What To Post On Instagram Stories: Ideas For Any Business

What To Post On Instagram Stories

It’s not a secret that nowadays, Instagram is the most powerful marketing tool in the world of social media. It is widely used by bloggers with personal brands, small business owners, and even large corporations. Everyone’s doing their best to amaze their customers, entertain them, and of course, encourage them to purchase a product or service.

But since there are so many companies hanging out on IG, it’s obvious that it’s difficult to win this competition and catch your target audience. For this reason, businesses use all the tools available on this amazing platform. One of them is Instagram Stories.

Why Are IG Stories A Good Fit For A Business?

Being introduced in 2017, Stories captured the world’s attention very quickly. Today, people tend to review them the same way as they used to read their morning papers. Businesses caught this trend quite fast too and try to impress their clients with new, interactive, and engaging Stories each day, if not each hour.

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But why exactly should you employ this feature for your business? Here are some reasons to consider.

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It’s popular

Yes, the reason is simple. Literally everyone uses Stories these days. Why don’t you use them too? This way, you will remind people about your business. When they see your stories every day, they will start pondering over purchasing your goods or services.

However, do not overdo this one. According to social media analytics, 2 stories will be more than enough. Do not make this sequence of clips look like a dotted line. Otherwise, your irritated potential customers will avoid your account.

It’s effective in terms of brand visibility

Again, it’s all about reminding your audience about yourself and your business. But it also works great for your SEO. More Insta Stories views, replies, and even interactions always mean better engagement. So apart from working on your IG posts, make sure you spare some time on your Stories too.

It’s a good method of data collection

Sounds a bit unexpected, huh? But in a way, it’s a great analytical tool. With your Stories, you can really determine what your audience likes and dislikes. You can ask them anything: what content they are willing to see, what products they would likely to buy, are they satisfied with this or another item, and so on.
You can also get some feedback on your goods right in those Stories! All you need to do is just ask your followers about it. Believe us, people really love expressing their opinion.

It’s a great way to your target audience

Just like with the posts, you can advertise your stories through targeting ads. This way, they will appear in recommendation Stories of your audience (of course, if you target it correctly). It is a really efficient method to gather your target customer base in a much shorter time than in the traditional way.

It’s a chance to make your voice heard

It’s a great opportunity to tell your brand story in a short and sweet manner. Not many of us read all the Insta posts until the very end, but with Stories, the chance of being seen and heard is much higher. Why? Because people love such content!

So, What To Post?

Since now you are fully aware of the importance of Stories for your business page, it’s time to think about the content you should post to make it really effective. Here are some top ideas!

Tips and tricks/ how-to’s 

Many of us like being not only entertained but also educated a bit by the content we see on social networks. For this reason, many brands are creating various useful posts for their audience.

It can be literally anything you find important and educational, but it should always concern your business sphere. After all, a little ad never killed nobody.

Let’s presume you have a small cosmetic brand. What can you post? 

  • Top tips on how to find one’s skincare routine
  • How to understand your skin type?
  • Best makeup tricks 2022
  • Viral makeup trends

You can make it all in the form of Q&A, surveys, or even insert links to your website for more information.

So, as you can see, these are not that difficult to employ. Just think from the point of view of a user. What would you personally find interesting and useful to read on a brand’s page? 

New product teasers

Posting teasers, you kill two birds with one stone. First of all, you are intriguing your audience about this item and enticing them into buying it (if you do it right, of course). Secondly, you save money you could spend on advertising. If you have a small promotion budget, then this idea is perfect for you. Just work on your visuals, and you will succeed!

Customers & team photos

If they agree, of course. This will make your business look natural and friendly. People love reading stories about other people. So why don’t you tell them? Your team can participate in making short and funny videos for your Stories. And clients’ photos can be used with a sort of feedback about a certain item.

You can even assign a person that can become a brand face for your Stories. He or she can appear not only in Stories but also in various ad posts.

Some insights of your business

Let your audience have a look behind your scenes. For example, you can make a small excursion to your office or manufacturing site. Show your followers how you work and do your best to deliver the best products and results for them.

Hot deals and discounts

Everyone loves discounts! It’s like a game in this age of consumerism – to find something cheaper than it used to be before. So an idea to post about tempting offers would influence your rates in a positive way. You can even make some discounts to offer specifically to IG users. It can be promo code with a specific word (like Instafriend2022 or something like that).

Make such posts at least a couple times per month, and you’ll see the results! And don’t forget to insert a link to your website to make the shopping experience of your followers even greater.

Just eye-appealing content

After all, why not? Instagram is all about visuals. Even though it’s not Tumblr or Pinterest, people still like looking at beautiful pictures. Make your Stories aesthetic. Believe us, it will improve your brand’s image considerably! You don’t have to put a lot of money into creating a trendy brand. You should just need to have strong visuals!

Wrapping Up

We bet that now you have no doubts about the importance of this popular IG feature. With the choice of right strategies, you can promote your brand or service to a top level on one of the most demanding social media in the world. Just find something that works for you and make yourself known with the help of great Stories you create!