The Influence Of Technology On Student Writing Skills

The Influence Of Technology On Student Writing Skills

There is no doubt that we are one hundred percent in the digital age. Our daily lives are completely influenced and, in many ways, dependent on technology. This influence has come to dictate how we communicate.

With email, text messages, social media platforms and online learning, writing skills have never been more important; we no longer chat for hours over the telephone. While the evolution of technology has created this necessity, it has also helped improve it. Here are five ways in which technology influences student writing skills.

Writing And Language Skills Are Broadened

With the wealth of information on spelling and grammar in different languages available on the internet, learning how to write in different languages has become easier.

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Not only has technology enabled students to study in languages that are not their mother tongue, but it has also enabled them to improve their language writing skills in their own language as well. There are many apps and tools available on the internet that will translate material.

If your course work is in English but it is not your home language, you are able to make sure your writing is not getting lost in translation. Understanding the correct grammar and spelling of the language you are writing in is essential to improving your writing skills. Check out more ideas on how to improve writing on online resources or seek help from teachers and batchmates and that will certainly help.

Creativity Is Encouraged And Challenged

With the wealth of references available on the internet, students are exposed to a very wide variety of writing styles. Seeing how different people write not only sparks new ideas on how to approach your own writing, it also challenges your existing writing style.

We tend to fall into comfort zones in everything we do, and the way we write is just another one of them. With written assignments piling up and deadlines looming, it is even easier to fall into a pattern that creates a kind of template that our writing follows.

We find ourselves using similar words and expressions in all our work. Exposure to all different writing styles while doing research on the internet positively influences writing creativity.

New and alternative words and phrases for what we are trying to say become more available. And while you hone your skills on that, go to Canadian Edubirdie. The professional writers there will take care of the writing work for you at affordable rates and provide the best quality.

Reviews Are Collaborative

Anyone who has spent hours on a written assignment or thesis understands how the lines begin to blur and small mistakes and typos can be easily missed. This is when having a fresh pair of eyes available really becomes helpful.

Writing platforms, apps, and online student communities allow for easy access to a proofreader who will pick up the small mistakes and bring a different point of view to the subject matter. When we spend countless hours researching and building our thesis, we naturally become hyper-focused on what we are doing.

A fresh, neutral point of view brings new ideas and thoughts that enlighten our approach and writing. An outside or different perspective can influence our writing and thesis in positive ways and broaden its scope; this allows for the potential to achieve better grades.

More Attention To Detail

When taking advantage of online collaboration and reviews, your work becomes public. When your work is made available to a wider audience from all different walks of life, it becomes even more necessary to pay attention to the finer details.

Words, phrases and context are details that will find themselves under the microscope and so improve the quality of these details. The last thing you want to do with your writing is to offend your proofreader; they will not want to help you.

When setting up a thesis, more attention is taken to the detail of the approach allowing a subjective voice to not be an offensive one. Making sure that your writing is in the correct context also brings more clarity to your thesis keeping your reader engaged.

Time Is Saved

Teaching and learning has fast become an online situation across all levels of education. As a result, the grading of courses and education has become reliant on written assignments. Many students find themselves in situations where they have more assignments to write than they have time to write them in.

On top of this, teachers and professors find themselves overwhelmed with assignments to grade. Online platforms and apps have created a support system that helps students write their assignments in due time, helping both themselves and their teachers.


There is no doubt that technology has had a very big impact and influence on the way students write. The technical age that we live in has pushed education on all levels into a revolution making technology a necessary tool for students. Thankfully the influence it has had on their writing skills is mostly a positive one that has created a learning environment for improvement, collaboration and broader access to information.