What Is Online Notary?

What Is Online Notary

With the development of digital technology and the transition to the virtual world, traditional methods of notarizing documents are becoming less and less relevant. In this new age, an online notary has been confidently stepping in to replace the old practices and offering convenience and accessibility. It is due to these advantages that the new method has gained a lot of customers. Furthermore, their number is growing day by day.  

A notary is a legally qualified professional who is able to ensure the authenticity and validity of documents for individuals and business entities in any field of activity. He or she certifies signatures, contracts, powers of attorney, wills, and other types of documents, ensuring their legality. Online notary services, also known as Remote Online Notarization (RON), represent an innovative approach that makes it possible to carry out the relevant procedures via the Internet. Now the specialist and the client can be located at different ends of the earth but still carry out the certification of documents in real time using audio and video communication.

How Documents Are Certified Online

The process is fairly straightforward and involves the following steps:

  • There are several remote online notary platforms that offer RON services. The customer selects the most appropriate service among these providers.
  • The customer requiring the service and the notary sign up for a session during which the notarization service will be provided.
  • To ensure security, each participant undergoes an authentication process to verify their identity.
  • The notary verifies the documents and signatures of the participants in real time, certifying their authenticity.
  • At the end of the session, clients receive notarized documents as well as a recording of the process for future reference.

It should be noted that the use of new technological tools for notarization procedures has caused some confusion and different notarization methods such as IPEN, RON, and RIN may exist in different states in the United States. 

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Each has its unique features and requirements for document formatting and client authentication:

  1. During a traditional document certification procedure, the person must be identified by the following methods: they must be known to the notary in person or provide identification (such as a driver’s license) or have one or more credible witnesses who know the signatory and can verify their identity in accordance with the notary laws of their state.
  2. When it comes to the remote procedure, the requirements for the identification of signatories are more stringent. In this case, signatories must be identified using at least two methods of identity verification applicable to the remote environment. For example, this may include knowledge-based authentication (KBA), where the signatory needs to correctly answer questions regarding his or her financial history as well as biography. Another method is analytics, which verifies the authenticity of the provided credential using an automated process. Remote document display is also possible, where the signatory shows the notary his or her ID card on camera so that the notary can read the information, and verify the biometric data, or the certificate’s public key.
  3. With respect to remote notarization with ink (RIN), the identification of the signatory is accomplished in accordance with procedures established by the state. Examples may include the notary’s personal knowledge of the signatory, a remote demonstration of an identification document to the notary, or an oath/affirmation by a credible witness involved in the RIN process.

Nevertheless, the services of an online notary in USA enjoy great popularity and have several significant advantages:

  • You can obtain a notarized document anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. This is particularly useful when physical presence is not possible or when you need the service in a different geographical area.
  • Online notarization helps avoid time delays associated with finding the nearest notary and waiting in line.
  • All sessions are recorded and can be used as evidence in the future. This is very convenient as you can store the recording in a secure location in a cloud-based storage or download it to your device and use it as needed.

Online notaries offer a modern and convenient solution to ensure the authenticity of your documents in the digital age. They make the notarization process more accessible and easy for everyone while maintaining a high level of security and legal compliance.

Using Pandanotary To Access Notary Services Remotely

Today, in the era of digital technology and online communication, obtaining notary services can be much more convenient and accessible than ever before. There are many services that support a remote way of authenticating documents. One such platform is PandaNotary. This product was developed on the PandaDoc cloud service, which is one of the most popular cloud resources for working with documents of various types. The developers have thoroughly prepared for the launch of the new add-on and made the process as fast and convenient as possible for each of the parties involved.

This tool gives users a unique opportunity to meet experienced notaries and have their documents notarized without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices. All it takes is internet access and a device with a camera.

The advantages of using PandaNotary include the following:

  • Forget about long trips to notaries and waiting in their offices. With PandaNotary, getting notary services is easier and faster than ever before.
  • The developers have paid great attention to the protection of confidential information. PandaNotary provides the highest level of security for your documents and data.
  • You can get a notary certificate of authenticity from anywhere in the world. 
  • With PandaNotary, you save time and money that could have been spent traveling and waiting. You no longer have to interrupt your workday or weekend getaway to obtain notary services.

Using PandaNotary is an innovative and efficient way to certify your documents. Don’t waste your time and energy on traditional methods when you can quickly and conveniently certify your documents with a few clicks.