How Can We Stand Together To Beat Coronavirus

How Can We Stand Together To Beat Coronavirus

As you’re reading this, there are 36.9 million cases of coronavirus and 1.07 million deaths worldwide. Imagine the lives that have been cut short in such a time.

Unfortunately, the war against the coronavirus isn’t over yet. No known drugs or vaccine can eliminate the virus. The truth is developing a viable medicine for the COVID-19 would take time, given the complexity of the virus. However, as we wait, we need to work together.

There’s a power extraordinary when people unite. Take Israel and the Gaza strip, for instance. The once never-ending tension has been calm. The world has realized that we have one common enemy, which is the novel coronavirus.

So how can we stand together to beat the coronavirus?

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1. Encourage People To Go For Testing.

The coronavirus is transmissible. It can move from one person to the other. That’s how it flourishes and has been the case since it went on the loose. The virus can also spread from humans to animals, and vice versa.

Though the virus is deadly, getting tested earlier can improve your chances of overcoming it.

So, let’s stand together and work together. If you have any symptom that suggests you have the virus, submit yourself for testing, immediately.

The sooner you get tested, the better. And when you’re being treated, follow the procedures laid down by the health workers. Allow them to do their job to full capacity.

We can all help fight against the coronavirus successfully if we start encouraging our friends, neighbors, and relatives to submit themselves for testing. Let them know that their refusal to get tested is putting their lives and the lives of others in danger. Do not cover for anyone.

2. Quarantine Yourself If You’re Feeling Sick

The most common signs of the coronavirus are tiredness, dry cough, and fever. Less common symptoms are sore throat, headache, loss of taste and smell; ache, pains, rash on one’s skin, and so on.

Other ailments could be responsible for these symptoms. But if we are serious about defeating the coronavirus, then we mustn’t leave any stone unturned. Get tested as soon as you notice these symptoms and alert those you have encountered to do the same.

There’s no need trying to convince yourself that you’re not carrying the virus. The only way to save your life and others around you is to get tested or treated before things get out of hand.

If you have been in close contact with a sick person who shows symptoms of the virus, consider isolating yourself for the time being. If you show no sign after the isolation period, you can get back to your normal life.

3. Educate Those Around You About The Virus

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost every country. It has also affected every facet of our lives, such as education, entertainment, politics, career, etc.

Many people have contracted and are spreading the virus because of ignorance. Others are claiming the coronavirus isn’t real. And some are even self-medicating. They’re not aware of how deadly the virus is and how badly they need medical specialists’ help.

But if we can come together to spread information about the virus via various platforms and to the people around us, they’ll be better informed. We can defeat the virus by creating more awareness about the virus via our social media accounts.

Spread information about the virus to online groups, including your contacts. Let them know the latest report from the WHO (World Health Organization) regarding the virus.

On the other hand, parents need to educate their children about the virus. Let’s not assume they know it all. Feed them with the latest information about the novel virus and safety measures they need to take to avoid being infected.

Children need to understand that older people are more vulnerable to the coronavirus. The survival rate for the elderly and those with underlying health issues is low. Therefore, parents need to make their children understand that they’re keeping their families safe, particularly the elderly, by following safety measures.

This fight is not a fight for the government or NHS alone. Everyone is a target. So the battle to eliminate the coronavirus concerns everyone, including children.

We also need to promote the right information, not create panic or give false information to mislead people.

4. Encourage People To Wash Their Hands Regularly

Experts have been furnishing us with a series of tips on how to beat the virus. And one simple and cheap way is hand-washing done for at least 20 seconds. The CDC has been more vocal about the importance of hand-washing ever since the virus went on the loose.

Washing of hands is necessary to defeat this novel virus. That’s because you can’t control who and what you touch. You also can’t dictate the people that will handle it too.

Hand-washing with soap and water is an extremely powerful weapon against germs, including the coronavirus. Let’s not forget that the virus is enclosed in a liquid envelop, a fat layer. What soap does is tear the layer apart, making the virus powerless and unable to infect anyone.

However, despite experts emphasizing the need for regular hand-washing, most people haven’t been doing it satisfactorily. Most businesses place hand sanitizers at the entrance point. But still, many people fail to use them.

If we want to win the war against the coronavirus, hand-washing should be a top priority. We need to wash our hands the right way and do so regularly. It shouldn’t be what hygiene researchers call “splash and dash.”

According to experts, liquid soap is more powerful than foam soap for hand-washing. A 2017 study comparing liquid to foam soap showed that the former did better at removing bacteria from people’s hands than the latter.

Now the question is, when should we wash our hands?

  • After using the bathroom – Whether you went into the bathroom to help your child, pick up something, defecate or urinate, make it a habit to wash both hands thoroughly.
  • After sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose.
  • After touching pet treats or their foods.
  • Before and after you finish attending to any sick person.
  • Before eating.
  • Before or after treating any cut or wound, regardless of how severe they are.

The CDC has given us a long list of when and how we should wash our hands. So it’s left for us to do the needful to win the war against the coronavirus. We need to stand together in this.

If we all take hand-washing seriously, the number of daily infections will reduce. And by so doing, our frontline workers won’t be overwhelmed by the high number of people in need of medical attention. And gradually, we’ll be able to eliminate the virus.

