Men’s Fashion Tips: How To Look Sharp And Modern In Casual Wear

Men’s Fashion Tips

It’s no secret that most men love to look sharp and smart wherever they go. A sheer majority of them want to do so in clothes they feel most comfortable in, despite the day or occasion. But not so many men get to experiment with the casual sides of their wardrobes, especially if their career demands a formal dress code. If this sounds anything like you, you may find yourself struggling to look sharp and on those weekend events, social occasions, or seasonal vacations.

But staying fashionable doesn’t always have to be a buzzkill just because you’re a guy… or does it? Here are some wardrobe fashion tips men who want to look sharp and modern in casual wear will appreciate.

1. Wear Something That Fits You Right 

Wearing something compatible with your body size is the first rule of looking good in almost every piece of clothing, especially casual wear. This golden rule is, however, often overlooked. Whether you are picking something from your wardrobe or going shopping, make sure to get something that fits you. Try them on to make sure they are not too baggy or too tight. You will look far much better in casual wear if they compliment your silhouette.

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2. Accompany Casual Wear With The Right Accessories 

If you are one person who likes styling up your formal outfits with accessories, you should know that they won’t always blend in with your casual wear. Master the art of accessorizing and get accessories that will match your casual outfits. It doesn’t have to be something too expensive or flashy. Something as simple as a good-looking belt, gold necklace, or even a casual-looking watch will do the trick.

You can even go for affordable enamel pins to style up your outfits. Enamel pins have been gaining popularity in recent years as they offer a great way to accessorize any outfit. If you want to take your casual style up a notch, then go for statement pieces such as an oversized scarf, chunky necklace, or even a bold-colored handbag. These pieces will add some personality to your look and make you stand out.

Accessories are meant to add some touch of style to whatever else you have on. You, therefore, need to make the right pick if looking sharp is your main goal.

3. Throw In A Designer Blazer 

Although suits or formal-looking outfits may seem too much for many, when well-styled up, just one or two “formal” pieces could be all you need to make your casual outfit amazing. Once you have everything on from a good-looking jeans pair to a plain t-shirt, and a matching well-selected pair of shoes, you could add a designer blazer to complete that macho look.

The good thing is that there are plenty of these out there, with Balmain being a great designer option to check out. Apart from blazers, they offer a wide range of products that you could pair your decent coat with for the sharp and modern look that you’re after.

4. Give Up The Graphic Tees And Opt For Plain Ones

Graphic t-shirts may have looked cool when you were a teen but don’t you think you need a more mature look? If so, you may need to invest in other options such as plain colored t-shirts. Especially when you want to dress to impress, plain tees can be a great addition to your outfit.

They not only make you look a bit more decent and mature, but they are also easily compatible with the rest of your outfit for a sharper look.

5. Look Great In Denim Jeans 

Jeans have been dominant in the casual fashion world since the fifties. Seemingly, some believe that jeans never go out of fashion. The best part is that jeans can be worn with literally anything whether you want a polished dressed-up look or a casual toned-down appearance for travel or just strolls in the street. You can do it with a simple casual shirt and sneakers or a tucked official shirt with dress shoes. Your options are literally endless.

These are among the reasons every guy should own several pairs of jeans. To vary your appearance occasionally, buy jeans in different colors or hues. While the most popular denim color is blue, you can get it in many different hues, some lighter and some darker. Denim is also available in black, gray, dark wash, and dark indigo. Most importantly, check that the pair of jeans fits you well and won’t get you looking like a clown.

6. Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is another must-have for a man who is fashion-conscious and wants to look sharp. The polo can be a great choice when you need something a bit more formal than a t-shirt for that edgy smart casual look. Polo shirts pair pretty well with jeans, especially if you get a good fit. Unless you’re a bit short on the budget, settle for a polo made from high-quality material.

7. Some Chinos 

Chinos have grown to become the modern-day staple in men’s closets when it comes to pants. Whatever you do, make sure to invest in two or three pairs of quality chinos. They come in a wide range of fabric types, textures, and colors to choose from, so you can have a chino for each day of the week. They are great when you’d rather not wear jeans but you also don’t want to look so dressed up.

8. Class Up Your Footwear 

Have you ever come across the saying about how you can tell a man’s character and taste from the shoes he wears? Well, not necessarily always, but you get the drill. Women are especially quite keen on men’s shoes, and you will occasionally receive compliments from ladies about your nice shoes.

For a casual look, a pair of white sneakers can do you good. You can also invest in some loafers and casual ankle boots. Consider wearing desert boots or chukka boots for that sharp look regardless of what you’re wearing above your feet. A brown pair of leather shoes will suffice when you want to class up your look a little more.

Looking sharp in casual wear requires tweaking your outfits a bit. While most people believe that casual wear should be something comfortable, you need not just pick anything, and off you go. You could look much sharper if you follow the few tips highlighted in this piece.