How To Watch Instagram Stories In Private Without Registration?

How To Watch Instagram Stories In Private Without Registration

Officially, the social network does not allow you to observe daily updates without identification. But who and when were the bans stopped? Any Story in an open account can be seen in different ways: using an application for Android / iPhone, on an online website (without registration), by installing a browser extension, or using a Telegram bot.

Three Ways To Keep Your Privacy

The most obvious way to watch Stories on Instagram anonymously is to create a fake account. But this option is not always suitable, because the author will see that some unfamiliar account is watching him. And if you suddenly notice that some unknown account is watching you, you can try to figure out who it is by phone number.

Better use IG story viewer from Inflact. This free service runs in the browser and is very easy to use. Instagram highlight viewer allows you to examine content posted by public accounts. Open pages and posts in them can be seen even without registering and logging into the application. You can only look at Stories for open accounts. Highlights can be watched only if they were posted more than 24 hours ago. After Instagram no longer shows who saw Stories, only the total number of views, that is, everyone can watch them secretly.

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Incognito browsing apps for iPhone and Android allow you to watch and download Stories only after you log in through Instagram or Facebook. We recommend that you do not trust your login password to unknown application developers. Apps may have ads, but that’s better than risking your Instagram profile’s security.

There is another option to watch your Instagram story without being identified. It’s a bit risky and may not be for everyone. However, if you need to preview right away, we recommend trying this method. To proceed with this method you should perform the following actions:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to your news feed.
  • The latest stories are the very first at the top of the screen, and you need to click on one of the stories to the left or right of the one you need to peek at it.
  • Assuming you have selected the story to the right of what you want in this example, you must swipe to the right without lifting your finger from the screen. You should see the first image, or the start frame if it’s a video.
  • Drag your finger back to the left to prevent content from taking up the entire screen. In other words, make sure the story you originally uploaded stays on-screen at all times.

Or you can look before archiving. You need to wait until the story is sent to the archive. This is one of the easiest methods available, with one unpleasant moment – you have to wait almost a full 24 hours after publication.

The list of people who have watched Stories doesn’t show up on Instagram 24 hours after it’s posted, which means all you have to do is wait a while. When the 24-hour time limit is almost up, check out the story on the right profile, and if that person isn’t constantly updating their viewer list, you won’t get caught.

Why Do People Watch Stories In Private?

Besides wanting to follow an ex or check on significant others, there are a number of reasons why people need to look another account’s Instagram Stories. For instance, brands and marketers alike conduct nameless research before reaching out to an influencer within a company — and this includes anonymous research on the content of stories. An influencer or a blogger may want to secretly check another account and other people’s stories if they suspect that someone is stealing or copying their content.

Knowing how to browse Instagram Stories secretly is proving to be a useful skill, if only for these reasons. Therefore, we advise you to carefully study all the available options for anonymous displaying of Insta Stories and already be prepared if you need to put them into practice. An obvious conclusion that suggests itself. Not all methods are convenient. Some require the skills of a real spy. If your intentions are pure, just use Inflact to see public account histories privately and for free. With this method, you will definitely not have any problems.