Picture-Perfect Proposal: How To Announce Your Engagement On Instagram

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It finally happened. He popped the question and you are both feeling blissful. You’re both bursting with excitement and are ready to shout it from the rooftops or share it on social media. 

Sharing on social media makes it official and memorable. So, you want your announcement to be memorable too. Are you wondering about creative ways for how to announce engagement news?

Read on for these ideas and tips for sharing your engagement news on Instagram. 

Capture The Moment

Sure, you might have been surprised by the proposal, but hopefully, your future husband did some planning to document the moment with a professional photographer or friend who takes great photos

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Share a photo of the moment when he popped the question showing your reaction. There is no better way to tell the world of your news than sharing the moment it happened. 

Make Them Read

Write the story of your engagement for a newspaper announcement and share the announcement photo and story via Instagram

You could search for engagement party templates to fill out and then share the splashy final on your Insta feed. Let the world know of your engagement through your formal announcement of the exciting news. 

Stage a Mr. And Mrs. Photo

There is nothing Instagram loves more than good staging. What better opportunity to stage the perfect photo than as a Mr. & Mrs. Consider using signs, mugs, sweatshirts or even pets to help you let the world know of your upcoming nuptials. 

As long as Instagram can see Mr. & Mrs. they will know there is big news in that square. 

Location, Location, Location

Location, location, location, doesn’t have to apply to just real estate

Let’s say he popped the question at the beach, skiing on the slopes or in a winter wonderland. Use the scenery to help you announce the engagement. 

Draw a big heart in the snow or sand and hold up the ring. Instagram will figure out the rest. 

Let Pet in on The Excitement

If you are already a mom and dad to a four-legged baby, let them make the big announcement. 

Make them a sign that says “my mom said yes” or “mom and dad are getting married”. Instagram loves when pets are square worthy. 

Spread The Romance

If you are both romantics at heart, that should show in your Instagram announcement. Maybe use a special photo of the two of you holding a quote about love. 

You can use a special quote about love in your caption. Instagram might be about the photos but we all know the captions matter too. 

Be Yourselves

The opposite of staging a photo is to truly show yourselves, your joy, at the moment. So, instead of searching for the perfect photo or trying to create a memorable announcement, let your happiness shine through. 

A snapshot of the two of you looking in love and happy is a powerful way to tell the world you are ready to commit for a lifetime.  

How to Announce Engagement News With Flair

The excitement of getting engaged is worthy of a good Instagram post. If you are wondering how to announce engagement news, use Instagram to let the world in on your blissful news. 

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