Online Study Tools Every Student Should Know About

Online Study Tools Every Student Should Know About

If you are hunting for the best online tools that you can use as a student, then you are in the perfect spot today. In this short post, we are going to tell you guys all about the top online programs that can help you in studying. In these pandemic times, you must stay well-equipped with modern technology and programs that can accommodate you in the best possible ways. You must know that these online programs that we are going to discuss today are going to assist you to improve your management skills and would also provide you with revision material.

Amazing Online Study Tools For All In 2020

Here are some of the top-notch online study programs that you should be aware of:


This is the first and fantastic online program that you must have knowledge about. This study tool helps students in a variety of different ways including giving them study aids, mind mapping activities, flashcards, stuffy planners, slides, quizzes and much more stuff that you would know about and enjoy once you start using it. You can get access to more than three million education web pages with this program. If you want to ace online studying, then this is the best program for you!


This is another tool for creating fun quizzes for learning. This study tool is a free one that can help you create quizzes, flashcards, multiple-choice-questions and much more using advanced algorithms. This online program is best for all stages of education. From the primary level to the university level, this program can be used by all kinds of students. This online program is particularly best for teachers and instructors who have just started their jobs as a fresher.

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Plagiarism checkers are important for students. The plagiarism checker by Duplichecker can help students check their work for duplication before submission so that they can save themselves from the later troubles. It is a free plagiarism tool so anyone can use this without any restriction. If you need a plagiarism detector that can provide you unlimited services along with detailed reports, then this online tool is the best option for you. This free copyright checker program can also be used by teachers to check assignments.


Whenever you hear about study tools, be sure that you would get the name of Grammarly on the list. Grammarly is a writing assistant tool that can be used by anyone and everyone, including teachers as well. Writing is a process that needs years to master, and it does not come naturally to anyone, so you must practice. Grammarly can give you a little help in checking your content for mistakes of all sorts, including plagiarism checking. This online study app is very useful if English is not your native language!


If you want to keep track of your assignments and overall work, then this is the best platform for you. Management is not a solid point for the majority of us, and that is why we must keep a tracking and management tool in hand. You can easily use this program to ensure that you are starting and finishing your work well in time for submission. You can use this study tool on any of your devices which makes it even handier.


Evernote is a very popular tool in the education world, and this is because of its reliable services. This online platform is best for students who are planning on writing a research paper or thesis. You can make notes and points that you can later use in your work with this application. This online app can also be used by different people and on different devices, so this is a big plus, it is also considered as the perfect platform for group study sessions!

Study Blue

This study tool is also for aiding students in their education problems. Students can solve quizzes and review sheets with this online program. This study tool is among the cleanest one’s available online plus you should understand that this program also has the most simple-to-use interface! According to some reports, this online program caters to more than 350 million users daily.


This is not a study tool per se; it is rather a platform or resource that has aids for different kinds of courses. A student can easily find out about new topics and information about the courses he/she is studying. If you want to get help in improving your knowledge by getting familiar with the content that is not a part of your textbooks, then this is the perfect tool for you!

Some other study tools include Guttenberg, Marinara Timer and plagiarism checker by smallseotools!