5 Ways To Build Your YouTube Watch Time Performance

5 Ways To Build Your YouTube Watch Time Performance

Are you reading this article to monetize your YouTube channel? Or are you reading to enhance your audiences’ watch time on your YouTube channel? Yeah, in the end, you will get to know both. With a few corrections and tips from our side, you can easily promote your channel and engage your audience.

When more audiences watch your Youtube videos, there is more possibility of Youtube showing your videos frequently in their search recommendations. If not, you are always welcome to visit the Best Sites to Buy Youtube Subscribers and Buy Youtube Subscribers to add more audience to watch your channel.

The youtube watch time is nothing but the total time an average individual spends watching your videos. This watch time will readily give an insight into whatever the audience enjoys watching.

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The higher the watch time of your video is, the higher chance of recommending to YouTube’s algorithm that your video is worth the promotion. And this hype can lead to monetization possibilities for YouTube creators, including collaborations and brand sponsorships.

Continue reading to discover the 5 ideas to build YouTube watch time for your channel.

5 Ways to Build Your YouTube Watch Time Performance

1. Shoot a fantastic intro

The first and foremost way to build your watch time is to connect with your audience. To kick start your video, you need to use an engaging intro. Capture their attention in a wink of the moment!

The content of your script is great, but still, your video does not get the views it deserves. Then the issue lies with your intro. Change your YouTube intro, and then post the upcoming videos and see the difference in the view count.

If you already have an existing intro, then try spicing it up. Because a YouTube intro just hooks your followers straight in the beginning itself. Intros are considered a YouTuber’s visual signature- know its importance.

2. Divide your full video into chapters

Just as the chapters in a book are important in helping a reader, the chapters in a YouTube video assist the viewers to know your video better. With these chapters dividing a single video into sections, the viewers will get access to the specific information they are looking for.

For that, you need to think about how you are planning to divide your videos into sections. Each section must have a convincing intro point followed by a fascinating narrative. In this process, outlines are helpful.

3. Create YouTube series

If you shoot and post a video series on a particular topic, then it is possible to add more watch time to your videos. By posting a related video as a series, you tend to kindle your audience’s interest in ‘what’s next in the series?’

The common doubt that arises is how to pick a topic for your series. You need to choose the topic which has more Youtube views as the base of your playlist or series. Then add on engaging ideas to add to your series. You can add a particular series as a single playlist.

4. Engage in comments

Most content creators usually underrate the influence of the comments area. If you try having your audience active in the comment section of your videos, you can readily influence others to subscribe to your channel.

You can become the owner of a successful YouTube channel by creating a loyal base of your subscribers. You could build a YouTube community by asking for feedback, and queries and replying to your followers’ comments. On YouTube, your audience will like their comments getting pinned, so do that!

5. End screen’s important

You must add videos that are appropriate to your audience to let them know they can watch these interesting and relevant videos as well. 

My suggestions:

  • Your channel’s subscription button- must be added to the end screen. 
  • Add a link to a recommendable video that YouTube can pick for your followers
  • Add in a link to your latest video.

Wrapping It Up

These ideas will help you to build and increase watch time on your YouTube channel and, finally, to occur more often in recommendations and search results. In promoting your watch time, you will draw the attention of YouTube’s algorithm. 

If you use these optimizations, for sure, you will achieve your goals swiftly. And so, your YouTube videos will possibly surface in search and recommendation results. How cool is that! 

There is no doubt that these suggestions inspire you to approach the YouTube watch time in a more farsighted and strategic way and will aid you to attain what you’ve hoped. In doing all this, you will gain more and more watch time in your videos without even publishing more content on YouTube. 

Best wishes, guys!