How To Keep Urine Warm For Drug Test

How To Keep Urine Warm For Drug Test

With the seeming compulsion of carrying out urine tests in many organizations, if you are looking to maintain your privacy, then you must give your urine samples at the right temperature. The reason for this is that your urine has to be at the right temperature before it can be adjudged as fake or real. Having this at the back of your mind, you must be mindful of how to keep your urine warm. The steps are pretty straightforward and if followed the right way should save you a lot of stress and embarrassment.

How can I keep my urine warm for a drug test?

For your urine to be warm for a drug test, the first approach to adopt would be to ensure that the urine remains in your bladder till the point where you have to discharge the same into the vessel approved for testing. In the case of exogenously sourced urine, you may place it on the tops of the heater vent in your vehicle while embarking on the journey to the outpatient treatment program. You may also consider storing it between your junk while wearing tight underwear. However, if you are looking to urinate to get a clean result for your parole or probation officer, you will have to rethink a lot of things. It would be better for you to abstain from the use of anything incriminating in the process.

Tricks That May Help Keep Your Urine Warm

One notable feature of synthetic urine is the fact that it has to be kept warm at all times. If this is not the case, it will not pass the test. This is why you need to know the various ways to keep your urine at the right temperature for the test. Here are a few tips that should help you out:

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1. Home microwaves

One of the most straightforward ways of keeping your urine warm for a test is by simply using a microwave. Ensure that you place it inside for about 10 seconds while also ensuring that you double-check the temperature by using a temperature strip.

2. Buy hand warmers

Hand warmers have proven to be another solid way for you to keep your urine warm for a drug test. They usually come in the form of small packets and are disposable. They usually emit heat for between an hour and ten hours. You should be able to easily access them from any nearby departmental store. To use these hand warmers, you will have to wrap them around the container that has the synthetic urine. It is advisable that before you go for the test that it is the temperature you desire.

3. Body heat

One other notable way to keep the urine warm is by using your body heat. This is especially so because the temperature of the body is often ideal.

One ideal way to keep your urine warm for urinalysis is to make use of a test clear urinator kit. To do this, you will need to use a sealed plastic bag to keep the urine stored before the screening begins. You must keep the sealed bag close to your body. Usually, your thigh is highly recommended in this regard. Ensure that the bag is kept close to your body to ensure that your body heat can be able to balance the existing temperature.

Furthermore, the normal temperature of the body is around 37 degrees and this is not much different from the samples available. Some people are able to access artificial urine, and this has to be stored inside a refrigerator.

What Is The Idea Behind A Urine Drug Test?

Urine drug tests are without doubt one of the worst nightmares of people who must have consumed some measure of drugs in time past. The main reason why they fail during such a test is the temperature of the urine and this is why many opt for synthetic urine. This urine may also be different from the temperature range of the original drug-free urine sample.

It should be noted that some analysis ought to be analyzed during a urine drug test. They include the following:

  • The ideal temperature for drug-free urine should measure around thirty-seven-degree Celcius or the urine test will turn out to be unsuccessful during the analysis and the drug traces may present some rather dangerous results. Hence, the use of urine warmer may be useful in passing the drug test.
  • It is expected that the analyst would test the range of the temperature of your urine during the initial four minutes of submitting the sample. Also, your urine sample ought to be kept in a refrigerator if you have no intention of submitting the same immediately.

What are the processes involved in urinalysis

  • It is important to note that urine can alter its temperature based on the environment within the surrounding place. This is why you should do all you can to regulate the temperature using whatever means.
  • Also, urine samples may be damaged or change color if it is kept in an environment where the temperature is cooling. it should be noted that temperature often plays a huge role during the process of urinalysis and this is why it has to be properly regulated to get the desired result.

Understanding the dynamics of urine warmers

It should be noted that screening tests more often than not do not involve the validity of a sample. What this simply means is that the testing staff may confirm the result of the test using the temperature with a view to countermeasure the originality or otherwise of the given sample. Ideally, a normal human being should have a balanced urine temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius or it will be considered as having being substituted.

The primary purpose of maintaining the warmth of the synthetic urine is so that it can match the body temperature range. Urine warmer heating pads are designed in such a way as to maintain the urine at a certain temperature.

To get this done, here are a few steps you should consider the following:

  • Ensure that you open the urine warmer heating pads and get them shaken thoroughly for about fifteen seconds. You may opt to stop by the time the chemical is mixed and the chemical formula within it begins to release heat via the heating process which is regulated while manufacturing. You may also opt to stop shaking the warmer the moment they have maintained a temperature of between 96 and 98 degrees. Usually, the standard temperature gets maintained when it is attached to the urine sample using the provided rubber band.

You should be able to attain a constant heat of the desired temperature for up to ten hours the moment the pads get activated. Also, it is important that remove the heating pads if you reside in a warmer climate even as the pads may become overheated.  Ensure that you keep the pads very close to your body if you find yourself in a cooler climate.

However, heating pads aren’t the only option for keeping your urine warm for a drug test; there are plenty of other methods. For example, you can use a thermal activator powder to immediately bring your urine to a correct temperature moments before testing. As such, thermal activator powders eliminate the need for heating pads but can overheat your urine if not used correctly. To prevent that from happening, educate yourself on how do you keep urine at body temp for a drug test by reading this article.

How Quickly Does Urine Cool?

Once the urine leaves the human body, it would drop to a temperature between 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celsius. Usually, the first thing which gets tested during a urine drug test is its temperature. One thing you should never forget is that it is better for the urine to be too hot rather than being too cold. But if the temperature has become too hot, you will have to shake it and allow the air in it to become cool.

It is also important to note that there aren’t too many factors that may help prove that the urine sample provided is not real. However, the urine temperature can easily reveal that hence the need to ensure that the sample being provided is the right temperature.

How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Human System?

As many as the drugs out there are the same way the length of time they spend in our system is. What this means is that each drug will last in your body for different times after you consume them. Also, the time it takes your body to eliminate certain drugs from it depends on several factors that are beyond the type of drug being used. These factors include age, dose, presence of other drugs in your body, weight, sex, and others. Due to this reason, two people may take the same drug and have different experiences.

Take Home

Keeping urine warm for drug tests is simply non-negotiable. This is why you must ensure to deploy all efforts and resources to ensure this is the case. As we have explained in this article, the major determinant factor of the success or otherwise of your urine test lies in the temperature of the urine.

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