Here Are 7 Important Business To-Dos To Stop Pushing To The Backburner

Here Are 7 Important Business To-Dos To Stop Pushing To The Backburner

For every business, enterprise, or side hustle, there always seems to be an endless list of things to do and tasks to accomplish. You have to find time for yourself, the business, and your family and friends amidst all of these. Often, a priority list helps put things into perspective most of the time. At even that, the priority list isn’t quite accurate as they reflect your biases and misplaced priorities at times as important business to-dos are pushed into the backburner. Interestingly, some of these business to-dos are pushed into the back burner for reasons such as procrastination, biases, and misjudgments. Many entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers often uttered statements such as “I don’t have time.” and “I’m so busy! I’ll get to that later” are often uttered by many entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers. For instance, it isn’t easy to choose between administrative work and a client’s task, making you push important business to-dos to the back burner. However, whatever your biases or misjudgments are, they do not deserve to affect your business. As a result, this article discusses 7 important business to-dos to stop pushing to the back burner. Some of those to-dos are:

Get Recommendation From Your Clients:

Your clients are the backbone of your work and are the reason why you exist as a business. Therefore, getting feedback from them is an important business to do that is often regarded as a matter that is not pressing. Interestingly, getting recommendations from your clients is an excellent way to evaluate your products and services. Although getting feedback from your customers seems like an activity that isn’t supposed to be pressing, however, it is. One of the best ways to get ahead and grow your business, get creative and retain customer loyalty is to ask for recommendations and reviews about your products and services. Aside from enhancing product quality and customer loyalty, getting reviews to help build your brand, and establishing trust with a third party. 

Update Your Online Portfolio:

Almost everyone is guilty of neglecting our portfolio and would blame us? The truth is that forgetting about your portfolio is one of the easiest things to do. It is not uncommon for business owners to get so engrossed in their work and forget an integral part of their business, updating their online portfolio. The online space is a broad and important tool for business owners to connect to countless people who need their products and services. Negligence of your online or website portfolio limits your reach and doesn’t reflect your true potential. You could get into action by adding more projects to your portfolio, refreshing the “about” page refresh language, updating the “work with me” page, and adding some testimonials to the page.

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Evaluate The Analytics Of Your Website:

Information is vital when it comes to businesses. With the world drifting towards the digital space, the website and its ability to reach countless audiences and engage with the platform are invaluable. Therefore, businesses must access the analytics of websites and see how the website is faring to make necessary adjustments. 

Update Social Media Images And Bios:

Social Media has evolved from a platform only for communication but has grown into a realm for business and commerce. Therefore, you must ensure that all images and content on your social media platforms properly represent you and your company’s ideals. 

Employee Motivation: 

Employees satisfaction and motivation are vital to the growth and development of any business, yet it is an exercise that is so easy to forget or overlook. Hence you must ensure that your employees are properly motivated and encouraged where and when necessary at different intervals. 

Evaluation And Appraisal:

In entrepreneurship, it is easy for you to forget the place of appraisal or evaluation, causing you to push certain things to the back burner quite easily. Processes such as bookkeeping and stock-keeping are important aspects of any business that must not be scrapped. To ensure effectiveness in the process, you could use an invoice generator to ensure that payments are properly made as and when due. 

Carry Out Surveys:

It is not rare to drop a blog post and have zero interactions with it. Even after you have created something really exciting and suited to meet their needs, sometimes there are still no responses. What do you do when this happens? One of the first steps to remedying this is to note that what you find interesting might not be so thrilling to your audience. Sending out a survey is an important exercise that must be carried out to know the needs of your clients and desires. You could make use of survey monkey and Google forms which offer easy-to-use templates through simple questions. Although it is important to capture all the thoughts and desires of your clients, it is important to ensure the questions are not more than ten so as not to bore them.