9 Awesome Reasons For Taking A Cruise This Year

Woman on Cruise Ship

Are you ready for a cruise? You’re not alone! The most up-to-date statistics reveal that well over 20 million people cruise per year. 

What do all those happy cruisers know that you don’t? Taking a cruise is fun!

There are lots of reasons for taking a cruise. If you’re still wondering why you should take one, keep reading!

1. More Bang for Your Buck

A cruise lets you see lots of places and do lots of things all for one price. What’s included?

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The typical cruise fare includes your accommodations, food, and entertainment. It’s not uncommon to find a cruise for $100 per day per person. You’d be hard-pressed finding a hotel, eating out, and seeing a show for that price. 

2. Lots of Family-Friendly Options

Looking for something that’s great for the whole family? Look no further than a cruise.

There are lots of cruises that are great for the whole family. Disney cruises are some of the most popular family-inclusive cruises but there are many others too.

From video-game rooms to kids’ clubs, pools, spas, and bars – there’s something for every age group. 

3. One Room, Multiple Locations

Want to see more than one destination but you hate packing and unpacking and staying in a different room each night? A cruise is a perfect solution

Unpack your stuff once and then sit back and relax as the ship takes you to different spots. 

4. Lots of Great On-Board Activities

You’ll never complain of boredom on a cruise. Drop the kids at the kids’ club and head over to the spa. 

Go take a yoga or fitness class, play basketball or tennis. How about a wine tasting or dance class? 

Everyone loves cruises because cruises are so much fun! 

5. Food, Food, Food

You’ll get top-notch food of every variety on a cruise. Find specialty restaurants with innovative menus and celebrity chefs. Wait until you see the desserts!

If you’re looking for healthy options, you’ll find plenty of those too. 

6. Easy Planning

Most cruise lines make planning easy. Look for the ship you want and the itinerary that suits your tastes. The cruise line does most of the heavy lifting. 

No more standing around deciding where to go and what to do. Another bonus? If you’re planning a trip with family and friends, let the cruise line plan for a group. 

7. Health Benefits

Everyone knows that stress is bad for you but what to do? Go on a cruise. Vacations help your physical and mental health

Frequent vacations are even linked to living a longer life!

8. Great Shore Excursions

There are so many great shore excursions. Are you drawn to exotic destinations but a little nervous about visiting?

Cruises go to all kinds of exotic and romantic places. You can use a guide from the ship so no worries about local customs or getting lost. 

9. Super Social

You’ll meet lots of cool people aboard a ship. Some of them may end up being friends for life

Taking a Cruise Is Fun and Affordable

There are many different types of cruises. Taking a cruise is fun and there’s one for almost every taste and budget. 

From easy planning to budget-friendly, a cruise is a perfect vacation. Reap the health benefits as you enjoy stress-free days and lots of fun activities. 

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