Why Is My Keyboard In The Middle of My Screen?

Why Is My Keyboard In The Middle of My Screen

Every single day we spend countless hours on our electronic devices. Starting from our computers to our phones, we spend the majority of the day on one of these, either for work or recreation. 

And one of the gadgets we spend our time on is our iPads. We love using them, but sometimes so issues might take away from our experience.

One of the main issues you might face is with the keyboard, and therefore, you might ask why is my keyboard in the middle of my screen?

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Well, the most common reason is an update, but there can be other reasons as well. 

And that’s what we’re gonna explore in this article. 

Why Is My Keyboard In The Middle Of My Screen?

Let’s get to know the reasons why your keyboard is in the middle of your screen.

A Software Update

Most people commonly have this keyboard problem because of an update. So, when the IOS 5 was released, Apple gave you the option to move the keyboard around the screen. Now, you might know how to undo this setting or even how to move the keyboard back to its original place. 

You could try finding a few how-to videos on the internet. They will give you a very detailed answer on exactly what steps you need to take to solve your problem. I, too, will give you some idea of how it is to be done.


Another reason why you might be facing this problem is that you have knowingly or unknowingly decoupled it. This causes the keyboard to pop up at the center of the screen whenever you bring it out. And to stop that from happening, you need to do a couple of things

All the instructions on what you have to do to get your keyboard in its original space will be discussed below. As of now, I just want to address what the reason behind the issue might be.

Split Keyboard

Apple has another function for its keyboards. They give you the option to split the keyboard, which is why you might see the keyboard in the middle. Many people might actually like using this feature. They find this to be more accessible and easy to use. And as iPads are made for the mass, many additional features are included.

However, many don’t want this. If you are one of those who do not want to see the keyboard in the middle, then you need to change the setting.

Small Keyboard

And the last reason why you might see your keyboard popping only at the center of the screen is because of the size. You can adjust the size of the keyboard to your liking; some want a bigger keyboard, so they have an easier time typing. At the same time, others want it to be smaller so they can see more of the screen.

However, you may have unknowingly changed the size of the keyboard. This may have the reason behind all of your problems. You would have to readjust the size of the keyboard to get it back to the bottom of your screen.

How To Fix The Issues?

Time to learn the solutions to this problem. Here, I’ve detailed them for your convenience.

Dock It

One of the easiest ways for you to solve this problem is by docking the keyboard. You may already know that the bottom bar of the Apple screen is often referred to as the dock. That is where you want the keyboard to be attached to. So, you have to dock it in order to get what you want.

On your keyboard, you should see the symbol of a keyboard. When you press on it for a few seconds, you will see that you have a number of options now. Look for the dock it option; pressing on it will fix the keyboard to the dock/the bottom. And your keyboard problem will be solved.


This one is just as easy as the previous one. Just as you would open the keyboard and select the dock option, for coupling, you would press on the keyboard until you have given the option. Press the option to couple the keyboard.

Split Screen

And the last one we are going to be addressing here is split-screen. This has happened to many people before. And there is no reason to panic; you can get your keyboard back to normal. You have to take a few steps, and you will be done in no time.

On the right half of the keyboard, you will see the keyboard sign. By pressing on that, you will be given a few options. You could either just click on merge to put the sides together. Or you could select dock and merge if the keyboard is split and in the middle of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get your floating iPad keyboard back to normal?

A floating keyboard mead that the keyboard is not attached to the dock of the iPad screen. So, in order to stop it from floating, you will have to press on the dock option so it comes back down to the bottom.

2. How to properly clean an iPad screen without damaging your device?

Making sure your apple device is clean is very important. You need to be able to see everything clearly on your screen, and you also want the touch to work perfectly. So, cleaning is essential.

Take a micro-fiber cloth and spray some lens cleaner, gently clean the screen using the cloth. Make sure you don’t have too much liquid on the cloth.


So, why is my keyboard in the middle of my screen?

The keyboard popping in the middle of the screen is not a big deal at all. You just need to take the right steps, and the keyboard will be back to the bottom within a matter of seconds.

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