10 Pillow Styles For Every Type Of Sleeper

10 Pillow Styles For Every Type Of Sleeper

When it comes to having a good sleep, the icing on the cake is your pillow. No matter how comfortable your mattress may be, if the pillow is as hard as a rock, then you’re in for unsatisfying rest. While it may seem only a minimal detail to be conscious about, using the right pillow can make or break your sleep. After all, it’s where you rest your head and neck for the whole night.

Think of this scenario: is it not when you go sleepover at a friend’s house or if you’re out on a vacation, one of the very first things concerning you the most is the pillow? It’s what you grab upon entering the room, hugging it to see how fluffy or comfortable it is.

Upgrading Your Pillow

Nowadays, there are so many pillows out in the market for every kind of sleeper. You don’t need to be in a five-star hotel anymore to recreate the feeling as you can have it right at the comforts of your home. Especially now you may be like the rest of the world where you’re spending more time at home than usual, you’d find there are certain upgrades you need to do, and having a new pillow is included.

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To help you out, this article would give you a comprehensive insight into everything you need to know about pillows for the kind of sleeper you are.

Best Pillows For Every Sleeping Position

What works to be the best pillow for one person will typically be different from another. The key player in determining this difference has a lot to do with your sleeping position. Here are some pillows to choose from:

1. Memory Foam Pillow

The memory foam pillow may be one of the most well-loved and popular options because many are immediately drawn to its comfort. It applies to just about every product with memory foam: mattress, sofa, Zafu meditation cushion, and many more. Memory foam is one of the best pillow types you could have if you’re looking for better sleep quality.

Also, the pillow is great for just about any type of sleeper, particularly if you’re one to prefer a firm pillow because it’s one with a supportive feel to it. It contours the body of the sleeper without hugging or sinking too much, creating a sense of warmth.

With a memory foam pillow, the foam itself is ventilated by holes. These are encased in an open mesh liner, which enables the air to circulate more freely. In doing so, the interior of the pillow stays cool. This is a great option as well for those who commonly experience hot flushes at night.

2. Down Alternative Pillow

A down alternative pillow is best known for giving off a plush feel and squeezable shape, and it’s most commonly used in hotels, so you know you’ve got a fluffy pillow with you. This is the best type of pillow for stomach sleepers.

A down alternative pillow is made from synthetic fillings rather than from natural waterfowl. But just because it’s made from a synthetic material doesn’t mean it’s any less of a quality. The material used to make the filling in this kind of pillow is made from polyester microfiber, which is higher quality than the typical polyfill found in cheaper cushions.

The lifespan of a down alternative pillow, however, lasts only around three years. If your pillow is older than that, it may be a good idea for you to move on and purchase a brand new one.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using a down alternative pillow:


  • It’s a more affordable option versus a down pillow.
  • It’s the perfect choice for those who want to have the softness of a down pillow, but don’t like to use animal products.


  • The lifespan is quite short.
  • It may not be as soft as an actual down pillow, given the down pillow uses the down coming from a waterfowl.

3. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

A shredded memory foam pillow is one of the best options for those of you who sleep on their back because this kind is one of the easiest to mold and customize, according to your weight and back positioning.

With this kind of pillow, you can either have just shredded memory foam per se or it could also be combined with a microfiber filling. This enables you to add or take away some filling, according to your back needs and preferences.

4. Down Pillow

A down pillow still has a fluffy and plush feel, much like a down alternative pillow, but the only difference lies in what the down pillow is made offillings made from waterfowl like geese and ducks.

However, down isn’t just a fancy name for feathers as it refers to the soft stuff that’s usually found under the bird’s plumage, and this kind of material is one of the best to use for a pillow. But like the down alternative pillow, this kind is also best used by stomach or belly sleepers.

Unlike the down alternative pillow with a relatively short lifespan, the down pillow can last around five to ten years.

To guide you in the buying process, here are important pros and cons about the down pillow you should be aware of:


  • If you’re after a soft pillow, you can count on it to be an excellent choice.
  • The material and fill used for the down pillow is natural and biodegradable, so you can also count on it to be eco-friendly.


  • It’s slightly more expensive compared with the down alternative pillow because it takes more time and effort to source and to process the down coming from waterfowl sources.
  • It may retain more heat than an alternative pillow.

5. Dual Cooling Pillow

The dual cooling pillow works best for side and back sleepers who need extra firmness. This doesn’t do well for side sleepers as it’s not as soft and plush. The main purpose of a dual cooling pillow is to keep the back or head cool as all the weight is on the pillow itself.

