CBD Buying Guide: How To Ensure The Quality Of Cheap CBD Oil

Health and wellness is now an important priority for many. As the world strives to live healthier lives, so also has the clamor to choose better and more natural products. Along this line came the demand for healthier alternatives such as cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD oil.

Since its legality and widespread acceptance, CBD oil has become a household name for many industries and individuals alike. People are now more drawn towards using CBD oil for the many benefits that it promises to bring.

While some have the budget to afford more expensive CBD brands, some are limited by their budget. If you belong to the latter group and are looking to shop for affordable CBD oils, you don’t have to worry about the quality being inferior. There are still many ways for you to ensure the quality of CBD oil, despite it being cheap.

That said, here’s a buying guide to help you along this line:

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1. Double Check The Extraction Process

One of the most critical indicators of whether or not CBD is extracted well is for you to double-check the extraction process. This is very important because the extraction process also has a significant impact on the quality and makeup of the finished product. Unnecessary chemical reactions that come to CBD can significantly alter the genetic profile of the compound. This means that the CBD oil you may be holding might no longer be as raw and pure in terms of quality.

In judging based on the extraction process, choose the CBD oil that’s extracted through using C02 or food-grade ethanol. These are all-natural solvents. The result also is that the cannabinoids and terpenes all remain intact. With this, the CBD oil’s quality is preserved, and its ability to bring about the health benefits promised still stays.

2. Always Check The Label

When you’re buying a new product at the supermarket, chances are, you go to great lengths in checking the label. The same principle should also apply to CBD oil. Before you put one in your cart, do ensure that you know what the oil consists of. When there’s anything that you’re unsure about, also ask the sales representative about it.

Here are some facts that you have to double-check through reading the label:

  • Understand all the terms that are written on the oil’s packaging
  • Check the concentration percentage of the CBD contained inside the product
  • The ingredients list should make sense

Along with checking the label, be conscious about the packaging as well. For an item as serious as CBD, the condition of the packaging can help preserve the quality of the product. When torn between two options, choose the CBD oil that’s packaged in glass. This is because glass is impenetrable, which means that it can lengthen the shelf life of your CBD oil. From all the glass options, amber glass also works to be the best, as this can prevent UV penetration.

Undergoing these precautions is very important especially when you’re going take in CBD oil orally. Perhaps you may also use CBD oil for cooking. When ingesting anything, it’s important that you know for certain that what your body is receiving is a hundred percent safe.

3. Study The Hemp Growing Standards

The hemp growing standards here refer to the condition of the marijuana or hemp plant itself when grown before the CBD is manufactured. Ensuring the best quality CBD starts by going back to the very first step. When your marijuana is laden with pesticides, then you can be sure that the plant absorbs this. Hence, you’re also creating CBD oil that inherently already contains unnecessary chemicals.

Toxic chemicals like pesticides, unfortunately, hurts the wellness-promoting properties of CBD products. Here, you can see that just because an item is cheap, it doesn’t mean that it’s of inferior quality. Because the CBD oil came from the hemp plant that used the least pesticides as possible, it means that the cost itself may even be lower. So, don’t be too fixated just on the price itself.

4. Understand The THC Content

THC refers to tetrahydrocannabinol or that element of the CBD plant that makes it addictive. The higher the THC content, the more psychoactive your CBD oil. To stay within the legal bounds, generally, the THC content should go no more than 0.3% of the entire bottle of CBD oil. Check for this, too, so you can ensure the best therapeutic quality of your oil without getting high.


When you want to maximize the benefits and use of CBD oil, you must know what you’re taking in. It’s not a matter of the price tag. This isn’t always an indication of better (or inferior) quality. In most cases, what matters most is how the quality is ensured, without regard to the price level. Keep these tips in mind for the next time that you shop for CBD oil. That way, you know that you’ve got nothing less or inferior, quality-wise.

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