It’s Game Day: Essentials For Watching The Game With Friends And Family

Essentials For Watching The Game With Friends And Family

The event you wait for every week is almost here. The time when you and your friends and family get together on myriad pieces of furniture and watch your favorite sports team duke it out in a no-holds-barred, sink-or-swim battle for supremacy. It’s a special time, a time when the pressures of the average workweek fade to nothingness, and you’re in the moment with people you love, rooting for your favorite team from the comfort of your home. After years of doing the same thing, there’s nothing better! And in the middle of the week, confined to your cubicle or doing the rounds at your retail job, you don’t want to think about anything else!

However, while there’s no wrong way to consume your favorite sport, there are certainly things you can do to make the experience better for everyone involved. Whether you’re planning on kicking back with the guys and cheering voraciously at the screen or just getting together with family before everyone goes their separate ways, the below items will make your game nights a resounding success for everyone.

An Upgraded Viewing Platform

The type of screen you use means everything, as does the channel you use to watch your sports. If you’re watching your sports on a small TV that people have to crowd around to see everything, neither you nor your guests are going to have the best experience. Consider investing in either a bigger flatscreen TV– one that will let you watch your sports as you deserve (in high definition), or a projector system that will allow you to project live-streamed sports onto a massive, cheaper screen. 

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As for the type of channel you use to watch your sports, you may be considering cutting cable but are reluctant to even though your connection through your current service provider is on the weaker side. After all, streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus don’t exactly have options available to let viewers watch live-streamed sports. 

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a variety of free sports streaming options out there, all high-quality and able to be used anywhere and with any device; Neither you, your family, or your friends will miss an instant of your next game, whether you’re watching Nascar drivers race or the first Patriots game without Tom Brady. That means even on the nights when everyone can’t get together to watch the game, you won’t miss a thing, watching the game on the most convenient device for you. 

Snacks Aplenty

When it comes to watching the game with friends or family, we all know one of the most important components, a necessary measure to make sure everyone has a good time: the kinds of snacks involved. Sports without snacks is kind of like a movie theater without popcorn: it’s unheard of, is less fun, and ultimately does quite a bit of damage to the communal experience of the event. 

That being said, there are snacks that are more comfortably suited to sports-watching, as well as snacks that are not. For a snack to be better for sports-watching, it must have three components: it must be shareable, it must be tasty, and it must go well with any beverages served at the event, especially if the family isn’t involved. Most sports snacks fall into the realm of fried foods, finger foods, and the like; Though to be honest, so long as you have snacks available that you and your companions will love, you’ll be set to have a great time yelling at the TV together. 

Cozy, Comfortable Furniture

Whether you have the event in your man cave or in the family living room, you must have a variety of comfortable furniture options for your guests. Ideally, your furniture should be a mix of communal (couches and futons) and individual (recliners and easy chairs) options, with every single one being positioned in a way where nobody will have to crane their neck too hard to watch the game. This can be challenging, especially in areas where you have little space, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your arrangement. Couches may be the more economical option if purchasing new furniture for the space, as they can seat more people in less space than their individual counterparts. 

Game night is one of the best times in the week; a time of community where friends and family can get together and cheer on their favorite teams. If you feel that game night is magical and a special time for yourself and your family, why not invest in improving aspects of it, so everyone has a better time? Win or lose, the important thing is having fun together, and following the above tips will make sure everybody has a great time and comes back for more.