What Color Nails Do Guys Like? A Guide To Nails And Men

What Color Nails Do Guys Like

Being a lady is not easy, and there is a lot you have to consider when getting ready. You might go your way and do what you like, and in most cases, this is the best decision you can make, but sometimes you will have to switch it up a little.

You may have to add some acrylic nails or change the color of your nails to attract guys since being single can get frustrating at times. 

Even if you aren’t single, it is often a good idea to stay pretty for your man so let us help you figure out how you can do this;

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What color nails do guys like?

This is not a straightforward question, and the answer is subjective, depending on the man. In general, men adore colored nail polish on ladies, but often, too much of it is a turnoff. Spearmint and other shades of green are an excellent place to start to attract guys. 

Other vibrant colors like Ruby red, yellow, crimson, magenta, and natural shades are also attractive. Men are relatively easy to please generally, so try a color that compliments your look and character.

Basic Nail Hacks You need To Know

Most girls are becoming independent and investing in their beauty by themselves. This means they do their nails, hair, and other beauty projects without help. As such, you need guidance to help you do this without harming yourself so let us get into it;

1. Don’t use cuticle nippers on your nails

You can use cuticle cutters when you have a buildup, but it is not a good idea since it creates hangnails. 

You will also risk weakening your cuticles in the future, which may damage your nails and take a lot of effort to restore, which isn’t worth the risk.

Instead of using a cuticle nipper, push back the cuticles and use a scraper to remove the dead skin on the nails. 

You can’t see the dead skin, so you have to scrape at it for a few seconds before you see it; there is a lot of dead skin, which might cause your nail polish to come off quickly.

2. Take the oil off your nails

For those that are unaware, there are always traces of oil on our skin and nails; some are natural, and others come from the things we touch and the lotions we use. You need to get rid of the oil to ensure that your nail polish binds to your nails correctly.

Use nail polish remover or acetone to wipe your nail before applying nail polish. It would be best to be careful when using acetone since it can be harmful in enclosed spaces because of its strong scent.

Dip a Q-tip in acetone and use it to clean your nails; make sure you get to every point that you intend to put nail polish on since missing spots will lead to uneven hold, which will force you to change the polish after a short time.

Make sure you don’t touch the nail with your finger before putting the nail polish on it, and this should increase your wear time dramatically.

3. File your nails in one direction

If you file your nails in both directions, you will notice that your nails will break more often, and they will get caught on things. 

Using the file back and forth will work against the tiny fibers in your nails, which makes them jagged even if you can’t see them.

Your nails will be safer and look better in the long run if you file them in one direction. It sot matter which, provided it is a motion in the same direction. This will reduce the roughness on your nails, and the file won’t damage its structure.

4. Protect your skin from the polish

If you want to paint your nails and you know it will get messy, take some transparent liquid latex and put it around the nail’s cuticle. 

This is the simplest way to prevent nail polish from getting into your skin, and it will be easier to peel off after.

When removing nail polish, use a thick layer of hand cream and apply it all around the nail, cuticle area, and the skin where the polish might get.

Now take your acetone and press it down on the nail to remove the nail polish; it should come off without leaving any stains on your skin.

The Right Way To Paint Your Nails

When painting your nails, don’t try to focus your eye line on getting it right to the edge of the nail because you will most likely go over. To start, make sure you have less polish on the brush since it is easier to work with.

If you have too much polish on the brush, it will pool up in the cuticles even if you keep the brush in the lines. 

Eventually, the polish will dry on your nails and make them look sloppy and unbalanced. There are many ways of polishing nails, but here is one of the best ones;

  1. Take a dot of nail polish, push it onto the upper middle part of your nail, and wipe the brush off on the can to get rid of excess polish.
  2. Push the polish to the tip of your nail, which will leave some space between the polish and cuticle. Push a little bit of the polish to this area without touching it to the cuticle, drag it on the side, and repeat on the other side.
  3. Be gentle and steady when applying the nail polish, so you don’t get your cuticle dirty. Remember to use the brush in a pulling motion towards you so that the nail polish stays uniform, without any brush lines.
  4. Once done with the first coat, you might see a little bit of patchiness along the cuticle. Most people go back in with more polish, but this is not a good idea. Give the first coat time to completely dry off before putting on the second coat to deal with unevenness. 
  5. If you add more polish before the first coat dries, it will turn into a gloppy mess and won’t dry. Everyone knows that a top coat will help your nails look shinier and stay on for a longer time, but most people don’t know about capping.

Capping is taking the nail polish and putting it at the edge of the nail. Nail polish comes off from the point of weakness, mainly at the edge of the nail. Capping ensures there isn’t a point of weakness; thus, the paint stays on even if you do a lot with your fingers.

What Do Men Like About Women Physically? 

Men are more complex than they or women account for. When thinking of what a man looks for in a woman, most people think of big breasts and butt. 

While this is true in most males, here are some things you need to know about how men choose women;

1. Waist and Hip Measurement ratio with 7:10 ratio

Guys prefer girls with a slim waist and wide hips, and the ratio of 7:10 indicates easier maintenance of pregnancy and delivery. 

Instinctively, men relate this to the possibility of procreating, so they generally avoid women with less wide hips.

This is a subconscious association that most men don’t think about, but it affects how they like or dislike women.

2. Sharp voice

A woman’s voice with a sharp tone can relate to high estrogen levels, which transmits youth, femininity, and energy; thus, most men unconsciously prefer the voice. 

Some experts believe such voices attract men because these women seem more submissive and need protection. 

Men have the instinct to be dominant, and despite our social equality, our instincts have ways to manifest in what we like.

3. Bright and long hair 

Long, shiny, and well-groomed hair indicates good health; thus, men recognize women with beautiful hair as people with energy, health, and vitality. 

This means you subconsciously come off as a more fertile person and likely to have a healthy pregnancy.

This might be the case, but you shouldn’t change it if it is not your style; your personality will keep a man at the end of the day.

4. The Smile

A smile is critical for expressing beauty, joy, and health. A person who is depressed or ill rarely smiles, and they are lacking in energy. Women who smile are more cheerful, accessible, and have a more positive energy that attracts men.


Men are easy to please and appreciate a long list of colors on women’s nails. Shades of green are trendy, so you could try one to see how well it works for you. It would be best to start by putting on something that reflects your personality.

Eventually, it is subjective depending on the man’s preference; thus, you should figure it out on a personal level depending on what he likes.