What should you do if you can’t wash your hands regularly? Use your hand sanitizer. Hand-washing aims to kill germs, including coronavirus. And being a lipid membrane virus, alcohol-based hand sanitizers eliminates the coronavirus. Just ensure the alcohol in your hand sanitizer is at least 62 percent.

We should also make an effort not only to dry our hands after washing. Don’t open the bathroom door with your bare hands. Disinfect dirty services, such as your phone’s touchscreen, remote control, computer keyboard, door handle, and so on.

5. Keep Reminding People Of The Need To Obey Lockdown Orders

Whether local or regional, lockdown enforced by the authorities is not a form of punishment. It’s a measure to save lives. The total lockdown order helps to prevent the spread of the virus. And the good part is the order won’t last forever.

But most people have been violating the lockdown rules, encouraging the spread of the disease.

We cannot continue like this. We cannot continue to break lockdown orders and endanger others’ lives, including our frontline workers. Many of our frontline workers have lost their lives, trying to save others. But we can save them by staying at home.

We all want to reopen our shops as soon as possible, start our jobs, or kick-start that brand new project. But as things stand, we have to be patient. Until the coronavirus is eliminated from the surface of the earth, until the last person gets free from the virus, we must keep fighting.

Your obedience to the lockdown orders is paramount in the fight against the coronavirus. We should also encourage and talk to the people around us to obey lockdown orders. Remember, it’s not a fight for the government alone. It concerns every single one of us.

6. Encourage People To Use Their Medical Masks.

Many people have wrong information about wearing medical masks, including how to use one. Some claim it can cause suffocation and endanger their lives.

Medical masks are designed to prevent airborne contaminants from passing through our nostrils to our bodies. They can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

So, medical masks are not going to suffocate anyone. They can even help you prevent these airborne disease-causing agents, which your eyes can’t see.

You have to understand how and when to use medical masks. The WHO has provided numerous tips on using medical masks, which we must remind people to abide by. Here are some of the instructions:

  • Wash your hands before touching the nose mask. Remember, it’s safe to wash with liquid soap and running water for 20 seconds or more.
  • Inspect your mask for holes or damages. If there are holes, get another mask.
  • When wearing your mask, ensure the colored side is facing outward.
  • Never touch the mask and remove it from behind.
  • Discard the mask immediately after use.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after discarding the mask.

We should all make an effort to abide by these tips from experts to reduce the virus’s spread. If you also find others wearing their masks the wrong way, correct them. Remember, we are a team, and teams work together to achieve their goals. Our goal as a people and as a country is to put an end to the coronavirus.

7. Observe Social Distancing Rules.

Keep a distance of 1 meter from other people. That’s one of the social distancing rules. What’s the aim? It’s to lower the spread of the virus.

The restrictions also affect places where people gather socially. These include pubs, restaurants, and religious centers.

Those who flaunt social distancing rules get fine or other punishment from the authorities. But keep in mind that besides the fine, you’re aiding the spread of the virus.

We need to stand together and work with local authorities. Let’s play our part by obeying social distancing rules. If we can abide by the rules, the virus would be gone in no time.

But if we continue to disobey, we may witness a surge in the number of infected persons, whether young or old.

The lockdown may have been eased in many parts of the world. But that doesn’t imply that the virus is no longer deadly or infectious. The virus is still as deadly as before. So let’s be guided. Even if the lockdown is eased, we cannot get too carried away. Observe social distance, wash your hands, use a medical mask, and submit yourself for testing.

8. Mobilize Individuals To Contribute To WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic made each one of us realize one thing; that we are all global citizens. Therefore, we must work together to put an end to the virus.

With adequate funding, researchers can speed up their research to provide a possible cure or vaccine. Funding will also help in the fight against the pandemic, from various angles.

So, let’s donate to the Solidarity Response Funds. Nothing is too small. According to the WHO, the fund will be used to finance the organization’s work across all countries. These include handling cases, tracking and understanding the novel virus’s spread, ensuring patients receive proper care, providing the needed medical supplies and information to frontline workers, and more.

The contribution is for everyone. These include individuals, foundations, and corporations around the globe. So, you can contribute and encourage others to do the same thing.

9. Volunteer For COVID-19 Support Initiatives 

We can also stand together to fight the coronavirus by making ourselves available for various COVID-19 support initiatives.

Look around you. Are there quarantine centers that need support? Make yourself available. That’s one of the ways to lend a hand in the fight against the coronavirus.

Your duty won’t be to treat patients. It’s to provide the necessary supplies to those in quarantine centers, who’re not allowed to go out.

10. Offer Free Training To Equip People With Work-At-Home Skills.

The pandemic has cost many breadwinners their means of livelihood. Most companies have shut down operations completely.

However, there are online jobs people can do at home to earn money to take care of their families. It’s just unfortunate that many don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge of these opportunities.

Some of the skills include web design, graphic design, data entry, cybersecurity, mobile application, and more. So, if you possess sound knowledge on any of these digital skills, which can help people earn a living working online, you shouldn’t hesitate to teach them.

By so doing, you’ll not only be helping the trainees. Working from home can help limit the spread of the virus.


We all want the coronavirus to end, which is possible. But if we don’t work together, it will be more challenging to achieve victory over the virus. Everyone has a part to play, whether adults or children.

This post highlights ways we can come together to fight the coronavirus virus. Hopefully, we will take the fight more seriously and put an end to the COVID-19.

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