How To Make Money Working As Self-Employed From Home

How To Make Money Working As Self-Employed From Home

Working from home and having flexibility might just be what you are looking for in a career nowadays, especially after having experienced the benefits that come with working from home during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. And you are not alo0ne, a recent survey conducted by IBM showed that 54% of the workforce respondents would remain working remotely if possible even after the pandemic. While technology has begun to allow workers such as yourself to expand their horizons with regards to working where they want, the gig economy has also opened the door to independence and autonomy for many. Below are some traditional jobs that have moved to self-employed remote work allowing for more flexibility and freedom.

Data Entry

Technology and data have only seen an increase in the 21st century, increasing the need for data entry and maintenance. Thus data entry jobs are becoming incrementally more popular and beneficial for companies to outsource to companies that employ remote workers. Companies such as Clickworker employ more than 2.2 million people in over 136 countries worldwide to complete microtasks online generating, validating and labeling data. Working with this company would allow you to decide which jobs you are interested in completing and how many tasks you would like to perform plus you won’t have a manager looking over your shoulder but instead a time frame to finish the task. Along with this, you can decide if you would like to work from home or from another location worldwide. Other similar roles can be found through companies such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and Appen.

Personal Training

If you are passionate about working out and healthy living plus have the background experience to match, personal training jobs will give you liberty over your schedule and monthly income. Especially with closures and lockdowns, working out from home or a nearby park has become the alternative to gyms and classes for those looking to stay fit. A survey by Sport English reported that 31% of adults had increased their workout regime since the outbreak of coronavirus. The same survey showed that 62% of the respondents now considered being active as more important than they would have before the pandemic. Many platforms are catering to the needs of the masses during these times by offering training either in person or online, so called hybrid personal training. Some popular sites looking to hire personal trainers are Bark and Bidvine. These jobs typically connect you with locals allowing you to create and manage a schedule that is best for you while maintaining a level of comfort during the pandemic.

Insurance And Call Center Agents

Insurance companies and call centers are ditching large office spaces and employing on-demand workers to fill their needs. Insurance agent positions are available through companies such as Assurance, where you as an agent would sell life insurance from home. Although the positions require some previous experience in the industry, it also comes with many benefits along with the freedom of working when and where you want. Call center agencies, such as Alorica, are also hiring remote workers to fill their needs while providing you with medical and dental benefits along with other traditional benefits of being employed with the flexibility of working remotely.

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Customer Service Representatives

Another traditional job that is moving from businesses to the homes of remote workers are customer care jobs. Corporations are outsourcing their customer service roles more and more every day. Working for companies such as Liveops and Sykes allots you the perks of being an independent contractor such as flexibility while also offering advancement opportunities and both full- and part-time jobs. These jobs allow you to not only create your schedules but to work from the comfort of your home without the requirement of an extensive background in customer service roles.

Online Teaching And Tutoring

Online teaching has gained popularity amongst parents during the pandemic as a resource for continuing their children’s education. Online teaching or tutoring is available to you whether you have an extensive background in education but many opportunities are available to you even if you have no prior experience. For example, VIPKid requires a Bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience and Lingoda requires a Masters in Education to begin finding working through them. However, other companies, such as Preply or Bark, require no previous experience to begin tutoring students. While the majority of these companies allow you to decide your schedule while giving you the chance to work from home or remotely wherever you desire.

Future Of Work: Freedom And Flexibility

In light of the 2020 pandemic, many companies have seen a need to downsize office spaces and move their resources to either remote work or outsourced workers. Many of us have adjusted to remote work and would like to continue to do so while also deciding our schedules. Using a pay stub creator can help streamline the financial management of remote work, making it easier to keep track of earnings and taxes. Luckily, as the world and workforce shift with the advancement of technology, the opportunities to find a job that pays the bills as well as offers these perks are possible and continuing to increase every day.