Some people sweat profusely when they sleep, and the dual cool ability of the pillow keeps the head cold, improving sleep comfort. 

Because it’s a dual cooling pillow, the sleeper can freely choose at night which side they’re going to sleep on or switch it out regularly in the middle of the night. Through this, people would be comfortable twisting and turning without feeling discomfort.

6. Buckwheat Pillow

The buckwheat pillow can be used perfectly by any type of sleeper as it’s one of the most comfortable and easily moldable pillows. Rather than comforting a type of position, the buckwheat pillow can cater the most to those who are hot sleepers because the material is made of fillings a lot colder than others.

For stomach sleepers, you can benefit a lot from American made buckwheat pillows as well. While it’s still a lot harder and flatter than other kinds of pillows, it’s also the one enabling you to add or remove more hulls. 

7. Medium Loft Pillow

This kind of pillow is best for side sleepers because of the excellent cushioning it provides for the back and neck without the skin sinking too deeply. In fact, for those with this problem, a medium loft pillow may even result in spinal alignment.

If you’re the type of person who also prefers to hug a pillow when you sleep, this is the perfect one for you as it’s a good bolster pillow to go in between the legs.

8. Side-sleeper Pillow

Side-sleeper pillows are mostly made out of cotton. These are made with a distinctive U-curve on the bottom end, which acts as a space for the shoulder to rest on when sleeping. This is great for side sleepers because of the support and conforming it gives the head and neck to reduce neck pain. This can also help keep your spine have better alignment.

With this kind, the loft can also be adjusted to suit the needs of people. Plus, when you’re able to adjust the fill, this can make a good pillow choice for just about any other type of sleeper.

9. Organic Pillow

A magic word instantly drawing people towards buying is ‘organic.’ Anything organic, you’re sure to have loyal patrons. Because of the eco-friendly materials it’s made of, organic pillows are great for those who are environmentally conscious about their choices. As to sleeping position, organic pillows are also great for side and stomach sleepers because it provides enough support for your body.

As its name implies, the wool or material of organic pillows is sourced from cruelty-free and sustainable sources. Plus, they’re also exposed to fewer chemicals throughout the production process.

Because it’s made of natural materials, organic pillows are a good choice for hot sleepers because of their natural breathability and cooling properties. The wool and cotton inside the pillow will keep you comfortable and dry, even during the hot summer months.

10. Single-piece Foam Pillow

The single-piece foam pillow was one of the most common types of pillows before all the other more sophisticated ones came into play such as memory foam. Coming from its name, it’s made out of a single block of foam. If you’re looking for a pillow on a budget, this is also one of the cheaper options, given it can be made out of just about any other kind of foam.

This type of pillow is well-favored by those who sleep on their back because of the firm support it provides. The only downside to it is it’s notoriously known for absorbing so much heat, making sleeping in a single-piece foam pillow quite a struggle. As a result, you may turn out uncomfortably warm when you wake up.

However, if you still prefer this kind of pillow among all others, there are improvements to its basic version now to add comfort. Many of these single-piece foam pillows today are now equipped with special kinds of foams to provide better temperature control and maximize airflow.

For instance, you can go for a medium feel, single-piece foam pillow. With this option, the foam will conform closely to your head, allowing it to sink quite a bit, then provide enough reinforcement later on, so your back stays aligned and comfortable.

The Best Time To Replace A Pillow

No matter what kind of pillow you have, it’s important to remember these all have a lifespan, and this consideration applies even to expensive and plush pillows. Replacing a pillow is also vital in maintaining healthy sleeping patterns.

On average, you may need to replace your pillows at least once every two to five years. If you’ve invested in good ones, then this time frame may even be longer. The real test here has a lot to do with how comfortable your back still feels with your current pillows.

A test you can do is to try folding your pillow in half. If you place this pillow across your arm, then it should maintain its shape and not hang. If this is the case, then you need to buy a new one.

You can think of this as an investment to better quality sleep, which would also result in good well-being. Put it hand-in-hand with your mattress, so you can change both together when you already feel the need to do so. After all, it’s for your welfare.


As you can see, there’s a lot to factor in when choosing a pillow, and it’s no longer just about picking the very first thing you see and hope it’ll work for your needs. Now, you’ve also got to ensure your preferences are taken into account, and this is precisely why comfort varies from person to person. 

Consider the list above before shopping for the right pillow depending on your sleeping position. After, you’ll start to enjoy the difference of a sleep quality that’d strikingly improve.