Can Drug Test Detect Gender? Things You Should Read

Can Drug Test Detect Gender

Wait a minute; can a drug test detect gender? I mean, is it possible? This question keeps popping up now and then. Well, you can read to figure out the answer and other things you need to know about drug tests. But first, remember it’s a significant test that can determine one’s chances of securing a job or participate in a sporting event.

Now here is the answer to the question, can drug test detect gender?

Yes, the drug test can detect gender. So, before you play a fast one on your employers, keep that in mind. The only thing is that most companies might don’t buy the idea of conducting a gender-based test because it’s more expensive. If non-gender based drug test cost $20, then a gender-based analysis would cost double that amount. Also, the urine test is one of the commonly done drug tests because it is more cost-effective and quicker. There is also a difference between male and female urine.

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So now you have just read that gender-based drug tests can be conducted. Don’t you want to know why and how? If yes, then read further, I covered more topics on drug testing. Read to know more!

What Does Drug Test Mean?

The layman view of drug test would be a system used to evaluate the potency of drugs before releasing them. And yes, tests like that are conducted by pharmaceutical companies before releasing their medications to the public.

But I am not talking about that type of drug test here. Instead, I am referring to tests conducted to know if there are certain drugs in one’s system. And this type of drug test can be done by any organization or body.

An employer may like to know the legal and illegal drugs one takes before hiring. Companies are careful these drugs because hiring someone who is a drug addict can negatively affect their business in the long run.

So the drug test is essential. And just so you know, various kinds of tests can be conducted.

How Drug Test Differs Based On Gender

If you are a sports enthusiast, you will know or must have heard about the importance of drug tests in sports. Sports bodies use it to determine traces of performance enhancers or illegal drugs consumed by athletes.

Now the most uncomplicated and frequently done test is the urine drug test. The urine test is budget-friendly and easy to collect samples.

But keep in mind that the sex of patients can be determined from the urine sample.

However, no test can determine the sex of the individual directly, not even the urine test. Lab technicians can only detect the gender of an individual via various means which includes the presence of foreign materials and the level of the trace hormone the urine sample contains.

Here Is The Difference Between A Man And A Woman Urine Sample

The urine of women has the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. It’s a hormone that the female folks secrets during pregnancy. Women can also conduct pregnancy tests at home courtesy of this hormone.

Another thing that differentiates a female from male urine is the presence of red blood cells. When a woman is in her period, there would be traces of red blood cells in her urine sample. So this can help to determine the sex of the test taker.

Now let’s turn to men. Men’s muscle mass is higher than that of women. And as a consequence, there could be a higher amount of creatinine present in the urine.

Again, sperm or residual pre-ejaculate can make its way from the urethra into the urine. So, seeing traces of sperm in the urine sample will be a good indication that the specimen in question belongs to a male.

So, sex hormones, blood, reproductive cells and pH help to determine the gender of the test taker.

Can I Use A Urine Sample From A Different Gender To Pass My Drug Test?

Can I Use A Urine Sample From A Different Gender To Pass My Drug Test

Well, the truth is that the urine of male and female is the same to the naked eye. You won’t be able to differentiate both by color, or merely looking at the urine.

But I will say yes. You can use the use of the urine sample collected from another gender to pass a urine test. However, some doctors and lab technicians are smarter than you think. They may monitor you while you place the sample in a container.

In such cases, you might not be able to present different urine. Otherwise, you will be able to use a sample from the opposite sex.

You should also remember that there are notable differences between male and female urine. And as a consequence, any company that suspects an irregularity in one’s test result might ask for a gender-based test.

It’s still a rare case because the cost of conducting lab tests from a urine sample to determine gender is expensive. Many companies might not want to spend that much on the test alone.

How Drug Test Is Carried Out: Things That You Should Know

How Drug Test Is Carried Out Things That You Should Know

Before I discuss how these tests are done, I will like to state that there are diverse samples can be collected and used for these tests.

Samples collected and used for drug tests:

  • Saliva
  • Hair
  • Blood
  • urine
  • Fingernails

So, these are the samples through which drugs tests are done. You visit a lab, and a sample will be taken for examination.

In the case of a fingernail, a little sample of one’s nails is cut off. The same thing is done to the hair. Blood taken for analysis is gotten via one’s arm or hand.

However, I know you already know how the urine is collected and used for analysis. You may be asked to turn in your first urine for the day; particularly the urine one has in the morning.

But in most cases, the technician or nurse handling the process might ask you to urinate there, instead of bringing urine collected from home. The reason they do this is to ensure it’s your urine and not someone else’s.

What Are The Similarities Between The Different Types Of Drug Testing Done?

Well, as you can see, samples of the fingernail, blood, or whatever is being analyzed is taken from the person. Now the sample can be a strand of hair, urine collected in a container, blood obtained via a syringe, as the case may be.

The similarity between all the drug testing processes is that a lab analysis must be carried out to determine the result. When your sample is sent to the laboratory, a technician will run a test on it based on the parameters you wish to identify.

Why Are Drug Tests Conducted Around The Globe?

You might be wondering why drug tests are essential. Well, the truth is that it has several benefits which cannot be overlooked.

Many companies have the habit of conducting drug tests before hiring. Some also do it randomly, at any given time. The reason is to identify employees who are abusing drugs. Knowing beforehand can help to prevent a disaster that might happen at any given time.

A drug test can also be done to monitor how an individual is complying with a drug rehabilitation program. It can also help medical doctors determine the kind of drug one is using or in one’s system to avoid drug interaction.

For the legal purpose, a drug test can help prosecutors during a case of drug abuse in the court of law.

What Can Drug Tests Detect?

Everything related to drugs, if I may say. These tests can help detect legal and illegal drug when conducted. It can also help to indicate alcohol.

Below are some of the substances that drug tests can detect.

  • Cocaine
  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Methadone
  • Antidepressants
  • Amphetamines
  • Hydromorphone
  • Propoxyphene
  • Phencyclidine
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Phencyclidine
  • Marijuana (illegal in most countries)

Can I Conduct A Drug Test At Home?

The answer is yes; you can conduct a drug test in the comfort of your home. There are numerous kits for that. But the major concern most people have about using the various instruments is accuracy.

The result these kits produce varies from one to another. It might also be different from the lab result. The result from the laboratory might be positive to certain drugs while that of the drug test kits might be negative. That’s what happens most of the time.


So, can drug test detect gender?The answer is yes. But like I said, it’s not that the test itself can identify the gender that owns the urine sample. The only way it can determine the gender is from the foreign materials present in the urine sample. These include pH, hormone, and reproductive cells. Also, keep in mind that the gender-based test is more expensive than an ordinary test conducted to detect the presence of an illegal or legal substance in one’s system. And that’s why most companies don’t bother going that far.

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