What To Put Behind A Dartboard To Protect Wall? The Perfect Solutions 

What To Put Behind A Dartboard To Protect Wall

The dart game is fun but quite addictive. Once you love the game, you will surely want to play it from home. Setting up the dartboard at home is tricky, but you need to consider your house walls. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or an amateur; some odd darts will surely hit the wall. Occasional hits on the wall will degrade the wall over time, and you will have to replace or fix the wall. 

Fixing or replacing the wall can be pretty costly. However, there are several ways you can protect the wall from the dart; you will indeed find an option that suits your budget and design. 

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What to Put Behind a Dartboard to Protect Wall?

The dartboard cabinet is the perfect way to protect the wall. The great thing is that the cabinet also protects the dartboard. When selecting a cabinet, you need to consider its size. 

The bigger the dartboard cabinet, the more protection the wall gets. The cabinet has other benefits like holding the scoreboard etc. The cabinets are also decorative and will add to the aesthetics of the room. 

The dartboard, however, does not offer complete protection; it leaves spaces below and above the board. To avoid damages, you have to combine the cabinet with other options. 

Ways To Protect The Wall When Playing Darts

Dartboard Surround

The dartboard cabinet alone cannot offer complete protection to the wall. The parts that are prone to damage by the darts while using dartboards are the upper and below parts. 

Therefore dartboard enthusiasts always add the dartboard surround to protect these parts. The dartboard surround is a foam ring that you place around the board, and it covers the top and lower parts effectively

Its foam material is excellent for darts. It maintains the perfect conditions of the dart, and darts do not bounce off from the dartboard surround. 

Unlike the cabinet mounting, the dart surround is straightforward, and you can install it in seconds. 

You have to consider the thickness of the surrounding material when buying. It must have a minimum thickness of one inch. Another thing you need to consider is the dartboard surround size. 

Go for a big dartboard surround since it will offer more protection to the wall. However, more thickness and size mean more weight, but it’s worth it. 

The Dartboard Backboard 

The backboard is an effective way of protecting the wall. The backboard covers specific wall parts around the dartboard. The steel tip darts can be disastrous to the wall; the backboard is the best way to protect the wall. 

The backboard has some similarities with the backboard surround, but they have more potent material. The backboard uses a high-density material that does not allow wall damage. 

The steel tip darts are pretty expensive; it becomes dull if the steel hits the wall regularly. The backboard helps maintain their sharpness. 

Diy And Custom Solutions 

If you are a person that loves to work the tools, then DIY and custom solutions are perfect for you. You will be able to install options that suit your sense of style and uniqueness. 

However, you need to be keen on the type of materials you use. They must have the following qualities: 

  • Moisture resistant – To keep away moisture that will damage your wall and dartboard.
  • Thick – To offer protection to the wall against penetrating darts. 
  • Soft – To allow the darts to penetrate and stick without damaging the dart tips. 
  • Lightweight – For easy transportation, installation, and storage.

There are various types of materials that you can put behind the dartboard. Here are the most effective and common materials:


If wood and cork are not your things or you can’t find them, use a rope. It’s an exciting solution that is easy to install. 

All you need to do is wrap it around your board. The thicker ropes look better and appealing. You can buy the rope from your local shop, crafts store, or boating supply store. 


Many dart players use the wine corks to protect the wall. The cork material is not too hard, making it perfect for this job because it won’t destroy the dart tips. The good thing about wine corks is that you can arrange them in any pattern you love. 

The corks also offer flexibility; you can effortlessly add them to an existing cabinet or set them up to give your wall extra protection. You can also set up the corks to hold your darts when not in use. 


Pallet furniture has become a trend recently. Professional dart players use pallets as a way of protecting the wall from darts. 

For pallets to fit perfectly, you need to trim them down a little. If you value simplicity, then you can modify the shipping pallets to work as a backboard. 


The cardboard won’t offer you a long-term solution but can work. If you have any cardboard boxes lying around in your garage, it’s time to use them. 

You will need to place several cardboard layers behind the dartboard. Single cardboard is not thick enough to protect your wall. Therefore you will be damaging your dart tips, wall, and cardboard in one smooth motion.

Old Doors 

If you have an old door and you are sure you won’t need it for other purposes, use it. You can also use old cabinet doors. 

The doors will help protect your walls effectively, and the good thing is that they offer a wider protection area. You can also use the cabinets as makeshift dartboard cabinets. 

Old Towels and Clothes 

However, this is not the best way to protect your wall from darts. Buts it’s a good option when you do not have other materials. 

If the towels and clothes still have that thickness, then they can protect the wall perfectly. If they are not thick, you can place several layers, and they will do the job. 


The plywood is the best way to protect the board with minimum to no effort. The good thing about plywood is that you can paint it, giving you the freedom to decorate it how you like. 

Plus, plywood is quite affordable. However, you need to know that plywood is not as steady as other woods, and darts can pierce through it abruptly. 

To avoid this, you can cover the plywood with carpet, and the carpet will help catch the stray darts.

Cable Reel Backboard 

The cable reel blackboard looks good and will also offer protection to your walls. It’s always hard to cut planks and make this type of board. 

With an old wooden cable reel, you will not have to cut the wood. However, you need to sand the wood; this will help smoothen the overall structure and look backboard. 

You then mount the dartboard on the front part of the plank. Use high-quality brackets to attach the backboard to the wall to ensure its firm. Also, be sure that the wall will hold the weight well. 

Ceiling Tiles 

The ceiling tile is another type of material that you can use to protect the wall. Setting up the ceiling tiles is relatively straightforward and offers convenience. 

However, the ceiling tiles will not offer maximum protection to your wall because of their plastic material. However, being lightweight makes it very easy to install and handle. 

The Purpose Of Backboard, Dartboard Cabinet, And Surround 

Protects The Wall

The purpose of all the tools that are around the dartboard is to protect the wall. During the game, there will always be stray darts that might harm the wall. 

The frequent hits will make holes in the wall, which will destroy the looks of the wall. With regular hits, the holes in the walls will increase, forcing you to replace the wall, which might be pretty costly than simply protecting it. 

Adds To Aesthetics 

Some dartboards can be pretty costly, depending on the quality of the material. However, the dartboard will surely be a decent fit for any space. 

The surround and backboard come in various beautiful designs, and mounting them will make the room look great.

Keeps The Darts Safe

The other significant benefit of the cabinet or backboard is that they save your precious dart tips. The darts come at different price tags; you can buy them at a low or expensive price. 

But if you keep damaging the darts by hitting them on the wall, the cost of repair will be pretty high. 

The surround and backboards offer a safe landing place for the dart. The cabinet, backboard, and surround are more critical if you own expensive darts. 


Protecting the wall from darts is relatively easy since there are several options. However, consider the wall type, dartboard, and darts before selecting an option. 

Find the right option that suits your setup well. There are several options; some are cheap and others expensive, but you will find what perfectly suits your needs. However, have proper planning and creativity to install something great.

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