Best Water Parks In Ohio

Best Water Parks In Ohio

We all love to have fun and excitement. One of the cutest ways to do this is to splash around all day in aquatic splendor. Imagine enjoying your day on water slides after spending all day working in the heat. Summers are some of the best periods to get the best of water parks.

If you are in the majestic state of Ohio, this piece is going to be on the best water parks. Water parks that you can check out from time to time for your pleasure. All these parks are perfect for short-duration or even whole-day or overnight bookings. Here we go:

Best Water Parks In Ohio

1. Cedar Point Shores Water Park

With its amazing Lemmy’s Lagoon, it is not a surprise at all that this is a destination for so many locals and tourists. This park is 18 acres of fun and endless pleasure. Your children will love the Lakeslide Landing. There they can enjoy the fountains, geysers and the amazing slides. That is not all for you.

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There is also the imaginary Lake Erie monster. This monster is Lemmy and it is living inside the Lemmy’s Lagoon mentioned above. Try your confidence with the Point Plummet drop slide. Get everyone satisfied with delightful refreshments at Beaches and Cream. There are also very beautiful cabanas and a lot more for you. Everything you need to escape the heat of the summer is available for you at Cedar Point Shores.

2. Kalahari Resorts

In case you do not know, this is the largest of all the indoor water parks in the United States of America. Kalahari Resorts is the best destination for you. If you are planning for an amazing time with your loved ones, remember this. The best part about this location is that everyone is welcome. From babies to parents to teenagers, everyone is going to feel at home at this place.

The location is at Sandusky. It has the craziest waterslides, play sections for children and excellent spas. There are also great meals at every corner. The temperature is always controlled and maintained. Hence, you can experience your summer every day of the year. There are also massive convention centers for all kinds of events. This is a very comprehensive water park and ranks as one of the best not only in Ohio but in the country.

3. Soak City Water Park At Kings Island

It is very true that Ohio is not short of exciting places to visit. Another spectacular location is the Soak City Water Park. It is perfect for lovers of water parks and unlimited fun. There is so much for you to explore here. It has Kids Section with its more than 20 PEANUTS-designed sites and the Region’s Premier Water Park. All to make sure you are going to have the fun of your life at the Soak City Water Park. For example, the section for kids has everything that will delight your child.

These include a petting farm, several live performances and not one but four roller coasters. But that is not even all. The Premier Water Park alone has 36 water slides, gushing rivers, lagoons for relaxation and two gigantic wave pools.

There is the main reason why Kings Island stands out. It is the sheer number of sites available for exploration. These include incredible Orion. This is one of the only seven giga coasters on earth. A giga coaster is a name given to a type of roller coaster that has a height or drop of between 300 and 399 feet.

For the real thrill-seekers and lovers of adventure, this is definitely the real deal. The giga coaster steals the show at the new Area 72 in the park. Passengers on the Orion enjoy the 300-foot plunge as they speed across seven hills at over 90 mph. Try this on the fastest, tallest and longest steel roller coaster at Kings Island. You will never forget the experience. The Orion is nothing like you will ever see anywhere else. It was particularly designed for Kings Island by experienced Swiss Engineers.

4. Zoombezi Bay

This is another amazing place for lovers of water parks. Zoombezi Bay is full of all kinds of attractions everywhere you look. With its massive waterfalls and its incredible wave generator, it has a massive river. This will keep you alive every moment of the day. Find yourself sliding along in any of the tubes and soak in the jaw-dropping scenery all around you.

This water park also takes the safety and security of everyone as an important issue. For your special enjoyment alongside your loved ones, the Zoombezi Bay has an array of attractions for everyone. These include Sea Tubes, Cyclone and Otter Banks. Check out Tiny Tides, Sea Snakes and Slippery Seals Body Slides. But that is not even all.

Others include Baboon Lagoon, Croctail Creek, Wild Tides Wave Pool, and Dolphin Dash. Then there is Big Boa Falls, Soundsurfer (better known as the King of the Beats). There is also the wondrous Python Plunge.

There is also more than enough for you to eat and drink at the Zoombezi Bay. There are several spots for food, drinks and all kinds of refreshments. For example, there are the Baboon Lagoon Dippin Dots. There you can enjoy any of the several flavors of Dippin Dots and Dippin Dots sundaes.

There is also the Baboon Lagoon Snacks Cart where you can enjoy tasty churros. They also have the most amazing pretzels in town. For those who love grilled meals, try out the Big Island Grill. It has several arrays on offer for you to quench your thirst and hunger. There are fresh salads, grilled chicken, hamburgers, yogurt, and iced tea. You can also have juice, draft beer, fountain beverages, chicken tenders and so much more.

But, you cannot buy or drink alcohol if you are not able to prove that you are 21 years or older. If you are thinking of the perfect place for an outing, the Zoombezi Bay is the ideal location for you.

5. Coney Island Amusement Park

If there is any water park in Ohio that has everything, then it has to be the amazing Coney Island Amusement Park. For those who love to play and splash all day, you need to book a space at the Coney Island Amusement Park. There are also family attractions when you decide to go as a group with all your relatives and loved ones.

One of the best offers at this place is the Sunlite Water Adventure. If you are not sure of how to make your summer to be memorable, then this is the offer you need. Sunlite Water Adventure is very comprehensive and will cater to all your needs. For males, females and entire families, there are the cutest bathhouses.

All over the pool section, there are also some fantastic Caribbean designs and a tiki bar like no other. This is one of the best spots to create long-lasting memories in Ohio.

There are also other features that will keep you engaged all day. There is a dive pool that was installed recently. It is the Cannonball Cove. With it, you can test your courage. You can decide to leap from the one-meter board. For those with higher levels of adrenalin, there is also the nine-foot board that you can try out. It is more than exciting!

There are also some other reasons why Sunlite Water Adventure is such a hot cake for everyone. It hosts the largest recirculating pool and erupting water storm in the world.

There are also interactive play stations located at Typhoon Tower. Check its waterslides from which you can plunge from a dizzying 130 feet! This is one place where you can never be bored even for a second, it has been designed to give you the best of experiences.

Also, for those who cannot do without pool cabanas, this is one site you will love. There are several pool cabanas for your pleasure. Every single one of the cabana has its own cooling device and lounge.

There are also vouchers for beverages, armchairs, outlet plugs, and an aquavault. The aquavault is for you to store all your items. There are also other facilities on the site. You can rent to make your summer the most interesting and enchanting one.

For your dining options, there are areas where you can enjoy some of the finest local dishes and more. One thing with this water park is that you can never go hungry. Taste the Giant Walking Tacos or Cyclone Hot Dogs. Sample the Cabana Chicken Quesadilla or the super delicious Twister Tortilla Salad or the irresistible Bloomin Burger. You have more than enough to select from.

There is the Island Shop where all your wishes are going to come true. Do your shopping and get gifts for your beloved ones.Here are some of the most amazing places you have to visit whenever you are planning your fun schedule in Ohio.

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