there are three basic rules of packing for college:

  • Take only what you actually need;
  • Be space-conscious;
  • Don’t neglect the basics like toiletries, kitchenware, etc.

Now, that you know the rules, let’s take a look at a full checklist of dorm essentials that each fresher should pack:


  1. Pillows (grab a couple of those) and feather duvet
  2. Bed linen (a few sets)
  3. Mattress protector
  4. Pillow and duvet covers
  5. Blankets
  6. Alarm clock
  7. Earplugs


  1. Shower gel
  2. Soap
  3. Shampoo and conditioner
  4. Washcloth
  5. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  6. Items for shaving
  7. Deodorant
  8. Big towels (at least a few)
  9. Hand towel
  10. Toilet roll
  11. Any special personal hygiene products


  1. Tablespoons, teaspoons, forks, and knives (take enough for yourself)
  2. Plates, bowls, and mugs
  3. Other things you may use for cooking, such as chopping board, spatula, potato masher, cheese grater, bottle opener, tin opener, etc.)
  4. Saucepan and frying pan
  5. Kettle
  6. Toaster
  7. Coffee maker
  8. Food containers
  9. Zip bags
  10. Washing up liquid and sponge
  11. Sugar, salt, and spices
  12. Snacks


  1. Notepad(s)
  2. Binder(s)
  3. Notebooks
  4. Pens and pencils
  5. Highlighters
  6. Sticky notes
  7. Eraser
  8. Ruler
  9. Calendar
  10. Diary
  11. Sticky tape
  12. Paper clips
  13. Stapler
  14. Desk lamp
  15. Textbooks


  1. Mobile phone and charger
  2. Laptop (or desktop computer)
  3. Tablet
  4. USB memory stick
  5. Extension cables
  6. Camera
  7. Headphones
  8. Games console
  9. A small TV
  10. Speakers


  1. Underwear (pants, socks, bras)
  2. Casual clothes (t-shirts, jumpers, jeans)
  3. Sportswear
  4. Swimwear
  5. Fancy clothing for nights out
  6. Office wear for academic events and possible job interviews
  7. Pajama sets (grab a few)
  8. Outerwear for autumn, winter, and early spring
  9. Gloves, hat, and scarf
  10. Dressing gown and slippers
  11. Shoes (keep in mind different seasons and activities)
  12. Laundry bin
  13. Clothes hangers


  1. Basic first aid kit (be sure to include plasters, pain relievers, cold and flu medication, antibacterial lotion or spray)
  2. Any personal medications and prescriptions
  3. Allergy medications
  4. Multivitamins


  1. Backpack for studies
  2. Sewing kit
  3. Lighter or matches
  4. Hairdryer, hair straighteners, etc.
  5. Books, films, TV series, board/card games, and other entertainment items
  6. Pictures of family and friends
  7. Favorite decor items (e.g. garlands, posters, a rug, etc.)

Important Documents

  1. Passport or any other relevant personal ID
  2. Driver’s license
  3. All official university correspondence, including acceptance letter
  4. All student loan correspondence
  5. Details of accommodation and contract
  6. Bank card
  7. Bank account details and recent bank correspondence
  8. National insurance card
  9. Student discount cards
  10. Insurance documents (for international students)

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this list of basics will help each of you handle packing for your first year quicker and easier and, at the same time, ensure that you will have everything you need.

Let us quickly share the core dos and don’ts that will also come in handy.

Dorm Packing Dos:

  • Make a list of what you are bringing with you to the dorm
  • Only pack what you need
  • Always keep in mind the specific climate of the place you are moving to
  • Store your documents separately and all in a single binder/folder
  • Before buying bed linen, check with your college for bed sizes
  • Check with your college to learn what will be provided to you (so that you could cross out these items from your list)
  • Check with your roommate for items you may share

Dorm Packing Don’ts

  • Bring stuff you haven’t used (or worn) for a while
  • Skimp on basics like toiletries, bedroom items, and other stuff
  • Pack out-of-season stuff
  • Take with you things that are prohibited in dorms
  • Neglect labeling your bags and boxes
  • Start packing your boxes into the car until you check with your list
  • Hesitate to bring some things that will make your dorm room cozier and more home-like (such as pictures, garlands, candles, etc.)