The 5 Best Bag Trends of 2020


It’s 2020 and you want to make sure you are rocking the latest styles. This includes making sure you have the best bag at your side. So, how do you figure out what the most popular styles are for the new year? 

This year, don’t compromise on your style. This is the year where you want to stand out amongst the crowd. A fashionable bag is essential for every outfit. Read on to learn how you can select the best bag for your new 2020 look.

How To Choose The Best Bag

As with any fashion item, you need to make sure you know what the latest trends are. Keep an eye out for these 5 best bag trends of 2020 to choose your perfect bag.

1. Match The Styles

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Leather bags have always been in style for as long as bags have been in style. For 2020, why not pair your leather bag with leather clothing? If you’re wearing your new brown leather pants, these can be matched with a stylish new brown leather bag at your side. 

So what do you do if have a summer outfit, which is more casual? A leather bag would not suit this. For such an outfit, you can have a canvas bag or a wool or cloth bag. The idea is to match your bag with the style of your outfit.

2. A Bag That Can Hold Many Things

For 2020, you’ve got to get a multi-compartment bag. Ditch your bags which only have one large opening. Opt-in for a bag that has different compartments – one which can store makeup, another for money and cards, a third for everyday needs. For 2020, you want your bag to be properly organized – so you’re not fiddling through trying to find something and hoping you did not leave it at home.

3. The Bigger The Better

The new year is for bigger and better. Trade-in your smaller bags for a larger bag this year. In fact, go as large as you can. This is the year to make a statement – and for this year, bigger is better trumps ‘less is more’. While these large bags may not always be the best for everyday use, they are perfect for a day out when you want to make heads turn – for all the right reasons.

4. Be A Stranger

As you can see, the trend for this new year is to stand out amongst the crowd. An uncharitable mind may look at certain bags and think they are strange, but you are going to think of them as part of your unique style. There are bags that you can wear around your neck as a necklace, as well as small bags to wear around your wrist like a bracelet. 

5. What’s In A Name?

The answer is a lot. For the new year, do not be afraid to indulge in luxury brands. You want to make a statement for the new year and the timeless way to do this is with a luxury bag. So, take the time this year to shop Saint Laurent bags at SSENSE and watch the compliments come your way.

Bag It

Now that you know what the best bag trends are for 2020, go out and get shopping. Remember, a bag’s not merely a place to store your essentials – it’s a classic fashion statement. For 2020, you’re going to be the most fashionable of them all.