Bitcoin Market Attracts Only The Rich Family Offices: Goldman Survey

Bitcoin Market Attracts Only The Rich Family Offices

We often hear that digital coins like Bitcoin only attract wealthy people. It has appeared in the recent survey results conducted by Goldman Sash Group. Their detailed survey report claimed that an increasing number of firms had reported this matter in public about how top prosperous family-based businesses approach them for the investment inc crypto. The reasons are simple, and they want to make huge money which is possible by playing around with digital coins. The company interviewed many family offices in the survey, and more than half of them nodded to this question about investment in BTC or another significant currency. They want to add stability to their business by taking a plunge in digital currency. You can check the topic in detail by visiting official trading Site. Meanwhile, we will speak about the gist of the topic, which gives an exciting insight into these families. Let’s do it: 

The Survey 

According to the bank survey, more than 15 percent of people from 150 family-based offices worldwide are already into crypto investment. So, you have an actual population size already into the investment. The following 45 percent of people in the survey are optimistic about taking a plunge into this investment. However, they are waiting for the right time. Thanks to the enormous growth witnessed during the last two years in this sector. Also, the interest in the family showcases that these remain secretive groups that found time to manage the affair, and they are rich, which makes them try multiple options in the market. Around 22 percent of people in the survey feel that their assets remain under reasonable control with 5 Billion USD and even more. Some even saw 45 percent growth with one B to 4.9 B USD. 

The survey also revealed that some families consider crypto as their long-term investment option and real estate. However, at the same time, they are keen on taking up the other options in the long term drivers that give some special consideration to any company of SPAC in this matter. As time proceeds, we see many more crypto-based markets; crazy people are now lured to the mainstream financial market, calling the celebrities and people from other sectors. As we see the growth of family offices in the market, we see too many more critics coming into the picture. That is seen as adding a good push into any regulation, particularly the implosion of experts. These are people who are into the banks and adding the fiat currency as their losses. 

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The Key Findings 

Several families felt that investing in the digital asset ecosystem could help many families talk about the technology Blockchain and even find the digital ledger technology working fine. Many families are now interested in talking about the technology, and the digital ledger ecosystem, claims the people behind the survey. There are asset management companies that also feel the same, and they call technology playing its role in adding the best impact on the efficiency and productivity of the same. Then we have other people in the survey who felt that their underlying concerns remain for a more extended goal and run while judging and accepting the crypto in a big way with the Blockchain technologies. Despite all the issues one can have in the recent past, too many more people are calling upon the emerging blockchain technologies. 

Bitcoin remains the most significant crypto globally, and it has gained around 50 percent below the given records adding 65K USD by the end of the year in 2021. Thus, the people who invested earlier could reap a 230 percent increase in their digital asset value. We have seen the family offices aligned with the century, and they are adding with the boom in many technology billionaires. As per the survey, around 10K families manage the show as per the wealth on any day. Any single-family is now gaining huge with this investment. As per the financial companies like EY, we can see many cases where people have made huge money, and all of them belong to a trillion-dollar industry that is entering the hedge market with pace. 

Wrapping Up 

Thus you can make out how rich and influential families of different business domains are looking ahead to invest big in crypto. It is just the start as they are going forward with pace.