7 Ways Brands Can Use To Grow On Instagram

7 Ways Brands Can Use To Grow On Instagram

When contrasted with all the current long-range social networking platforms, Instagram has plenty of features that make it stick out. Over 500 million individuals use Instagram actively every month, making it one of the greatest downloaded applications on the web. Instagram is a user-friendly application and thus numerous new users find it easier to use it for the first time. Nonetheless, you need to stay relevant and fully informed regarding the developing technology and hence, make a solid online presence.

It is extremely important for any brand if they wish to grow their business. Numerous brands like to go with a portion of the top social media marketing companies to get the expected results. They like to buy quality Instagram followers to gain quick engagement. However, you can do it in an organic manner too.

Well, here are 7 different ways brands can utilize Instagram to grow on the platform- 

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1. Use Engaging Stories

Similar to the story feature on Snapchat, Instagram also has a story option which can be an image or a video that vanishes within 24 hours. It’s anything but a slideshow of visuals. Being an extremely visually dependent application, content on Instagram should be appealing and engaging enough to associate with the audience. Taco Bell is one such model that has utilized this specific component for its potential benefit. Taco Bell posts ordinary quirky stories on their Instagram page that intrigues the followers and makes them want to stay informed with the brand’s daily activities.

2. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is perhaps the most productive approach to further develop business through Instagram, particularly when a brand is recently established. Through this technique, one can contact individuals who have an all-around setup audience and interact with their followers. Initially, it required plenty of money to get popular athletes, models, and entertainers to promote a product or service. However, these days, thanks to software companies like Grin, Humanz, or Upfluence and the strategy’s popularity, not much is required to generate a partnership successfully. These mentioned tools feature multiple filters that show businesses how to connect with influencers in no time. Humanz, in addition to finding and connecting with influencers, allows brands to run the whole campaign from A to Z right on its platform and all this for a minimal subscription fee. In any case, Instagram has made it feasible for non-famous people to become influencers having even a larger number of active supporters. Therefore, this social media platform has made it possible for new brands with a restricted financial plan to reach out to social media influencers and have them market their items through their posts and stories. Large numbers of their followers will in general view these accounts and even give significant feedback after trying and using their product or service. 

3. Using The Right Hashtags

Instagram doesn’t search for keywords, it utilizes hashtags instead. On Instagram, one should look for “#fishes” for each post related to fish and whoever has used the same hashtag anywhere on the platform. A few users even follow a hashtag to monitor every one of the posts related to that hashtag. If an individual prefers artistic creations, he follows the hashtag of painting, which will bring him regular updates on any data about art.

4. Boost Sales

A paid promotion helps in increasing the reach of a post. In fact, giveaways, contests, discounts, and special offers are utilized to draw in more clients. This structures a bond with the supporters of the page to engage with them more. The followers of the page think that it’s more remunerating to take part in these challenges and hence their reliability is reinforced. 

5. Purchase Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers has now become a popular trend among brands on social media. Each new brand is paying a nice sum of money to purchase Instagram followers. This is because when an Instagram account is newly established, users trust it more if it has a large following and it attracts more audience too. This mass audience is what boosts traffic on the page. The posts and stories reach more users. 

Also, when a brand purchases Instagram followers and they see the brand’s post, they recommend it to their peers, if they find it interesting. This should remind you to create engaging content at all times.

6. Engaging With Competitor’s Followers

Monitoring one’s competitors is likewise a significant necessity for the development of the brand. For this reason, the brand needs to intently look at the content posted by businesses that are showing improvement over them or performing better than them. Along with analyzing their content, you ought to follow at least 50% of their followers since it is understandable that a similar crowd will be keen on what your brand offers. Interacting with them by liking or commenting on their posts is an exceptionally viable approach to communicate and show your brand’s presence. An ever-increasing number of individuals will need to enjoy themselves with you. 

7. Sponsored Posts

Utilizing sponsored ad features, a brand can even reach those people who are not following them. This sort of approach guarantees a more extensive reach on Instagram. An advertisement budget plan can be set so a business can handle the amount they need to spend precisely. For this reason, engaging content is preferred the most. In fact, even the best-performing post can be transformed into an advertisement. An advertisement can be a post, a story, or a carousel.


Growing your brand on Instagram looks like an intimidating challenge, especially if you are new to the platform. But if you invest time to learn more about your target audience, and what type of content they prefer to see, growing on Instagram will begin to seem like a much more achievable goal. So what are you waiting for? Try some of these tips NOW!