Information Security In The Internet Of Things: What Companies Need To Know?

Information Security In The Internet Of Things

IoT has many advantages for businesses, but if not adopted correctly, it can increase network vulnerabilities, opening up gaps for cyberattacks.

The Internet of Things is already present in the corporate environment in several ways, thanks to its advantages that can increase companies’ performance and directly impact their business.

This concept consists of the use of a communications network that enables the integration of various “objects” and the transfer of information in people’s daily lives.

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It allows, through systems, these objects act in sync, collecting data in real time and analyzing it to determine the actions of the devices according to the needs of the moment.

This provides an increase in the productivity of the entire company, since the production line starts to rely on the automation of the machines, which become capable of deciding and executing actions based on established parameters.

In addition, it is capable of making production more efficient and accurate, reducing costs and increasing business profitability. Through all these benefits of the Internet of Things  , companies have an unbeatable competitive edge in the market.

However, for the use of this technology to be successful in organizations, it is necessary that they rethink their business models, infrastructure and take some precautions in relation to security.

Do your customers know how the Internet of Things can affect their data security? Check out the content below and learn all about this subject. Good reading!

Security And Internet Of Things: What Do Companies Need To Know?

When it comes to the Internet of Things, the main issue raised by companies is data security. After all, how to maintain the privacy and security of the information transmitted by IoT devices?

The main objectives of this trend are to increase the level of automation in companies and increase the amount of information available for analysis. However, for this to be possible, IoT systems need to constantly capture user data, involving the collection of private logs.

In addition, there are several ways a cybercriminal can access resources and data from these connected devices. That’s because smart devices are easier for hackers to break into, which makes it easier for sensitive information to leak.

As a consequence of this, any IoT equipment can be a gateway to cyber threats. In this way, the corporate network itself becomes vulnerable, as everything is connected to it.

Therefore, companies need to prepare to deal with this problem. For this, it is important to know the main threats related to the use of the Internet of Things. Follow:

Key Factors Affecting Iot Security

1. Weak passwords

It is crucial to be extra careful with the passwords on these devices, as they are all connected to a single interface. Therefore, a single device can jeopardize the privacy and security of all data.

In addition, many users use the factory default settings, leaving the corporate network ports open.

2. Insecurity in access interfaces

One of the main security issues surrounding the IoT is the problem of access interfaces. Several hackers have already invaded and continue to invade smart devices easily to steal information.

3. Data theft and loss of privacy

Many companies still do not properly configure their machines connected to the Internet of Things. In this way, the systems do not have well-defined access rules.

All this unpreparedness facilitates the invasion of hackers and easy visualization of internal data.

4. Lack of management

Managing IoT devices is more important than ever. However, many corporations do not have control over all devices connected to their network.

Without this tracking, there is no management of updates, of the organization’s assets, systems and resources, which puts all information at risk.

5. Insecure network

As all IoT devices are interconnected and connected to the organization’s network, internet security is critical.

When the company does not have control over the devices connected to its network, neither performs an efficient management of its network or uses protection solutions, such as firewalls, the entry of hackers becomes easier.

So How Do You Keep Your Iot Infrastructure Secure?

Despite all the risks, when adopted in a planned and correct way, this technology is capable of providing many benefits to the business. Therefore, it is necessary to take some measures to keep this infrastructure secure:

  • use of complex passwords;
  • constant monitoring of the network in search of failures and threats;
  • adoption of more secure norms and standards to protect the wireless network;
  • isolation of IoT equipment in a hidden Wifi network;
  • constantly updating the firmware of each device;
  • implementation of state-of -the-art firewall systems ;
  • definition of access rules to control the devices;
  • adoption of data encryption to ensure information security.

Now that you know the main security issues surrounding the Internet of Things, you can help your customers avoid them to keep their corporate data safe. By combining this with these measures, your customers will proactively act towards a conscious use of this technology. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of all its benefits for business growth.