How To Get Many Offers Working As A Freelancer

How to Get Many Offers Working as a Freelancer

Stepping on a freelance career path one must be sure to commit to what self-employment requires. You may get discouraged, because you are going to quit your job full of rules, policies, and others making decisions for you, just to learn that there are new laws to mind. Of course, a ball is in your court. If you see freelance as a part of your daily routine just for not losing your skills, but not being engaged in work full time, then,  indeed, you may not get deep into all the peculiarities. However, supposing that you want to be strictly professional in your niche on a freelancing basis and not only get as many offers as your freelance soul wishes but also get to choose who you want to work with, then this article may contain some useful tips for your consideration.

Define Your Niche

You know exactly what you are good at and what field of expertise you occupy. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that every broad concept is divided into narrower sub-concepts. The idea is for you to understand for sure what your specialization is going to be. Defining that you will have a clear picture of how you may grow so that your price may go up and you may attract more worthy customers. Also, individual customers, start-up companies, and corporations tend to hire those who are professional in a certain area and have proven that, rather than those who have little knowledge here, and little idea there.

Make It official

When you get a job offer from a customer, you want to know that your services are secured, so when the tasks are completed you get your payment. It is the same on the other side. Your customers prefer working with people they can trust (as much as possible in the given labor relations), therefore you must have a legal contract that will not only show your requirements but also your obligations together with clear-cut deadlines. This way you show that you are in charge of every word and it is documented. Create a schedule and let people know when they can reach you. Leave your real contact information (working one), so that customers know you exist for real and they even can check you out regarding trustworthiness. 

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Stellar Portfolio

Whatever professional skills you have and plan to make a bid for them as a source for building your freelance, you must showcase your work. Your future clients must know who they are going to hire for their next project. So, it is highly recommended to devote some extra time, effort, and money to create a portfolio that will highlight your skills the best. Also, ask some of your happy clients to leave authorized reviews, since people tend to trust other REAL people.

You can create a more solid reputation for yourself and back your portfolio up with cool business cards templates free of charge. They will not only show your status but will also give more additional information for your potential employer. 

Digital Presence

Social media platforms and a smart presence on them are a good way to not only advertise your work but also expand your network. Be active and engaged in social media community life. Participate in discussions, leave comments, communicate nicely with your competitors, and be patient with haters. If there is an opportunity to have an influencer saying something about your work, do it. This will be a practical advertisement for what you have to offer. Every product or service is aimed at solving clients’ pains. Social media channels are exactly the places where you can reach out to those in need of exactly your talents.

Know Your Ideal Customer

In the beginning, it is hard to reject any offer and a fresh freelancer will ambush any more or less decent proposition. So, there is no choosing the client and knowing who you want to cooperate with. However, there is no way you will get a chance to grow professionally and demand people to accept you that way. Your focus will be diffused and eventually, you will be becoming a Jack of all trades and master of none. Generalists are offered  tasks, but not very appealing, interest and money-wise. You must have a clear picture of people, companies, start-ups you want to cooperate with. That way you will be able to sculpt your technique and approaches to solve the problems and complete the tasks your ideal customers are dealing with. Gaining solid experience, working with the customers you feel comfortable with, will ensure your professional confidence, as well as adorn your portfolio. This will result in people seeking after you and a 2-4 months customer waiting list.


Freelance success is defined by the offers you get. More offers lead to more experience and a solid network of clients. Every freelancer might feel overwhelmed sometimes, since there is no passing a threshold of a certain amount of orders happening, and those orders are not looking fun. Yet if you know you are good and can underpin that with practical cases and people’s reviews, while knowing marketing basics you are on the right way to increasing your clientele base and enhancing the number of people willing to hire you.