9 Online Dissertation Editing Services For ESL Students

9 Online Dissertation Editing Services For ESL Students

Let’s be honest: writing does not come easily to everyone. Unfortunately, higher education still did not find more advanced means for knowledge evaluation other than essay writing. Even though students complain about making tons of mistakes that negatively affect their overall grade, professors still find writing the most effective.

Needless to say, dissertation writing is even more stressful. A high-quality paper comes difficult for native speakers, let alone ESL students. This type of assignment requires learners to choose the right vocabulary, write in the appropriate style, follow the established structure, and format according to all academic standards.

Obviously, some students get super stressed with such responsibility. However, fortunately, there are some useful dissertation editing services to help you work on your dissertation.

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Essay writing services provide clients with high-quality academic help concerning different writing assignments. Dissertation editing services are on their list, too. Professional writers will look through your paper, fixing all the issues they can find.

They can also make recommendations on how to improve the paper quality. However, such changes will require your approval. For example, they can restructure your paper, add some evidence, improve professional vocabulary, etc.

Pricing for such services is based on the level of academic writing, timeframes, subject, and paper length. Based on this, if you have enough time, you can have your text proofread and edited for as little as $6.5 per page.


If grammar and spelling are your biggest concerns, Grammarly is the best thing to help the problem. This professional software helps writers in different fields to check their texts and make sure they’ve used stylistically appropriate constructions and word combinations.

Grammarly also offers a human proofreader service. You can have a professional opinion of an academic writer on your paper. In addition, a Premium account also allows you to run your text against the advanced plagiarism checker. It is always a good idea.

Pricing is different. Limited grammar and spelling check services are available for free. A Premium account will cost you $30 per month or $140 per year. Human proofreaders’ services are paid separately.


Scribendi is a great platform for English editing and proofreading. You can hire its professionals to conduct academic editing of any type of writing assignment you have. That includes theses and dissertations as well. This service’s reputation is impeccable. Undergraduate and graduate students, administration staff, professional writers, and others use Scribendi to add up to the perfection of their work.

Of course, the price is quite high. For example, the professional editing of a 1,000-word paper within 24 hours will cost you over $40. It is quite expensive for regular course assignments but might be worth it for dissertations.


Wordy is a British company specializing in proofreading, editing, copy-editing, and other similar services. Its staff can quickly proofread your academic paper as well as help businesspeople with a presentation or business letter.

This service has built a reputation as a great content generator and editor. Students and firms around the globe entrust it with its intellectual property, always getting an excellent result.

Pricing for this service is also not cheap. A regular text with 1,000 words will cost you around $40. The sooner you want the paper, the higher the price is.


With all the stigma around online academic services and help, Editage is the service recommended by over 1,600 international scientific journals. It has been recognized that scientists and researchers need a second opinion and professional help to improve their writing.

Editage specializes in editing academic and scientific articles and papers. Students and professors, lecturers, and job seekers are among its clients.

The whole editing process can take up to 4 stages, each of them being paid separately. The regular price for editing a 1,000-word piece reaches $30.


Kibin focuses entirely on proofreading and editing services for students. Thus, they accept everything related to academic writing. You can submit your essay, dissertation, thesis, coursework, research, or exam paper for proofreading to this service.

Professionals working for Kibin edit your paper taking into account word choice, idea flow, and logic. Also, they edit punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure issues.

The cost of such services depends on the deadline. If you need your paper within 24 hours, the price for 1,000 words is around $40.


Wordvice is a service for scholars, researchers, and Masters students who need their academic and scientific papers proofread. It also helps authors and businesspeople with correspondence and professional writing.

Wordvice’s proofreading depends on the paper’s style and structure. The goal is to enhance the readability, clarity, and coherence of a thesis, dissertation, or other writing.

Wordvice’s staff uses a variety of utilities that makes the service more expensive. For example, to proofread a 1,000-word piece within 24 hours will cost you $80. This is two times more expensive than similar services in other companies.


EliteEditing is Australia’s editing service, providing proofreading of Ph.D. papers and other academic documents. It employs writing professionals with degrees in different fields to ensure competency in academic proofreading.

Whether you are a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree student, you’ll have the editor who will rectify mistakes while keeping your voice in the paper. All major edits to the text and its form are only possible with the client’s approval.

The pricing for this service is quite high. You’ll have to pay 130 AUD for review and editing of a 1,000 piece of text.


If you do not want to fail an exam or submit a dissertation you are not sure about, ProofreadingPal is the best service for you. This service has proven its attention to various grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and other issues.

ProofreadingPal offers a two-step proofreading process. You’ll have your work proofread twice before it gets finally submitted to you. No mistake stands a chance with this service.

The price is quite high respectively. For a quick 24-hour proofread, you’ll have to pay from $30 to $100 based on the level of an academic paper and its complexity.