7 Ways That Men Can Switch Up Their Style This Year  

7 Ways That Men Can Switch Up Their Style This Year 

2022 is the year you level up your life in all aspects. You can make sure your confidence is on par with that of billionaires to look the part. Looking good doesn’t need to be an expensive process. Finding secret spots such as a local designer outlet can make this a much more affordable approach. Here are some ways to ensure that the style you rock makes you look like a million bucks!  

Start With A Purge  

When we think of leveling up our style game, the most challenging aspect is deciding what to wear. Make this easier by removing everything from your closet that doesn’t fit into your new wardrobe strategy. Items one can look to discard includes any clothes that are:  

  • Overstretched or worn out. 
  • It has more holes than Swiss cheese.
  • Lost its original color.   
  • It is riddled with stains.
  • Or you don’t like it.

We need to get rid of the old first, so it’s easy to assemble some great outfits when we get the new ones.   

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Get A New Friend: Your Local Tailor 

Some of the clothes you have in the closet are great, it’s a bit oversized, but you might love the material or color. Instead of giving up on these pieces, take them to your new friend, the tailor. Make sure he does become your friend, as you will likely be seeing him often. The best way to look like a million bucks is to make sure your clothes all fit you. Great fitting clothes are difficult to come by with generic off-the-shelf clothing. Go to your local tailor to add the extra detail.  

Invest In A Watch  

A watch is a magical piece. Not only is it practical but it shows that you care not only about time but also about details. While it might seem like something small, once you wear a watch, you can truly understand the feeling of power that this small accessory unlocks for you.  

Ensure You Have Great Basics  

Investing in some high-quality core items makes it easier to ensure everything else you are wearing looks high quality as well. So instead of always buying the cheaper option for staple items such as jeans, t-shirts, or whatever else you deem is necessary for your basics. Try to choose the pricier alternative, as this will likely last longer and make more sense when tailoring it to fit you perfectly. When you look better in the type of clothes everyone wears, it makes people secretly wish they had your body, as you “always look so amazing everything.” Little do they know our new friend has our back.  

Wear More Sports Jackets  

While you can look killer in a well-fitted pair of jeans and a t-shirt, becoming someone who wears sports jackets allows you to become the person known for style. While it may be awkward and uncomfortable at first, it only takes a bit of getting used to. “But when I wear a sports jacket, my movement is limited,” some people might whisper under their breath. While this maybe be true, you will not be running around with a football in the office or at the dinner table.  

Wear Fewer Sneakers  

Sneakers are great, and we likely have great memories of throwing on a pair of sneakers every day and going out to have some fun with our friends. While we have (hopefully) gotten a classier pair since the good old days, it might be time to leave those casual shoes for casual occasions. Instead, transfer them to a comfortable dress shoe or pair of boots if you are not doing physical activity, best to keep the running shoes or sneakers for the weekend.   

Fall In Love With Style  

Having great style gives you confidence that other methods don’t easily top. To ensure that you are dressing in a way that highlights your best features, make sure to make this a journey of discovery. With plenty of great information on the internet and on YouTube, let this be merely the beginning of you finding out what you love and continue to dress to impress.

Many people tend to neglect their age when starting this style journey. While the general tips work across the board, the magic lies in playing to your strengths, so a 50-year-old should naturally not try and use the same style tips as someone in their late 20’s and vice versa.  

Style is a complex topic, but with a couple more articles such as this one, you are well on your way to dressing to impress!