Does Plucking Hair Grow Back?

Does Plucking Hair Grow Back

When it comes to hair issues, plucking and shaving are two of the most discussed topics. You will find questions like, “does plucking hair grow back?” However, every discussion about human hair is important. That’s because we cannot do without hair on our skin. There’s hardly anyone on earth that doesn’t have a single hair on his or her skin.

So, Does Plucking Hair Grow Back? Here Is What You Should Know. 

The answer is, yes! Plucking hair grows back. Tweezing, when done correctly, can last around 6 weeks. It also depends on the rate at which your hair grows. But usually, hair grows back within 2 to 6 weeks after plucking. So, don’t think your hair won’t grow back because you have it plucked from its root. It will only take time, but the hair will regrow.

That’s the answer to the question. But there is more information for you on this topic. So, read further!

Does Plucked Hair Ever Look The Same When It Grows Back?

Does Plucked Hair Ever Look The Same When It Grows Back

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I know many people will be interested in this question. Those who are thinking about tweezing may change their minds after reading this.

The thing is hair plucking has its pros and cons. So, you should check them before doing it.

However, I have heard people say different things about hair plucking. Some are true, and some aren’t. Let me state them and clear the air;

Most people say hair plucking can destroy the follicle of one’s hair. And yes, they are not far from the truth.

Some people also believe that hair plucking causes hair to regrow and look thicker. They claim it gives way for a thicker and more beautiful hair to regrow on the same spot.

Well, that’s not always the case. Whenever you pluck your hair, don’t always expect it to regrow looking thicker. But it does in most people. When your hair breaks when plucked, it can regrow looking thicker. But repeated hair plucking can even weaken or damage your hair follicle.

After waxing or plucking your hair for years, it may start looking differently. In other words, your hair will become finer and even regrow less thickly. But let’s not forget that we humans differ. Not everyone will experience this.

Pulling Facial Hair: Things You Need To Know

Hair growing on one’s face is common among men and women. But it is more in some. You won’t even find them on most people. That’s how it is.

Again, there are diverse hair removal methods available. The majority of them are simple and don’t cost a fortune.

You might also be wondering if permanent hair removal is possible. Well, it is. But your hair can grow back within specific periods, even when plucked. But electrolysis method can remove the hair permanently. It can permanently remove very blonde and white hair.

I will also like to add that most people with excess facial hair need to visit a doctor. They need to be checked because their condition could be a medical problem.

Unwanted Hair: Reasons You Have Them In Abundance

As I earlier said, facial hair is typical in men and women, race, and color. Men and women of color can develop them. That’s what I mean. But in most females, it’s not that obvious. You will also find them looking finer.

However, it is different in most women. You will find naturally thicker and darker hair on their chin or upper lip.

Now I would like you to know that there are medical conditions that can give rise to this problem. They cause facial hair to grow. And even when you pluck the hair down, it regrows within the shortest period.

Another thing that can cause people, particularly females, to develop facial hair is the use of certain medications.

Examples of medications that can cause facial hair to grow in unwanted places in women are;

  • DHEA
  • Testosterone
  • Anabolic steroids.
  • Danazol (Danocrine)
  • Glucocorticoids 
  • Minoxidil
  • Cyclosporine 

So, with constant use of these drugs, a woman can develop hair in unwanted areas of her body.

And as I also said earlier, you will find women with finer hair on areas above the lip, and even on the chin, abdomens, chests, or backs. These hairs are not that visible. So, most women who have these kinds of hairs don’t bother plucking them out.

But some women have coarser and thicker hairs growing in these areas. They look similar to what men have. However, the phenomenon is called “hirsutism” 

Hormones can also cause hair to grow in unwanted places in women. I mean areas like the chin, above the lip, back, chest. The thing is women produce androgens; I mean a low amount of it. And as you already know, androgens are male hormones.

But hear this. As a woman, if your body produces an excess amount of androgen, then hair may start growing in unwanted places.

Family history may also be another factor. If it runs in the family, then you may likely have it.

Facial Hair Removal Methods: What You Need To Know

It is essential for spa-goers and those seeking to get rid of unwanted hair to know the various processes involved. There are many ways you can get rid of unwanted hair. But I will also like to tell you that these processes have their pros and cons. Allow me to throw more light on this topic.

Waxing method:

Waxing stands as the most commonly used hair removal process. Here, the hair follicle, and I mean all of it, is pulled from its root via a heated wax. The spa professional or whoever is handling the process applies the heated wax directly where there’s unwanted hair.

It can be applied on your face, back, chest, and more. That is the pros of this method. What I mean is that it can be used on most parts of one’s body.

Another advantage of the waxing method is that it is safe and considered effective. And because it plucks the hair straight from its root, it sometimes takes longer for the hair to regrow.

Waxing can also help to get rid of stubborn and shorter hairs. That’s another advantage of this method.

However, the common problem with the waxing method is that it can break one’s hair off, thus, making it difficult to eradicate the hair. Again, one’s hair needs to grow to at least half-inch long before this method will be useful.

Tweezing method:

Here is another popular hair removal method. It’s called tweezers. And as the name implies, a tweezer is deployed to remove individual hair. In other words, hair is removed one by one.

Now the advantage of this method is that people use it often to shape their eyebrows. It helps get rid of any stray hair from the body and face.

But there are things about tweezing that I don’t like. First, the process is quite painful. Secondly, it is quite slow. Also, the infection can set in when one doesn’t sterilize the tweezers properly.

Electrolysis method:

Here is another technique that many people prefer. The reason is that it can be very effective. The method involves using a device that has a probe or a very fine needle.

Now, this probe or fine needle is inserted straight into one’s hair follicle. And it can be done on the body or face. It uses heat to destroy where the hair grows from.

So that’s how the electrolysis method works. And the good about this method is that removed hair can take a long time to regrow. In short, it can even remove the hairs permanently.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages to using this method. The first is that it takes too much time. Secondly, it is quite expensive compared to other hair removal methods.

Also, you need a spa professional for this method. It has to be someone who has proper training and experience. The reason is that if not correctly done, the electrolysis method can cause skin discoloration.

Laser hair removal method:

Here a laser is used to destroy one’s hair follicle. So it is a method that can prevent future growth.

The laser hair removal method is ideal for those who have darker hair and lighter skin tones. And I have a special likeness for the latest set of lasers professionals use. These lasers use smarter technology and protect one’s skin from getting damaged. They do so with the help of well-built cooling devices that comes with the lasers.

But the thing is this method is quite costly. It’s not for individuals on a tight budget. Again, it is also time-consuming. So, if you don’t have enough time to spare, you better not think of having laser hair removal treatment.

Wrapping It Up

So, now you know the answer to the question, “Does plucking hair grow back?” Well, the answer is yes. Plucking hair regrows after some time. So, if you have mistakenly had your hair plucked, you don’t have to worry. In no time, it will start regrowing. However, if you are thinking of having your unwanted hair removed, you can choose any hair removal method you feel is ideal for your budget, time, hair type, and skin.

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