5 Steps To Planning A Sweet 16 Party

5 Steps To Planning A Sweet 16 Party

As a parent, planning a sweet 16 party that will make your teen think it’s ‘cool’ can be difficult, especially if you are new to party planning. Every teenage girl looks forward to the day they turn sixteen, and they expect a party to commemorate this next stage of maturity. There are many ways to make this day one of the most memorable for your teen.

You can start a few months early so that you can have enough time to plan the party for your teen. Here are the five steps that you can follow to plan a fabulous sweet sixteen party.

1. Pick A Venue And Theme

When planning a sweet sixteen party, start by thinking about a venue to host the party. The venue you pick should be able to accommodate visitors easily, offer reasonable pricing, have good focused staff, and allow decorative quirks of the guest of honor. Also, ask to have an excursion of the event space.

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You can also be creative and consider having a bus party, which is more affordable and more fun. Ensure you check out the Party Bus Rent marketplace to choose the bus you like. You will also receive an instant quotation that can help you in budgeting. Also, you get to compare party buses prices from reliable local renting companies in the US.

There are so many sweet 16 themes to choose from, like a pajama party, luau, retro gram, and so on. A teenager turning 16 often has particular interests such as sports, music, movies, video games, among others. Choosing a theme will help in budgeting and also help in figuring out your party décor.

2. Have A Budget

After picking a venue, you need to have a budget in place. Inform your teen how much money you are willing to spend for the party and work together to create a budget. Teens are at the age where kids are influenced by what their colleagues are doing, so the party can be costly if held at wedding venues.

However, you can use this opportunity to show that originality, research, and some creativity can lead to a memorable event. Ensure you include your child in the party’s budget so that they understand why you can say yes to some requests and no to others.

While budgeting, ensure you get a rough headcount to calculate the cost per person for the party. Research party ideas and sift through tips that can help you plan your teen party.

3. Create A Guest List And Send Invites

The number of guests expected will likely affect your budget. In general, the more people your teenager invites, the more the party will cost. Some families can save loads of money to host up to 100 or more friends.

However, ensure you take into account your child’s desires. They might be glad to get together with their friends for a day at a spa or concert.

Once you are through with the guest list, send invitations to them. This way, you let your guests know ahead of time that they will be occupied on that day. For more personalized creation, create the actual invitations at home.

4. Food And Entertainment

Depending on the party venue and the size of the party, you may decide to have homemade meals for your guests or cater. The venue you choose may have catering options, or the teenager can choose a favorite restaurant to cater the event.

Once the food is sorted, you need to consider entertainment. You can decide to have games that will bring guests together. If you have money, you can hire a DJ or a band that your teen shares musical preference with to ensure all guests are having fun.

5. Decorate The Venue

Lastly, decorate your party venue. However, ensure the venue you chose accepts precisely what the birthday girl wants to do. Check out the decoration policies so that you understand the decorations accepted. This way, you will avoid incurring extra charges. Find a way to merge decoration with entertainment. If you are having an outdoor pool party, floating custom inflatable characters may serve as a great way of entertainment and will be a spectacular part of the decoration. And if you are having an indoor party you might consider having a puzzle with the birthday girl picture put together by the guests which also sounds great as a fun activity and as a unique decoration

After reading the policies, now start decorating the venue. Look for decorations that rhyme with the theme of the party. Rent props and furniture, use balloons, go thrift shopping for unique pieces, buy flowers and neon signs.

These are the five steps you need to follow while planning the perfect sweet 16 party for your teen. Planning this party may not be the smoothest process-but it is a rewarding wording one, especially when you see your child enjoying it.