What Are The Benefits To A Corporate Animated Explainer Videos

What are the Benefits to a Corporate Animated Explainer

Have you noticed a spike in the production of animated explainer videos recently? If you browse social media and the internet, you’ve probably been captivated by one or two of these videos. Animated explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool used to deliver messages to audiences in a captivating, clear, and concise manner. More importantly, your brand and corporate image will remain clear throughout the video.

Want to know how a corporate animated explainer video can boost your business visibility and overall sales? We’ve listed some benefits below to give you an overall idea.

It Helps Your Brand Sound Less Sales-oriented

Animated explainer videos are all about giving an added benefit to your customer base, and there’s not much (directly) to do with sales at all. Instead, you can aim to educate your customers about your products and services, ideas in using them, or simply just something to entertain them.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Humans are visual beings, and our attention span is as minute as ever. So it’s no mystery that a captivating video is sure to capture one’s attention while scrolling and tapping on our phones. Social media posts, advertisements, websites, newsletters, what have you. You already have an idea to capture attention, so now is the best time to send a message in an understandable way.

Your Message Will Stick

According to experts at Frieze, visual perception in humans is 80% memory and 20% via the eyes. There is also the emotional aspect that animation has the power to incite, with its combination of cleverly designed visuals and audio.

Therefore, information-carrying visuals can not only help brands communicate better with customers but also foster a deep and long-lasting bond.

Universal Content

You can utilise your animated explainer video anywhere in your sales and marketing strategies, whether it is to attract new customers or entertain your existing ones. Evaluate which areas need a little boost and watch results grow.

Search Engines Will Love You

Videos are engaging, and they are becoming one of the favourite ways to boost traffic to any site. If a viewer watches a video on your site, it makes them stay longer. On the contrary, if you just have walls of text, viewers tend to just scroll past it.

The longer users linger on your page, the better search engines will rank it. In the long run, this will boost your website’s ranking, which means more traffic to your site. Grow your traffic, and you will also be growing your sales!

All in all, the benefits of corporate animated explainer videos are plentiful. It hooks audiences’ attention in an entertaining way, allows brands to send difficult messages across in a non-salesy manner, and it also promotes deep bonds between brands and audiences. Moreover, you get to display your brand voice and personality that sets you apart from everyone else.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an animation studio today and start planning your corporate animation video content to engage with your customers!