Vaping  As A Modern Trend Or An Addictive Habit?

Vaping  As A Modern Trend Or An Addictive Habit

Today the attitude towards vaping is ambiguous. Some people clearly see vaping as a part of modern culture, the others are afraid of the ‘vicious temptation’ that influences our offsprings. Our attitude towards various social phenomena including vaping is usually based on our personal experience.

The notion ‘personal experience’ includes not only being a vaper or non-vaper yourself but also knowing people, who went into vaping and trying to live through their experience in real life. Being a parent of a vaper teen, or a spouse of a vape pen consumer means that you can track social changes in the person’s behavior.

For sure, understanding the danger of vaping, in theory, is nothing in comparison to seeing a dear to your heart person with a dry herb vaporizer pen and stupid smile at the face. Therefore, our perception of vaping as an addictive hobby can still differ from the way other people see it.

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Is Vaping Really A New Trend?

To answer this question we need to get some more information about the appearance of a vape pen in modern society. To begin with, it all started with an e-cigarette, which was firstly patented in the 60s. Even more, the first attempts to develop such a device go back to the beginning of the previous century.

However, the most well-known and famous was the e-cigarette created by Hon Lik – Chinese pharmacologist. The inventor fed on the bread of tears because his father died. The reason for this death was cancer caused by long-term smoking. Therefore, Mr. Hon Lik decided to create a device to save people’s lives.

It was Hon Lik’s e-cigarette, which became a prototype for further developments of the modern vape pen, vape mod, pod vape, and vapingdaily weed pen. In the years 2004-2006, his invention (with some improvements) was firstly presented in the United States and Europe as a new step in fighting nicotine addiction.

Since that, vaping activity has gone through a number of changes and enhancements. In addition, scientists and doctors found it interesting to observe the way a vape pen influences ordinary users. Plenty of studies were conducted around the topic of vape pens and their influence on humans’ lives.

Simultaneously, the manufacturers came to the point when the usual cig-a-likes were not in demand anymore. They tried to advance their product and they succeeded. The first major improvement was the battery that can be recharged for as many times as you need, which was both convenient for users and eco-friendly.

The second point, which guaranteed prosperity for manufacturers, was the promotion of various flavors for e liquids. Not only peppermint but also apple, cinnamon, bubble gum, coffee, and many others became popular among users of all categories. An additional benefit was the ability to choose the level of nicotine.

In fact, this played a dirty trick with the manufacturers because it made e-cigarettes immensely popular among teens and underages. Special attention was paid to Juul company. The truth is that many people still were sure that vape pens are completely safe and bought the devices to their children. Lately, this would be named a catastrophe but it would be too late for the government to prevent it.

The third point that made vapes popular worldwide was the opportunity to try cannabis by means of any dry herb vape pen. Stolen pleasures are sweetest! People always aspire for something forbidden and the opportunity to vape any substance derived from the marihuana plant is a red flag for many, even if it is said the substance is safe like CBD.

All these factors made vaping popular, but it was people who singled out the habit into separate popular culture. One of the additional stimuli is business. Those who have understood that vaping is popular made everything to turn it into the culture. Firstly, a number of vape cafes, where people can gather and vape together, order new flavors to try or try a new best vape pen for weed before buying it, were open.

In addition, software developers created a number of platforms, where people can read or write blogs, share their experiences, and read important information about scientific research made on vaping. Moreover, fashion designers started using vaping devices as accessories within their shows, which made vaping a new style.

How Addictive This New Fashion Can Be?

The history of vaping shortly discussed earlier can show us that vaping was initially developed as the means of fight against addiction. When it all started, people were not aware of the fact that vaping is also dangerous for a human. They thought if they took nicotine out of the process, the issue would have been done.

However, the practice showed that, firstly, not all people are ready to give up consuming nicotine (which is quite logical as smokers are obsessed with this substance for the year). Secondly, not all people understood that the main point in addiction is not tobacco but nicotine, which is also added into the e-liquid.

The other point is that vaping is not always about e liquids, it also involved the opportunity to consume addictive substances, out of which the most popular is cannabis. A special weed vape pen was developed. You can put dried herb directly there and puff as if it were a newly rolled joint.

In addition, various pod vapes and mod vapes are designed for vaporizing special waxes containing marijuana. All these facts bring us to the opinion that vaping gives plenty of opportunities for dangerous experiments. The worst point is that people are fascinated with such options.

The problem is that adolescents can order any type of vaping devices online. Since they adore various flavors and are risky because of the hormones, they are prone to addiction more than any other category of consumers. As it was mentioned, the problem of vaping among teens is topical nowadays.

What is even worse, they can (more or less) easily get not only vape pen and e-liquid, but also the best dry herb vape pen and respective substance for usage. They are more ‘native’ on the Internet, which makes it possible for them to turn flank the checking security systems. Moreover, they always can ask an older relative or friend to help, especially if the mother is not literate about vaping devices.

Being a vaper who consumes nicotine means being affected by nicotine in 10 seconds after you inhale the vapor. Blood absorbs nicotine extremely quickly. When the chemical gets into the brain, it starts disrupting the relationship between neurotransmitter, which coordinates muscle contraction, cognition, and the ability to memorize, and the attached receptors.

In addition, nicotine causes the feeling of being relaxed and calmed. The problem is that this is a short-term effect – it lasts for a couple of minutes. In two hours, our body is almost free from such influence, but as it remembers the positive feelings of calmness and relaxation, it strives for more nicotine, and we want to vape.

When the substance is marijuana or another drug easy to evaporate, similar processes take place. The substance interacts with the human brain and causes the need to consume the drug more and more. This is the reason for so many people to get hooked on vaping and for the legislation to be so strict.

To sum up, vaping has become a trendy hobby and enterprising businesspeople turned it into a prosperous industry. The main point was that vaping has become a kind of subculture and now people feel they need continuing to be a part of this culture. The desire for attachment to a certain community is addictive itself.

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