Is There Any Apple Government Employee Discount? Things You Must Know

Is There Any Apple Government Employee Discount

If you’re working for the government, you might be eligible to claim all sorts of benefits, such as the Apple government employee discount.

So, is there any Apple government employee discount you can get?

If you’re a government employee, you can get discounts for certain products you buy at the Apple Store. Whether you’re a federal government employee or you work for state/local government, you’re eligible for the discount. It can be used for buying products for yourself, but for your family as well.

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Who Is Eligible For Apple Government Employee Discount?

Apple is giving discounts to government employees. This includes everyone who works for the federal government, as well as everyone employed at state and local governments.

This includes both active and retired employees. Apart from getting a discount when buying Apple products for their personal use, government employees (and ex-government employees) can get a discount if buying Apple products for the members of their inner family.

The account only applies if the purchase is made for personal use and it’s forbidden to resell the products.

Apart from giving discounts to government employees, Apple is also giving discounts to governmental agencies. Whether it’s an agency operating on federal, state, or local level, Apple has special sorts of discounts meant for them.

In that case, the discount is only applicable if the purchased items are used for business purposes by the people from the agency.

What Kind Of Products Can You Get At Discount Prices?

What Kind Of Products Can You Get At Discount Prices

Instead of giving a flat percentage, Apple is giving different discounts. The amount that’s knocked off the price of the product depends on its category.

Another thing that’s taken into account when the amount of discount is calculated is the type of buying contract made between the government employee and Apple.

The list of items government employees can buy from Apple with a discount is very long, including items like the following:

  • iPhone smartphones – The latest versions of the smartphone come with a discount. For example, at the moment Apple 11 can be bought for $699 or even for $399 with trade-in.
  • Mac computers – Government employees can get all kinds of Mac computers at cheaper prices. We’re talking both MacBooks and iMacs. They can even get discounts for Mac Pro and Mac Mini devices.
  • Apple Watches – The latest edition of Apple Watch is available at a discount price for government prices. And so is the version made in cooperation with Nike. Apple Watch Hermes also falls under the Apple government employee discount.
  • iPads – If you’re a government employee, you can get a discount for buying iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and other versions of the device.
  • HomePods – You can also get a discount on buying Apple’s hi-fi speaker. By using the discount, you can get this device for way under 300 dollars.
  • iPod Touch devices – Make use of your Apple government discount to get an iPod Touch for less than $190.
  • Apple TVs – You can choose from Apple TV, Apple TV HD, and a few other versions of the device. Whichever you choose, you’re going to get a nice discount. Of course, under the condition that you’re working for the government.
  • Apple accessories – Items like chargers, headphones, phone cases, and so on, can also be bought for discount price.

Apart from getting a discount on buying new Apple products, you can also claim a discount on used items. As long as they’re Apple certified refurbished, the government discount is available.

How To Get Your Apple Discount?

If you’re an employee of federal, state, or local government, you have the right to get a discount on certain products at Apple Store.

You can go to the brick-and-mortar store if you want to get the products right away. Take your money with you, as well as your government ID, and you will be able to get your discount on the spot.

The entire process should not take more than only a couple of minutes, after which you will be able to take your Apple products with you home.

Alternatively, you can do the same online. Instead of going to a physical store, you can take care of the shopping on the official website of Apple.

Just go to the section for government employees at and find the products you wish to buy. The section of the site we’re talking about is called Apple Store for Government. You can visit the page by going to

Once you claim the discount and make your purchase, the items will be shipped to your address. Usually, it takes less than 48 hours for the package to reach its destination. If you make your order by 5PM, you can expect the items to bee at your door in two days maximum.

Speaking of delivery, it’s completely free, regardless of what items or how many of them you buy.

Main T&Cs Of Apple Government Employee Discount

The Apple government employee discount is a benefit set up by the company Apple Inc. The discount is available to current employees and contractors of the federal government, as well as state and local governments.

Apart from the current employees and contractors working with the governmental entities, the discount is also eligible for pensioners. Of course, under the condition that they used to work for the government in the past.

This discount can be used for buying items for personal use of the government employees (former and current). They can also use it for buying Apple products for the members of their inner families, that is, the family members living in the same household.

There’s also a discount meant for governmental agencies, for items used for business purposes. Whether it’s for business or personal use, the items mustn’t be resold. The discount is not meant to be used to make profits for the buyer.

If the Apple team in charge of approving the discount become suspicious that the discount could be used for resale, they have the right to decline it. Apart from having the right to refuse the discount, they also have the right to cancel the entire order.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the product return time is 14 days. If you’re not satisfied with the item you’ve bought, you can return it in a period of two weeks since the day of purchase. But, mind you, there are some products which do not fall into this category.

Apple Discount For Governmental Agencies

Government agencies operating on the federal level can get all kinds of discounts covered by SmartPay. Using Apple’s SmartPay credit card, federal customers can buy Apple products and third-party items at much lower prices than anyone else.

There is a similar scheme available to agencies operating on the state and local government level. Both Apple-made items and third-party products are available at discount prices when bought via a procurement card.

Apple Military Discount

Apple Military Discount

In addition to giving discounts to government employees, Apple also sells its products at reduced prices to military personnel.

This discount is available for both veterans and active duty. U.S. Military, National Guard and Reserve members are also eligible for this type of discount.

Apart from the military personnel, this discount is also available for their family members. The conditions are that they are members of the inner family of the person eligible for the Apple military discount, as well as that they all live in the same household.

This discount is very similar to the Apple government employee discount. How big the discount is depends on the type of product, but, generally speaking, it’s around 10%.

Apple Discount FAQ

To help you figure out everything there is to know about Apple government employee discount, here are some common questions regarding this scheme, as well as their answers!

What is the discount percentage that Apple gives for government employees?

There isn’t a stock discount ratio, even though, in most cases, the discount is somewhere in the range of 10%. Still, the amount depends on different factors, including the type of product, when it was released, and so on.

How many Apple products can I buy at discount prices?

You can buy as many as you like as long as you don’t resell them. Apple discount program is meant to help people get all the items they need at more competitive prices. It’s not meant to make profits for you.

Can students get a discount at Apple?

Similarly to the discount meant for government employees, there is one designed for students and teachers.

How to get Apple education discount?

In order to claim this benefit, you will have to confirm your current student status with Unidays. The same goes if you’re employed as a teacher or lecturer – you will have to use Unidays to confirm your staff status in order to be eligible to receive the discount.

Can parents of college students get discounts from Apple?

Even if you’re not a government employee, you can get a discount from Apple when buying stuff for your coed children. The discount is about 10% and you can use it for things like Mac computers, accessories, and Apple software.

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