7 Cool Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Family Living Room

7 Cool Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Family Living Room

The family room or the family living room is considered one of the most important rooms in a house. The reason is simple, it is a place where every member of the house feels at home, safe, and cozy. Since it is the most sociable room in the house, decorating this room requires exploring ideas that are relaxing and comforting to everyone at home. There are thousands of ideas and ways to upgrade your family living room. Among these varieties of options, making your family living room eco-friendly, will not only reduce your carbon footprint on the earth but also be quite relaxing and cozy.

Let me just stop you right here! Eco-friendly does not necessarily mean green, difficult to maintain, or even expensive. Yeah, that’s right! It is all about spending in the right place that does not consume unnecessary natural resources. Home decor especially the family living can be daunting but today we will look at some fresh eco-friendly ideas that are easy and affordable.

Sustainable Resources

One of the first things you would probably think of when making your family living eco-mfriendly is what material should you use. There are several sustainable materials that you can use for different purposes when decorating or renovating your family room.

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Eco-friendly decor means using resources such as bamboo, organic cotton, sustainable wood, recycled glass, and so much more. No matter the style of furniture, you can always find companies that use sustainable resources that recrease the stress on the environment.

Vintage Design

Flea markets or your local thrift store is your best bet in finding vintage decor that will make your living room look chic. It is one of the most cost efficient ways when renovating your room. The best part about this idea is that you can use your vintage furniture is that you can use it for something other than its initial purpose.

For instance, an old vintage bookcase that normally would be placed in the study room. It can be used as supply closet in the garage or any other part of your home. It all comes down to creativity and how far are you willing to go to ensure your house remains reco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Paint

When it comes to paint, you must consider using environmentally friendly paint that is VOC chemicals or volatile organic chemicals (VOC). There are natural paints that does not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation, sneezing, and other health risks. Tradtional paints are safe as they have to match certain legal requirements for human use.

Eco-friendly paints that contain proteins, milk, clay and other natural minerals are a better alternative for your family living room. After all, you need to look out for paints and finishes that are less of a risk for your family members and the people who visit your home.

Think Twice

There are several websites and companies that sell eco-friendly furniture. If it is your first ever eco-friendly decor for you house, ensure that the company is environmentally responsible for their products. Decorating your home can be costly but choosing lower pierced and cheap materials won’t last you more than a few years.

Eco-friendly furnitures are of high quality that will last longer than your traditional furniture. They may be a bit more expensive while purchasing but it will save you more money than buying furniture again in a couple of years. If you are in search for some eco-friendly sheets, toothbrush or other similar product, Ecoy is an excellent brand that sell useful and long-lasting bamboo products such as bamboo sheets, toothbrushes, water bottles and so on.

Repurpose Old Materials

Repurposing your old furnitures such as chairs, tables, wood, aluminium, and even clothes. It is all about making the best with what you have and turning your old stuff into new creative and satisfying stuff.

For example, repainting your wooden tables and chairs with some artsy patterns or turning your old clothes into colorful cushion covers or using your old glass jars as plant holders. You can even consider hiring some local artists or craftsmen or a friend who is creative to add some colour to your family room.

Use Nature

The easiest way to make your home environmentally friendly is adding plants in your family living room. Not only does plants help in purifying the air quality at home but also it makes your room more brighter and vibrant. You can literally place them anywhere in your room such as your coffee table or near a dull corner or even small planters on the wall. They are very easy to maintain and go well with almost any kind of decor.

Thermal Alternative

A good quality thermostat will ensure that your room remains warm or cold whenever you are in the room. You can even consider changing your insulation so that energy is not able to escape. If energy keeps escaping your thermostat will have to work double to maintain the temperature of the room.

There are smart thermostats that not only reduce the energy used to heat or cool the room but also help you save money. Some smart devices adjust the temperature according to the people in the room. This makes sure that your family is cozy and comfortable at all time when resting in the family living room.

Bottom Line

Converting your family living room that is cozy and eco-friendly will reduce your carbon footprint on this earth and also improve the your quality of life in your home. Home is a place where you can be you, in comfort and spend time with your loved one. A cozy home is good for your health physically and mentally. If you are in search of ways to make your home more cozy, here are a few ways to make your home more comfy!