Why Is Comcast So Bad?

Why Is Comcast So Bad

It is normal for anyone to plunge into frustration with cable television companies. But Comcast is on another level. For millions of people, Comcast is the worst company on the planet. Comcast is a broadcasting and cable television company. It is the largest of its type in the United States of America. It is also the largest provider of internet service to homes. This is also one of the largest providers of telephone services.

So why is Comcast so bad?

Comcast is bad for several reasons. These include crazy pricing systems, frustrating Internet services, and horrible public relations. Others are poor customer relationships and discouraging staff welfare plans. Of course, its massive size also contributes. All these factors have contributed to making Comcast one of the worst brands on the planet.

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So, How Did Comcast Manage To Get To This Level Of Ignominy?

Each of the reasons listed above has affected the reputation of Comcast. This is going to be the issue of discussion in the sections below.

Costly Pricing System

As said, there are main reasons why Comcast has managed to gather such a massive number of haters. The first is because of its crazy pricing system. Comcast and price increase are twins. This should not be a problem. But it is for Comcast. This is because it does so without making any corresponding change. Change in the quality of the services delivered to all their subscribers. There is a lot of frustration with this.

But it does not look like Comcast has plans in place with leaving the expensive path anytime soon. While we all love to enjoy internet and cable services, no one will show interest in crazy bills. Comcast has gathered a lot of haters and angry clients with their costly price offers.

It is good to place everything in a proper perspective. Some of the prices on offer from Comcast are not only the most expensive in the United States. They are actually some of the most expensive anywhere in the world. It does not even end there. The fact that you are even paying very astronomical rates is shocking enough. But that does not mean you are going to even get better services.

Comcast has a very complicated pricing system. It is as if they deliberated set up the pricing system to make life difficult for everyone. For example, the prices are different from place to place. You can pay fifty bucks for service. Then when you get to the next city, you are to pay Comcast triple of that amount for the same service. That a company will have several price estimates for the same service is maddening for a lot of people.

Internet Issues

Some assume that the speed of downloads should be the same. If you believe so, then it means you have no experience with Comcast. The company is always having running battles with the customer. This is for manipulating the speed of some websites at some specific periods. There is another reason people are mad with Comcast. This has to do with free speech and freedom of information.

It is not only the subscribers who are complaining of Comcast. At least when it comes to manipulating the speeds of downloads. Some of the biggest brands in the country are also complaining. The controversy continues to rage on over net neutrality.

There is also another area of controversy between Comcast and its subscribers. And that is the speed of Internet service offered. It is clear that the United States is not home to one of the fastest Internet speeds on the planet. That Comcast has one of the most sluggish bandwidths in the developed world is a cause of concern.

Customer Relationship

In 2014, Comcast landed in hot waters. In fact, it was that year that cemented Comcast as having horrible customer service. In that year, an audio recording between a customer and the Comcast customer care went viral. A frustrated client tried so hard to cancel his service. The more he tried to have the service canceled, the worse the nightmare.

The Comcast officer at the other end kept dribbling the poor customer. This went on for almost half an hour. The customer care officer refused to cancel the subscription. He kept asking a series of irrelevant questions. Anyone who listens to the audio will express nothing but disgust against Comcast.

The company even made things worse. When Comcast reacted to the issue, it said that the customer care officer was actually right. The organization defended its worker saying he was only doing his job. But that was not even an isolated event. Comcast customers go through hell. This applies even to the most basic demands from the customer care unit. There are many things Comcast customers dread. The first is having anything to do with their customer care unit.

To experience real frustration with Comcast is not difficult. Try and cancel your subscription with them. Do you think canceling your subscription should be a matter of seconds? Then you have not been a client of Comcast. Trying to cancel your subscription with Comcast is a real nightmare. That is because the company is ready to deploy all the forces on the planet. This is to stop one client to reverse a decision to cancel the subscription.

So many questions will come up from Comcast. So many that you may start regretting not only planning to cancel. But for even signing up with Comcast in the first place. Closing your account with Comcast is almost impossible. They have placed all sorts of obstacles along the way for you. Especially when trying to cancel your subscription with them. Comcast has promised several times that they were going to make life a lot easier for their clients. But for those who want to take the exit, it has not acted on its promise.Comcast has a guiding policy that makes it very stubborn when it comes to allowing clients to go. But the thing is this. Time will tell how long Comcast can keep making life horrible for those who want to leave its network.

That said, it is not only closing your account with Comcast that you are going to regret with Comcast as a customer. Customers have a very long list of complaints. For example, there are dead call centers. Others are fees during outages caused by natural disasters and even fraud. Yes, Comcast and fraud have hit the headlines several times. So many of their customers raised alarms of fraud against the company. And these are a few of some of the reasons Comcast has taken the position it has in the country. In 2014, this company hit the headlines as the worst in the entire country.

Sheer Size

Well, another reason why Comcast has a lot of issues is because of its sheer size. It is the biggest. It dominates the entire telecoms and cable television landscape. It has over 80,000 workers spread all over the nation. Comcast has a higher chance of being in the line of fire than any other business. This is true of even other businesses in the same sector.

What a smaller counterpart is going to get away with, Comcast is going to take all the flak for it. That is one of the major disadvantages of being a giant. This is true in the telecoms and cable television sector in the country. To be fair, some of the issues involving Comcast are in exaggeration and that is because it is Comcast.

The company has expanded and it is still expanding fast. As it does so, its operations become even more widespread. That makes Comcast appear all over the place. With more presence, there is a higher probability of stepping on the toes of other people.

Staff Issues

Do you think it is only the customers that have issues with Comcast? Then you do have no idea of how deep the problems of the company are. Even the workers of Comcast have serious issues with the company. When it comes to ranking workplaces as the worst, the workers of this company put down Comcast. But they have a very interesting reason for their actions. Even the workers of Comcast complain about its own customer services. So as you can see, everyone has frustration with Comcast.

Can Comcast Improve At All?

As it is now, all the problems of Comcast have been the issue of discussion in the sections earlier. There is an important thing that Comcast can do to improve its reputation. It is working on all these challenges and problems. It will take time and definitely a lot of resources for the public image of Comcast to change.

We live in a world where customers want nothing but the very best. It will be a worthwhile project on the part of Comcast to improve. Of late, Comcast says it is making efforts to change things around for the better. Time will tell.

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