7 Best Spanish-Language Cartoons For Kids (And Their Grownups)

7 Best Spanish-Language Cartoons For Kids

Emerging Spanish-language fluency for children all over the world is gaining in popularity every day. Some kids go to Spanish immersion preschools, some live in multilingual homes, and others just pick up snippets from friends, nannies, and teachers. If your kid falls into that last category, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

The scenario is all too familiar: in a rush to get ready for the day, you let your little ones settle down in front of the TV with a granola bar so you can get dressed and drink your coffee in peace. Then, you hear it. “Hola, I’m Dora!” Your kids parrot the words back, and they’re off on a grand adventure with Dora and Boots. You think, “Well, language is good,” but you want a little more than what Dora The Explorer offers.

Our guide to the seven best Spanish language cartoons will give your kids a broader exposure to Spanish and delight them with bright colors, fun songs, and engaging content. And who knows, maybe your whole family will learn Spanish together!

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Seven Spanish Cartoons Your Kids Will Love

The best and most engaging cartoons in any language for any age are the ones with excellent visual effects. Toddlers and preschoolers love colorful graphics and bubbly music, while older kids prefer detailed storylines.

If you want to start out by flipping the language settings on your TV to watch already-familiar cartoons in Spanish, that’s great. But once everyone feels more comfortable with the basics, try out some of these Spanish language favorites.


This Argentinian cartoon is the perfect show to lure in your dino-mad three-year-old (or, let’s face it, your hubby and even your teen). Dinopaka tells the story of Felipe, who receives a computer as a gift. Of course, the computer is magical, and it allows Felipe access to a wild, prehistoric game full of dinosaurs!

Your family will learn all about your favorite and not-so-favorite dinos and get a good grounding in Spanish. This is a perfect one to start with because you all probably have a lot of the knowledge already – it’s just a matter of learning the grammar. You can watch Dinopaka on YouTube.


Another Argentinian offering from the team behind Dinopaka, this cartoon is perfect for your younger learners. It follows a group of animals in a kindergarten class and uses music to teach your kiddo about animal names, colors, activities, and more. Some of the episodes are in Spanish with English subtitles. Just like Dinopaka, Minimalitos is available on YouTube.


Pocoyó is a Spanish cartoon that has aired for nearly two decades, and is so popular around the world that you can watch it in lots of different languages if your children want to learn, say, Italian or French. In the original Spanish version, the actor has a Castilian accent, so if you want your kids to be exposed to the different regional accents and dialects, Pocoyó is an excellent choice.

This engaging tale follows a child throughout his day and teaches about helping around the house, following routine, and going different places. The episodes often have English or Spanish subtitles and can be seen on Netflix, or you can watch them for free by using a Spain proxy to stream episodes from Spanish TV.


If you want a cartoon movie that your entire family can watch and enjoy together, look no further than Anina. This film follows the exploits of Anina, who gets punished by a teacher for misbehaving at school. The story has elements of suspense that will appeal to older kids and adults. Hailing from Uruguay, Anina is also a spectacular vehicle for introducing some of the national differences in spoken Spanish. Watch Anina on Amazon Prime.

David, El Gnomo

This cartoon from Spain is about two gnomes, David and Lisa, who have wild and fun adventures in a forest. The gnomes make friends with animals, go exploring, and enjoy nature. The engaging storyline draws kids in, and you could translate an interest in David and Lisa into your own outdoor family adventures. If your kids fall in love with these charming gnomes, you’re in luck! There is an entire David El Gnomo franchise, including spin-offs, movies, and merchandise! Watch David on Amazon Prime.


Nocturna, a cartoon film from Spain, tells of an orphan trying to save Nocturna from being forever trapped in darkness. The orphan, Tim, goes on a quest to save the stars and preserve light in his town. Nocturna features an excellent message about overcoming adversity and dark times, an incredible cast, and stunning visual effects that mimic Van Gogh’s Starry Night. While the visuals are aimed at younger children, the entire family will take something away from this beautiful film. Watch Nocturna on Amazon Prime.

Oh, Noah!

Oh, Noah! is just the perfect cartoon for Spanish beginners of all ages! This Mexican cartoon follows Noah as he moves in with his Spanish-speaking grandmother after his parents’ divorce. A particularly relevant and inclusive cartoon about different kinds of families, Noah is a great choice for practicing vocabulary and conversational skills. Watch Oh, Noah! on PBS Kids.

Final Thoughts

Cartoons are a wonderful way for anyone to learn a new language. They are fun to watch, engaging, and offer limited vocabulary and dialogue. Grab your kids and your spouse, cue up a show, and start your Spanish language journey today!