7 Best Pet Friendly Home Decor Ideas

7 best pet friendly home decor ideas

Being a human we all need a place or shelter that provides us safety, good environment, ideal temperature and basic things to survive according to our desires. Like many creations, animals have diverse categories, some re domestic and some of them are wild. Survival of wild animals is mostly in jungles, but domestic animals can live in houses. They can live with us in our homes. Pets help us in loneliness and depression by giving us companionship. Studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets brings happiness to their faces.

Some people buy pets and leave them outdoor and don’t even provide them shelter to live. Dogs should be provided with a comfortable place to survive. So, Dog Houses are a crucial part of looking after a dog. Even if a dog lives indoors, let´s recall that they are living beings who additionally want an area for themselves.  Protection is the first thing your dog thinks about. When a dog spends a lot of time outdoors, it will be exposed to bad weather. Many breeds of dogs are sensitive to the weather, so it is important to keep this in mind. Even the most resilient dog will succumb to bad weather over time.  They  must be well protected.

Pet Friendly Home Decor Ideas

1. Durable floor

If you have a dog and carpet, you know this is not the best combination. Dog hair and dandruff accumulate in the fibre and no matter how often you vacuum, you can’t get rid of it. Finishes are the best choice. Hardwood floors are great, but if you have a big dog, you will be nervous. Choose durable laminate or a new generation of vinyl cork to get a wood-look that can last for many years. Both are easy to clean and do not require any sealant. Other great non-porous floors are tiles and painted concrete. These sturdy, nail-like surfaces are beautiful and claw-proof, providing dogs with a cool and pleasant sleeping place in summer. One caveat: Seal tile mortar and stained concrete to avoid permanent stains.

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2. Dog proof fabrics

It is important to have the best strategy to prevent your dogs from approaching furniture. However, some clothes do not cause any problems for pets that not only make your furniture look good but also your pet likes to ride on and sit on it easily Because that particular cloth is not painful for her nails and claws. Whenever you choose fabrics for your pet-friendly furniture, choose synthetic materials instead of natural materials. Such as Leather, Microfiber, Denim, Canvas and Outdoor Fabrics etc. Every dog ​​should easily have personal belongings that the owner will actively use for animal care. Like a microfiber cloth or dog towel that will help the dog adjust after bathing. Always, choose the Demin jeans for your pet. Canvas is very useful for pet houses as it does not allow dirt or hair to get stuck.

3. Fence Gate

I think the first dog house door should be durable and beautiful enough to immediately impress the beholder. Some of the doors that are beautiful in addition to fancy and cheap according to your budget. Such as PVC and Fabric Pet Barrier, Wood Dowel Door, ‘No-Hinge’ Baby Gate, Stand-Out DIY Doggie Gate, etc…

4. A Vast House

A shed that is usually built in the shape of a house, the main purpose of which is to give dogs a sense of security and protection from various weather conditions. Therefore, the space inside the dog house must be spacious enough for the dog to stand, turn and lie down comfortably.

5. Decorative food cart

Well, for beginners, it can prevent clumsy dogs from emptying their plates every 2 minutes, and many of these stations act as food storage rooms, so they can keep things neat, not to mention they look pretty good job.

6. Safe Environment

First of all, make sure the area where you keep your dog is comfortable, clean, dry and calm. Where he feels safe and secure, even if the weather outside is awful and where he can find his natural environment.

7. Design a play zone

Assign a variation of interactive toys, such as tugs and balls. Remember that dogs do get stabbed of toys, so it’s a decent indication to have several different types and divert them, fleeing only a couple out at a time. Put the extra ones in a box.