5 Ways To Promote Your Youtube Videos Through Instagram

5 Ways To Promote Your Youtube Videos Through Instagram

YouTube is probably one of the biggest things in digital media today along with Instagram. It has a couple of billion users on the platform and at least half of them regularly log into their YouTube account to stream videos. It generates a strong source of both active and passive revenue that has managed to sustain many creators. Many YouTubers aim to generate as much content as possible because they know that the competition is tough and it is possible to get pushed out by the newbies. Marketing your videos on other platforms such as Instagram can help your channel gain some momentum. 

You would need an extraordinary amount of subscribers to make YouTube a full-time career option. For this, you can buy YouTube views in a bid to attract more audiences to your channel. You can also spread the word on Instagram to buy more Instagram followers and engagement from some of the best sites . We are going to tell you a few ways in which you can amp up your subscriber count in no time at all!

1. Uploading A Preview On Igtv Or Reels

Instagram is a great place to give your audience a sneak peek into your video. You can do this just hours before uploading the video so that they know the topic and there will be some excitement for it. You can make a montage of different clips from your videos to show your journey and growth as a YouTuber. Many subscribers may not get notified about an upcoming video but they are sure to check out their Instagram more often and not miss any updates from your side. You can post previews as a mystery so that viewers are more enthusiastic about watching the whole video.

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2. Optimizing Your Bio

Optimizing your bio is a must for any content creator or business owner on Instagram. It is one of the first things seen by a new person venturing into your account. You can even link your channel in your bio so that people can check it out when they are on your Instagram page. You should also mention that you are a YouTuber alongside your name so that it is easier for you to rank in the search results and anyone searching for an expert in the field can find you easily. You can link your best or most recent videos to help your audience take note of your content.

3. Putting Links On Stories

While you can’t make text posts on Instagram, you can put up stories that do have this feature. You can’t keep updating your bio with a new link, so it is better to upload them on your stories where the people who follow you regularly can see them. Stories are one of the most used mediums of engaging with your instagram followers, as you can make a story out of anything. It is a great option to regularly upload stories even if they are not about your YouTube channel as it gives the audience a chance to know you more through it.

4. Paid Advertisements To Increase Traffic

Paid advertisements work better on Instagram than YouTube. With paid ads, you can increase your crowd and make them want to follow you for your content. Instagram influencers get more attention than mainstream celebs because of the bond they have with their audience. So you can collaborate with them as well to advertise your channel and boost your engagement rates. Pick an influencer in the same field as you and it will greatly help you out in the long run. You can target a specific crowd in the audience when you do so, which will give you a better chance of increasing your subscriber count.

5. Using Hashtags On Your Account And Posts

Hashtags are a very powerful tool for Instagram, even though they originated on Twitter. There are some YouTube-related hashtags that you can find out online to help with your engagement rates. You can also use your own hashtags once you are famous in your field, giving people a glimpse of your accomplishment. You can use catchphrases as hashtags too, giving your post a more relaxed vibe. Hashtags can be used to categorize posts, but more importantly, they act as a directory of words that people can follow according to their interests. Hashtags are an underutilized means of engagement on all media platforms


YouTube and Instagram are both solid sources of revenue. If you combine them, you are sure to observe an increase in the amount of engagement you get. The rivalry on both platforms will surely motivate you to grow more. You can always buy YouTube subscribers to get ahead faster, but keep spreading the word as well so that you get organic views too. Instagram is a great platform to interact with your audience, which simply can’t be done as smoothly on YouTube. Strategizing how to grow your audience while simultaneously growing your content is a difficult task, but we hope that our article has managed to tell you how to increase your YouTube views with the help of social media sites like Instagram. 

Instagram is the best choice to engage with your audience better and make them want to watch your videos on YouTube. It has helped out numerous people grow their business and brand with advertising as well as organic methods.