21 Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

21 Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Contrary to what people may believe, your professional long distance movers care a lot about how you feel during and after a move. We’re not robots, and as long-distance experts in California, we’ve all experienced getting emotional because of teary farewells, especially when it’s between two people who are in love. Long-distance relationships are complex, and sometimes, even the long distance move itself can cause rifts between lovers. So here are a few tips on how to make your relationship work, courtesy of your ever-supportive long distance moving company.

#1 – Make Sure They’re One Of The First Few People To Know About The Move

Are you moving suddenly because of work? Or because it will help you get closer to your goals? Make sure your significant other is one of the first few people to know. Nothing is worse than hearing the news from other people. It is the quickest way for your loved one to detest the idea of your long-distance move.

#2 – Allow Them To Be Involved In The Process

They can help you pack your things, and the both of you can plan the farewell party together. Nobody wants to be apart from the person they love, and you have to take specific steps to ensure that they warm up to the thought of you moving.

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#3 – Avoid Arguments Around Moving Day

We’ve seen a few impulsive moving day breakups, and they’re not pretty. Tensions run high during the big move, so do whatever you can to ensure that your move is free of fights, squabbling, and breakups.

#4 – Talk About Your Expectations After The Move

Sit down with your significant other and talk about your expectations. It’s better to be clear about what you expect from them after the move. Create some ground rules on what is okay and what is not.

#5 – Try To Adjust The Way You Communicate With Each Other

There is no tried and tested way when it comes to communication. It will take a few weeks for the both of you to get the right balance without being too distant or overly clingy.

#6 – Use This Time To Work On Yourself

The biggest worry couples have over long-distance relationships is that loneliness will cause one or both to find someone else. Bringing another person into the equation shouldn’t be the automatic answer. Why not use this time apart to spend more time honing your skills and discovering new hobbies?

#7 – A Little Naughty Time Is Fine

Just because you’re miles away from each other doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate. Send naughty text messages and photos to one another every once in a while.

#8 – Regulate Your Behavior

Your S.O. is miles away, and you’ve been invited to a frat party with lots of drinking. If your S.O. were there, would they agree to it? If not, you shouldn’t go, even if there’s nobody else to regulate your behavior.

#9 – Learn How To Do Proper Damage Control

You’re on the phone, and you’re both stressed with your lives. You start to lose patience with each other, and you’re a few choice words away from a fight. Long-distance relationships are successful when both parties know how to deescalate situations like these.

#10 – Use Technology To Your Advantage

Thanks to technology, now you can stream a movie online with your partner. You can play video games and be in the same game world. Thanks to technology, you can be close to each other even when you’re miles apart.

#11 – Set Aside Some Time To Visit Each Other

Set aside money and time on your schedule to visit them. The time you spend with each other is made even more special when you’re far away.

#12 – Continue supporting each other’s goals

Why did your partner move? If it’s to further their career, continue supporting them even while you’re apart. Never let negative feelings about the move result in you holding them back from their dreams or goals.

#13 – Spend More Time With Your Family

Your world shouldn’t revolve around your partner, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. You’ll get depressed and long for them. You can use this as an opportunity to spend more time with your family.

#14 – Stay Present In Their Lives

Be present. Make sure the new people in your S.O’s life know who you are. This can mean being visible on your partner’s social media accounts and maybe even meeting their new friends in person.

#15 – Don’t Forget To Send Presents On Special Days

If you never missed a chance to give them a present on special occasions before, there’s no reason why you should stop doing that just because you’re apart.

#16 – Be Each Other’s Best Friend

You may resent the move, but remember that they’re probably lonely at their new place too. Be someone who can listen to their problems and someone they can lean on when they feel sad.

#17 – Find An Excellent Messaging Platform

A lot of long-distance relationships falter because of bad messaging platforms. Missed calls, weak signals, and frequent downtimes can cause fights between couples.

#18 – Work On Your Own Mental Health

Everyone feels negativity towards a move. Of course, nobody would feel happy if they were separated from the person they love. However, if you let this feeling fester for too long, it won’t be good for your mental health. Stay positive and keep yourself motivated.

#19 – Be Open To The Possibility Of Moving As Well

If they’re moving for good, does this mean you’ll be apart unless something changes in your situation? If there are a lot of benefits to moving to where they are, then maybe it’s an option you could explore. However, it’s not a good idea to simply move just to save your relationship.

#20 – Stay In Contact With Their Family And Friends

Make sure their parents and siblings know that you plan on being around for a long, long time. Making an effort to hang out with their friends and family while your partner is away shows that you’re a keeper.

#21 – Don’t Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable

Although it’s not a good idea to keep being emotional and dramatic about the move, being aloof isn’t good either. If you keep shrugging things off and saying “I’m okay” or “everything’s fine” even when it’s not, you are keeping your feelings bottled up just so you won’t fight or you won’t burden them. This can work temporarily, but sooner or later, you may come to resent your partner because of unresolved feelings.