How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For Your Character?

How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For Your CharacterGetting yourself a new dog is a very serious decision. You are inviting a new family member into your home. This new relationship will last a long time and can be the source of endless happiness and fun. However, first, you need to make the right choice. You need a dog that will be a perfect fit for you, your lifestyle, and your family. We suggest starting with learning more about dog breeds. A specific dog breed can tell a lot about the future character of your dog. However, to pick the right breed, you also need to know your personality well. Choosing the right dog breed for your character is the key to your future relationship’s success. Here is how you can approach it.

Your Personality And The Breeds To Match

Before picking a breed for yourself, you need to know what you need a dog for. Do you want a companion in your travels? Do you want the best friend you can take everywhere with you? Or, maybe, you want someone to share your ups and downs with you? You also need to know yourself before picking a dog that can match your personality. So don’t rush it and decide for yourself what you want. These are the three most common dog owners’ personality types and breeds that can match them. You must check out breed specific dog food that follows special formulated diets for the right nutritional needs of your best buddy.

Adventurous And Active Type

Let’s talk about your favorite free-time activities. Chances are, once you have a dog, your free time also belongs to them. So, it will be ideal if you can do things together. If you are an active, outgoing person who loves adventures and long walks, hiking, or sports, you need a similar dog. You need a breed that is athletic and easygoing. Your dog needs to be resilient so it can keep up with you on a trail. They also need to be very energetic and enthusiastic. Thus, adventures with you will be a true gift for your pup and not a punishment.

Breeds like Retrievers, Setter, or Spaniels, just as any other hunting dog, will be a perfect match for you. However, keep in mind that these breeds don’t just love adventures and long walks, but they also need them. They require a lot of physical exercises to stay healthy and well.

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Social And Open Type

If you are very social and extroverted and love spending time around people or checking new cool places in town, you need an intelligent, quiet dog. These dogs need to feel comfortable around people, be friendly and open for socialization. They shouldn’t be too vocal, as their constant barking will soon get on your nerves. They also should be good with children and not look intimidating or dangerous. Ideally, these dogs are small or medium size.

Papillons, Poodles, Labradors, Collies, and similar friendly and family dog breeds would be the best choice for this personality type. They are beloved by many, which is good since they love being the center of attention.

Artistic And Emotional Type

If you are creative, sensitive, and emotional, you need a dog that can easily sense your mood swings and show compassion. You also want them to be very loyal and trusting. You need a strong connection between yourself and a dog, so you will never feel jealous, misunderstood, or betrayed. You are getting yourself someone who will always be by your side. Breeds like Pugs, Huskies, Alaskan Malamute, or Akita will be a perfect match for you. They follow their owners like a shadow. They are also very smart and charming. It often seems like they can feel all human emotions as well.

Other Criteria

Of course, finding the best breed for your personality is important. However, this criteria doesn’t and shouldn’t be the only one. You also need to consider many other factors, like budget, time availability, the size of your apartment, and others. For instance, even if you love hiking and dream of getting the Spaniel to go with you, see how much you have to spare for those walks. If you can get our town only once or twice a month, if you can’t dedicate hours for long walks every week, your Spaniel won’t be so happy with you.

The bottom line

We encourage you not to worry about picking the wrong dog breed for yourself. There are very few chances that you will get yourself a dog that you won’t love. It’s best to go to a local adoption or dog rescue center and see what dogs they have there. Most likely, you will immediately recognize a dog that is meant for you. So don’t be afraid. Get some best wet puppy food, visit the local adoption center, pick a pup that looks right into your soul and bring it home. See? It’s that simple! Next will be the long weeks of getting to know each other, adjusting to each other’s personalities, and bonding. Good luck!