4 Ways To Save Big On Cars, College, And More

4 Ways To Save Big On Cars College And More

Are you tired of scouring the internet for coupons that only deliver savings of a few dollars each? Of course, it all adds up, and couponing can be a smart way to reduce monthly expenses on items like groceries, personal services, and entertainment. But what if you want to hunt big game by saving on major purchases? The good news is that there are realistic, practical ways to save big on things like vehicles, household appliances, college degrees, and houses. So, if you think the time is right to start searching for significant savings on life’s most costly goods and services, here’s a quick roundup of what to look for and how to get started.

Buy High Quality, Used Vehicles

One of the most effective, time honored ways for saving thousands of dollars on personal vehicles is called the two-year delay technique. Use it, and not only will your next car cost much less than buying new, but you won’t have to engage in bottom feeding for older used cars. The rule is to never buy a new vehicle. Always get one that’s two years old and has low mileage. A corollary to the rule is to not buy directly from a dealer. Pay a fee to use the services of a vehicle broker to find the exact year, make, and model you want. Employ those guidelines and save several thousand dollars on your next vehicle purchase.

Find Scholarship Money For College

Why pay retail for a college degree when there are thousands of scholarships out there that go unclaimed every year? Before borrowing or budgeting for your degree, explore the scholarship landscape first. You could be in for a pleasant surprise, primarily if you use a free platform to locate opportunities designed for your area of study. Getting a diploma can significantly ramp up your income and career possibilities. But there’s no reason to pay too much when you can leverage the power of a fast, simple scholarship search platform to uncover potential funding. Scholarships are like super-coupons because you don’t ever have to repay the money and the cost of getting one is the short amount of time it takes to fill out the application.

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Don’t Pay Retail For Groceries Or Gasoline

Groceries and fuel are life necessities, and you might already be using coupon codes to save a few bucks here and there on both items. However, you can save much more on food and gasoline by joining a fee-based wholesale club. Typical annual fees are less than $100, but the potential savings are well over $1,000 per person per year. What’s the secret? For groceries, it’s buying in bulk on store brands at club prices. For fuel, it’s buying from the club at discount prices, usually about 10 cents per gallon less than retail, or about $75 per year on fuel alone.

Buy A Fixer Upper House

Whether you are handy with tools or not, it’s usually a good idea to shop for fixer upper homes when you are looking to move. You can either outsource the needed work or do some of it yourself. There are ways to renovate while staying on a budget if you plan smartly. The upfront savings on fixer uppers is around 25 percent off retail. So, instead of paying $200,000, you’d only pay $150,000.