How To Keep Your Pet Dogs Healthy While Staying At Home

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If you have pet dogs at home, you are probably worried about keeping them healthy during the quarantine period. Yes, it can get boring for them since both of you can’t go out to even have a walk around the block. Due to this, you will have to be attentive about the other factors of taking good care of them.

The good news is that you can keep each of your dogs as healthy as possible, even if they are cooped up with you at home. Here are some ways to maintain their health while everyone is in quarantine:

Prevent Overeating

You shouldn’t leave out food in their food bowls all-day; it is important to regulate their feeding schedule during this time so they can still maintain a healthy weight. It’s best to leave out water for them to drink in case they get thirsty and to avoid dehydration and dispense their food sparingly. You can regulate the food that they need throughout the day since you’ll be at home 24/7. If they ask for more, refrain from giving more or train them to eat at a certain time to avoid overeating.

You may also give them something to chew on, such as a snack that is anti-inflammatory for dogs to keep their minds off asking for more food.

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Remember also that your dogs will still need a balanced diet, even if they are indoors. If they seem to be sensitive towards some food, check the list of ingredients of the brand of the dog food to see if there are any ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction with your dog. 

Some dog owners prefer to cook food for their dogs, rather than rely on dog food products. This is also a good option given that you refrain from giving them some scraps like chicken bones which can stick in your dogs’ gums or somewhere down their throat. Some vets may recommend giving your dogs large raw bones instead of small bones to prevent them from ingesting any that may cause them to choke.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly with a special toothpaste that is safe to use for dogs. Refrain from using your own brand of toothpaste because this can irritate the lining of their stomachs if your dogs happen to swallow it. If you do brush your dog’s teeth regularly, this is a good preventive measure for tooth decay in the long run.

Check Their Stool For Parasites

If your dogs seem to be demanding a lot of food at odd times, you may have to check their stools for anything unusual. For example, if there are any signs of parasites like worms, this may mean that they need to be dewormed. The constant demand for food may be a sign that there is something wrong and that you need to visit a vet to have them examined. You can easily call up your dogs’ vet to ask for advice.

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Allow Your Dogs to Exercise

Yes, you’re both at home but that doesn’t mean your dogs can’t exercise. Actually, this is a good time to bond more with your dogs by teaching them how to get more exercise without going out of the house. 

Start by assessing how much space you have, if you have a spacious living room then you and your dogs can safely exercise there or you can let your dogs follow you up and down the stairs. Your dogs might get playful with your other dogs; let them be, just be sure to keep an eye on them, in case it gets out of hand at some point.

Give Your Dogs a Good Bath To Remove Ticks and Fleas

If your dogs tend to scratch a lot, they may have ticks or fleas. You have to prevent this from spreading in your household as ticks and fleas can transmit serious illnesses to humans. You may check for any ticks and fleas whenever you bathe them. If they have any, you can give them baths at least once a week once these are gone.

If the itching doesn’t stop, your dogs may have bacterial or fungal infection instead. You may treat that by mixing 50% apple cider vinegar with 50% water and put this solution in a clean spray bottle. Spray it to the part that seems to be specifically itchy and avoid any open wounds as this will further irritate their skin

If the infection seems concentrated in between your dogs’ toes, you can put the solution in a basin and soak your dogs’ paws in that for some minutes. 

Clean Out Excessive Earwax

One body part of your dog that may be annoying is its ears because there might be a build-up of earwax which can be unsightly and a tad disgusting to handle. Since they will be remaining inside the house at this time, it is easy to get clean cotton buds and swab out the excess earwax. 

Your dogs will probably enjoy this routine especially if they tend to be bothered by itchy ears. Just be careful to avoid going deep into the ear canal since the dog’s ears are very sensitive and you might insert the cotton buds far inside and might cause a minor injury. You may also call your vet for advice or guidance in cleaning your dog’s ears.

Groom Your Dogs

If your dog is short-haired, then you’re in luck because you won’t need to intensively groom them. You just need to bathe them at least once a week, cut their nails if it’s long, and brush their fur with a hairbrush specifically made for dogs and their type of fur to remove dandruff, dirt, and dead hair. 

However, if your dog is a long-haired one, you might have to trim their fur regularly and use a wide-toothed comb when brushing their fur. Always be careful with using the cutting tools when trimming their fur, especially if your dogs tend to move around while their fur is being trimmed.

Final Takeaway

You and your dogs make a good team; it is important to take care of your dog’s health while you take care of your well-being as well. It may take a while before you will be able to safely go outside, remember to follow these tips mentioned above so your dogs remain healthy while staying at home. Hopefully, it will soon be safe to go outside to resume your usual routines with your dogs.