How To Make Your Cat Happy?

How To Make Your Cat Happy

The goal of any cat owner is to make their cat happy. At times, of course, it seems like an impossible challenge. Most cats don’t show the same spectrum of emotion as people or even dogs, for that matter. Thus, cat owners are trying to do their best to please their furry friends. However, the fact that cats don’t show many emotions doesn’t mean they don’t have them. There are numerous ways you can make your cat happy. These are just a few of them.

Feed Your Cat Well

This should come as no surprise that the pass to love should go through the stomach. This truth concerns any living creature on the planet, including cats. However, the importance of good food doesn’t end with your cat increased affection towards you. A healthy diet is crucial for your cat’s overall well-being. Poor dietary habits can lead to obesity, under nutrition, or other illnesses. As you can tell, all these health complications will not make your cat any happier. On the opposite, both you and your pet will have to endure a period of treatment and rehabilitation. Thus, finding the best cat food on the market is one of the essential elements to the happiness of both of you. This is why you should try reading some of the reliable, unbiased cat product reviews time by time. The pet food market is constantly growing and developing. You can always find something new, healthy, and delicious to treat your cat.

Schedule Regular Health Checks

Even when you take good care of your cat’s diet, you still need to go on regular veterinary checks. Keeping your cat healthy is your main priority. A healthy cat is a happy cat, and there is no way around it. Of course, our pets may not be the biggest fans of veterinary clinics. Often is the place where they feel the least amount of happiness. However, to make their life better, these vet checks are necessary. They are the guarantee of your cat’s happy and long life with you.

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Do Some Fun Activities

Cats are very curious creatures by nature. This is why staying indoors all the time doesn’t do them much good. They need some food for their brain as much as they need to eat. Hence, to make them happy, you need to make sure they have something that interests them. Games and various activities are the best way to keep your cat energetic and happy. You can buy them toys, so they will move around and play with them. Young kittens, in particular, need a lot of physical activity. It helps them grow well. Climbing is another activity that most cats would love to do for hours. However, if you don’t want them to climb your furniture or even curtains, you need to build them a special climbing space. You’ll see how happy they will be when they see it.

However, older cats may not be such big fans of fast and active pastimes. They seem to be more calm and serious. Don’t be fooled by that. They are still eager to have some fun. Though, now they are not so reckless. This is why things like bird watching are one of older cats’ favorite activities. They are natural hunters, so they imagine how they would capture birds that they see outside. They observe, calculate, maybe even dream of hunting. Who knows. Anyway, your cat will appreciate a nice and comfy observing spot where they can look outside.

Some people even go as far as taking their cats outside for a walk, just as you would do with dogs. Special cat collars and leashes make these walks possible and stress-free. Of course, you need to protect your pets from all kinds of pests and diseases that they can catch outside. Catching fleas or a tick has nothing to do with happiness. Other than that, you are good to try.

Just Spend More Time With Them 

It may often seem like our cats don’t really care about us that much. However, we encourage you not to trust this cold exterior. They do love you and want to spend time with you. Some cats make it very obvious. They don’t leave you alone, sitting only on your laps and sleeping right beside you (or on you). Others play it cool and come to you only for a quick petting. It doesn’t mean that any of these cats are happier than the other. It just means that they show their love differently, and you have to accept it. See what they like doing, learn their personality traits, and love them unconditionally. They will show you affection in return.