Is Intel Pentium Good For Gaming?

Is Intel Pentium Good For Gaming

The Pentium brand is a one that is used for the x86 microprocessors made by Intel starting from1993. Based on the rating system of Intel, Pentium processors are rated at 2 stars which make them above the low-end Celeron and Atom series. They are however lower than the core i3, i5, i7, and i9. It would interest you to note that the name Pentium is gotten from the Greek word Penta which literarily means five.  Back in 2017, Intel divided the Pentium into two distinct line-ups namely the Pentium Gold and Silver.

Having said this, there is one question that resonates in the mouths and minds of Pentium users, and that question is;

Is Intel Pentium Good for Gaming?

Not really.  It, however, depends on the type of game you intend using if for. However, with the coming of the Intel G4600, the possibility of using Intel Pentium for gaming purposes is indeed a great possibility. The only exception is when you are the competitive type. The all-new Pentium chips come with certain unique features such as 4 logical processors. They are so good that they measure in performance with the all-new i3 processors and are quite economical.

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What’s more, they are also built in a way that you can always update them without incurring much cost.

What Is The History Of The Intel Pentium?

The Intel Pentium processors hit the stores back in 1993 and it does not have much similarity with the subsequent processors. Pentium processors such as Pentium Pro, Pentium3, Pentium2, and the Pentium 4 processors were quite popular during their time.  Some other processors that made use of the Pentium processor include the Pentium M, Pentium D, and the recent Pentium Dual-Core.

Core History

The core brand by Intel was introduced back in 2006 to replace the Pentium M processors and it had some similarities in technology with the current Pentium brands. There have been some upgrades after the initial Core Solo such as Core Duo, Core i3, Core 2 Quad, Core I5, and the Core i7 families

What Is The Difference Between Intel Core Processors And Intel Pentium?

Intel is known to produce quite several processor models for different computer systems. These processors differ in terms of size, power, and age. It should be noted that both core and Pentium are meant for different families of processors. It would interest you to note that the model name of the processor should give you a fair idea of the power of the device; however, the names won’t tell you much about the computer.

As for the differences they share, one thing that is a common feature of them both is that they share major modifications in power. Also, it is not news that Intel Generally equips the Core brand using stronger processors than what is obtainable with Pentium devices.  Furthermore, recent Core devices are known to make use of added software such as the Turbo Boost and the Hyperthreading option. In addition to these is the fact that Core processors are pre-installed within several Apple computers while the Pentium is only common with Windows computers.

What Should I Know About Intel Pentium And Silver?

If there is one thing Intel seems to be cool at, it has to be the way they name their devices. You will find names such as Skylake, Ivy Bridge and other cool names. Such names may even make Intel names such as Pentium Silver and Gold appears a bit tame. This makes one wonder what the history behind the Pentium naming is.

Pentium Gold

One fact you should know about Intel’s Pentium Gold is that they are not as awesome as the name may suggest. The name takes its origin from Kaby Lake’s Pentium Gold. Even though the name is mostly a marketing strategy, it does not, however, mean that the CPU isn’t cool. The truth, however, is that they are just another version of past Pentium’s.

What Then Is Kaby Lake?

If you do not know by now, Kaby Lake refers to the code name given for the framework which succeeded the Skylake CPUs. Kaby Lake has thus far gained some level of traction and is the second in line after its 2016 release. The Pentium Gold also holds the unique reputation of being the latest available Pentium system making use of the Coffee Lake architecture.

Should I Consider Intel’s Pentium Gold For Gaming Purposes? 

Intel’s Pentium Gold CPU cannot be considered as the best for Gaming. The reasons for this are quite much; first and foremost, they do not support overlocking added to the fact that their clock speed is not all that high. However, having said that, you should also know that you could have it combined with a good graphics card for temporary gaming use.

How About The Pentium Silver

This one is in a class of its own. It can be best described as a lower power variant that was designed for both embedded and mobile applications. They hold the reputation of being the higher end solution designed to compete alongside ARM-based CPUs.

Where Can I Find Pentium Silver?

Chances are high that you may not get to see the Intel Silver CPU everywhere quite often. The reason for this is that this CPU type is custom made for DIY functions and hardware manufacturers. What this means is that you may not be finding it lying on a store shelf. They are usually only found mounted on aboard.

What Is The Implication Of All These?

The reality is that you may never get to encounter Pentium Silver or Gold as frequently as you may want to, they are not the common kind of parts. If you are however in search of a general-purpose desktop CPU for your desktop, the Pentium Gold may be the ideal option for you.

On the other hand, however, you may want to try your hands on a Pentium Silver motherboard if you are in search of a low power media computer. They may be more expensive than a Pi, but they sure do get the job done.

What Is The Best Cpus For Gaming?

What Is The Best Cpus For Gaming

For a long time before now, Gamers had just one option if they wanted the best gaming experience and that was Intel. However, since the coming of AMD, the table has turned. It simply means that you have a list of options to pick from.

As awesome as this may be, it comes with its challenge and that has to do with making the right choice. The processor you choose will go a long way in determining how powerful your PC will function overall and can go a long way giving you different frame rates.

For the best in different categories, you may go for the Intel Core i7-8700K if you want the best value gaming, also, you could try the Intel Core i9-9900k if you are looking for the most powerful gaming CPU. Furthermore, you could go for the AMD Ryzen 3900X if you are looking for the most versatile processor.

You must, however, be mindful that a processor is not all there is in the world of gaming as the graphics card also matters. If you have a tight budget and desire the best in terms of gaming performance, you may want to go for a budget CPU and buying a premium GPU.

Tips To Consider When Purchasing A Gaming PC

If you are in the market for a PC for gaming, you may want to consider the following useful tips:

1. Intel  or AMD is the way

Intel holds a long term reputation of being a boss when it comes to gaming while AMD is the best when dealing with video editing. it is imperative to note that several Intel CPUs are selling at a higher rate than MSRP as a result of some production shortages.

2. Core number is not as important as clock speed

You should know that higher clock speeds imply quicker performance in tasks like gaming. However, more cores mean that you will be able to breeze through tasks.

3. Go for the latest update

You may feel you will be saving some money by going for an older version. But if you are to analyze the whole thing carefully, you stand a whole lot to lose by going the old school way.


Is Intel Pentium good for gaming? By now we believe you have the answer. The PC you buy should always be with clarity as regards the proposed function. If you are going for gaming PCs then you should know that the latest and stronger CPUs should suffice in this regard.

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